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  1. Finally someone who is in favor of capitalism and i thank you for that analogy which i could' not agree more. The educational system is definitely corrupting our youth and all the while the nanny state is dictating a curriculum of deceit to the point youth are losing their identity as a people and as a country with no Canadian cultural values left. We have such rooted corruption to the highest levels that it is going to take a purge to bring this society back on its feet. This is not only happening here in this country but around the world. Kids today are discouraged and do not have the confid
  2. ok i like how people like to twist words to stear a debate I think we all need to look back at history when the nazi's created the utlimate socialist party. And if you dont think thats where we are heading read more and lets have a constructive conversation. I am not here to waste anyones time and dont apreciate the bashing thats not very democratic. All i am saying is that political parties lose their incentives to rule in the interest of citizens and the liberals have had their chance we need a change. If you are so concerned about your kids then we better teach them that socialism will kil
  3. I think the whole educational system is falling apart. People want their kids in private schools i wonder why we have an inbalanced immigration policy that is breaking down our society plain and simple. I think all this chatter is misdirected if we demand a more balanced imigration policy that does'nt cater to the flood of liberal supporters who promise these new comers everything under the sun which then places the burden on municipalities who can't house them or properly school them. Most of which have little education or can contribute to our society and a culture who has 3x the child bear
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