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  1. Canada is a Christian "Sovereign" Nation. I know some may find that offensive, but clearly, today Christianity is the most targeted religion. The really weird part is that 63% of Canadians are Christian, and Justin Trudeau has spoken out against Christianity (what kind of world leader does that). Justin Trudeau has destroyed Canada economically and I do not believe it is going to recover from the 8 billion dollar deficit he created, he prevented a pipeline deal that was privately funded and would have injected 50 billion into the Canadian economy. He has eliminated the meaning
  2. Earlier this year Justin Trudeau (Liberals) Changed thee Citizenship Guide, and removed the 'Barbaric' Practices Warning, including references to Female Genital Mutilation and Honor Killings. July, 2017 - Border officers reported that Female genital mutilation practitioners are travelling to Canada. Study found that 80 per cent of Bohra women surveyed have undergone FGM and two of the study’s 18 Canadian participants said it happened within Canada’s borders. Documents confirmed that Canadian girls are being taken abroad to undergo female genital mutilation, "Canada has done litt
  3. Actually at this point they are increasing crime. Ranging from beating a 75 year old woman almost to death sith multiple skull fractures, to an officer being stabbed in the face and 5 people being driven over and human trafficking (well over 200 have been arrested this year alone). Have you not been reading the news or are you living in a bubble praying that it does not burst? Get ready for the next wave of improperly screened persons in Canada: "Intelligence report officials wrote that associates of Mexican crime groups such as the ultraviolent Sinaloa cartel were already turni
  4. 1- According to the teachings of the Imam's she was in fact married at age 6, and consummated at age 9. Top Cleric Confirms AGE Now, we have come a long way in the name of modernization and the natural process today should be for the parents to nurture the child for development and they can marry over the age of 18 when and WHO they choose. This is not about Alt-Right, we are learning about each other, I am telling you things that I dislike about the religion that will not work with this culture and legal system and you are telling me it will. Tarek Fatah (modern, moderate Muslim) takes
  5. LOL ... so you support honor killings and all the lovely things that come with that law? nice.... your special...
  6. Why can Islam not separate its belief from its Political Ideology? If it could, there would be peace in the world. Attached is their plan for the Grand Jihad from the archives of criminal justice department in the USA. Educate yourself read and share. Stop Civilization Jihad by: Sign the petition to STOP Sharia Law in Canada Explanatory_Memoradum.pdf
  7. It is not peace, it states right in their quran-bible that it is ok to lie in order to promote their religion.
  8. SUBMIT to ISLAM... LOL that is sure what it looks like.
  9. You know this to be true if you are a Muslim, why lie about it? Arranged marriages with children is a normal happening in Islam. Here are a few examples: 1- 11 Year Old Child Bride Speaks About Evil Islam, Murdered After coming forward. (2015) 2- Untold story of Muslim child brides & horror they experience (2015) 3- Shaykh Explains Child Marriage (2010) You are welcome in Canada, it is not your fault you went through brain-washing within a religious cult. Embrace freedom, our lives are short, live the life you want to live for yourself. Canadians want you to have
  10. Nothing wrong with being who you are... the only thing wrong is people that use other people for the own gain.
  11. hahaha! Just wait.... First nations are waking up to this stupid fascist manipulation of Islamists and the Government, and when they do they will be one Nation again and will not take this crap from the Alt-Right extremists and they will rise up and reclaim their lands, I will be retired on a little island (not in the Pacific) away from all of the BS, just a little longer.
  12. False, It is a scientific fact that by the year 2020 (three years away) that there will be NO TRUE FIRST NATION people remaining, they have all mixed for about 500 years / breeding. Those that were rejected and dejected stayed within their own communities and refined the blood "Quantum" you are referring to, DNA testing proves it over and over again. In the USA you must be 12% Aboriginal in order to claim Treaty rights, in Canada it will boil down to DNA testing and genealogy histories within a decade. They are already applying it to some degree.
  13. This is false... metis/Metis people are aboriginal and there is a large portion of Canadians that identify as Aboriginal. Combined they make up almost 50% of the entire population, the Candian Government knows this to be a fact. The Government does not want the Aboriginal populations to group together because they could defeat shitty Bills and LAWS within a week. Then there are new-comers that enter into the country and try to combine their issues with the issues for First Nation peoples not realizing that they are a MASSIVE group once they being to understand that they are the largest group i
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