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  1. Well it certainly was pretty clear wht the killers Kazinsky and Brevik were talking about, although Brevik copied Kazinski, Also the same message from McVeigh. Maybe Columbine is a different example, I dont know. Didnt read what you're talking about anywhere yet.
  2. The original poster asked what motivates people to kill in the style of what happened in Columbine. The two killers both liked Marylin Manson. Manson opined that they were the extreme example of disenfranchised youth who reject our society as artificial, commercial, designed to enslave people.
  3. Are you... covered in dorito dust by chance?
  4. It's irrelevant. What is they name, oh lord? I am
  5. Don't complain, it won't help and they don't like that. They're funny sometimes. You know, Albertans.
  6. That's surprising. I always thought topaz was among the best posters here, because he/she always talks about current Canadian issues in politics, and they always seem to be polite.
  7. You know what they say about bringing a knife to a gun fight...
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