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  1. Are they out shooting people? Nope. The only danger from them is that you might laugh too hard at their ridiculously baggy pants dragging around their butts. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Sorry about that Kimmy I jsut edited it now and am writing this message. You know as well as I know that people like him make this forum degenerating and its got to stop.
  2. Dont worry argus as of now I have put you arogant argus on ignore to. I dont want to start a big fight on this topic since I do want to stay talking on this forum for a while longer. I just try not to exblode when people like you argus come on this forum and rant and rave and have nothing better to say
  3. " Plus voting the way he does, it's a wonder he doesn't get run over by one of my crew trucks!!" That was a pretty sad joke I am afraid. People who make jokes like that should be banned.
  4. Never was complaining, I think its a good idea I just had to consult with you guys to see what you thought about it.
  5. Thats a very good idea and I know that if I was targeted for a search when I was innocent I would want to be compensated but this would just cause an inificiency in searching. If the police had to pay out of their own pockets if they got the wrong person they would have to pay and I think that it would cause the police not to search anyone whihc would mean they would not search the guy carrying the gun.
  6. Why cant people proudly state what their side of the political platform is? What you suggesting is that if sombody wore a canadian maple leaf on their shirt in the USA they could get kicked out? Your also saying that if I vote conservative I am not good and I should get banned from the country. My name is Canadian Conservative but all I am saying by that name is that I am a conservative voter I back the COnservatives you cant stop that any more than you can make the sun set. I do not know why you would care? Now these are the real "monkiers" as you say somone who had the name say "NDP suc
  7. I know this would be better suited for provincial politics but I think this concerns the whole country. Yesturday Police Chief Bill Blair of Toronto made a deccission a contriversal one to randomly search black teens. I honestly don't know what to think. If it is the majority of black teens commiting these crimes in Toronto than it should sway it a little and lower the crimes. The cons to it are I think this idea is kind of racist in a way to target only black teens. I think it could be any culture of a teenager black, white, native, and others that could just as well be commiting these c
  8. Starting topics is supposed to be an effort in dialogue and discussion. Your topics - all of them, are nothing more than childish taunting of Conservative supporters. Almost every post you make is in a similar vein. If you have ever posted anything that could be termed thoughtful or insightful I certainly haven't seen it. Did'nt you just listen to Greg Argus?
  9. Instead of correcting my spelling Libral you should right out your oppinion Considerign I am one of the ones defending you against an idiot who posted a topic way off this disscussion board that wants you banned you should be nice to me.
  10. Argus: Note the forum rules: NO TROLLING/FLAMING Do not post inflammatory remarks just to annoy people. If you are not bringing anything new to the argument, then do not say anything at all. THELIBERAL is clearly violating those rules, and has done so repeatedly. We can see two troll topics begun just today by him. Read your posts all over this forum argus you violate all these rules.
  11. Ive never read any of THELIBRAlS speaches but I am sure they arnt any more crude than you guys who want him banned are. Some peopl in this forum and I am not saying all of them want to have sombody banned and accuse them of trolling just because their oppinions differ. Who honestly cares? Just because he thinks a different way of because he is libral and your Conservative NDP or Bloc doesnt mean he should be blocked thats not freedom of speech is it? Everybody who wants him banned for just speaking his mind grow up and get over yourselves. PS Why in your poll does it not say no not to ban
  12. That's not a particularily conservative attitude. I have my mixed feelings. I just think that on contrary to your belief that the Government can do somthing about it lower the gas tax hell abolish it. It really sickens me because today in my city the gas price just raised up to a $1.05 a litre I mean comon and its not going to drop anytime soon. We are going to eventually be like some countries that are currently buying gas for 3-5 dollars a litre US. Its just like oil to I dont mean to go off topic but the reason oil is rising is because we are buying it from Middle Eastern COuntries w
  13. Hope you like the taste of rubber. Once Quebec leaves it leaves the door wide open for us! I can't wait!! There is know way that you will be allowed to seperate at all, it will not be allowed. I bet you one thing either the 1st Quebec referndum was a sham and it was all a setup where the federal government bought votes for Quebec to stay in Canada or lied and reversed the results and made them up so Quebec couldnt leave, it may sound riddiculus but thats my theory. My second theory is if this was a fair vote and Quebec won the right to seperate I bet you they wouldnt be allowed, the PM at t
  14. wow I have been to this site a few times and it looks pretty good its almost like this one. You can talk about all the same topics pretty much. http://politics411.mywowbb.com/ By the way ill eat my shoe if the west ever seperates
  15. I hope this topic hasn't already statrted but here it goes. I really want peace to become of Palastine and Israel, but I don't see it happnening in my life time not at all. I think this Gazza Pullout is going to end in disastor. All the people who are against it are going to start blowing them selves up all over the place and taking hundreds of people with them thats how I see the up coming weeks ending up to. Well other than that I can't name any way of how Israel and Palestine can make peace. I don't know about you but this is going to be a disastor.
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