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  1. I'm not sure why you are fixated on two FBI agents that are no longer connected to the investigation. Mueller is clearly the man in charge and he is a member of the GOP so the "evil Democrats" deflection does not work in his case. And I am not sure what the immigration question has to do with Mueller's investigation - in fact it has nothing to do with it. Mueller is investigating possible improprieties in the 2016 election not the refugee crisis on the US border. And you are wrong about the House of Representatives' subpoena powers. It can summon anyone to testify under oath and in public. It will really be interesting to see how Trump's associate's respond when they are required to testify before the House. And you appear to be completely delusional about news agencies reporting on Trump's possible misdeeds. We are talking about news sources from multiple nations around the world. They are not all left wing and in fact many of them like the BBC and CBC are well-regarded internationally. FOX is so weak that a few years ago when Roger Ailes was still in charge he openly admitted that so-called "FOX News" was in fact entertainment. But you are right about the fake news situation being out of hand. Unfortunately for Trump and his fans the fake news seems to be entirely generated by the President and his supporters.
  2. Only several hundred news articles that you could google just as easily as I can. Haven't you been watching the news? Trump has been directly implicated in the Cohen case. It is very likely that he would be joining his friend in prison if he wasn't president. In any case here is one of them. I suspect more will follow. The circle is closing on "Individual 1." Trump inaugural committee under criminal investigation, sources say https://www.cnn.com/2018/12/13/politics/trump-inauguration-spending-investigation/index.html
  3. I suspect you may be using FOX News as a source. All of the mainstream news channels (CBC, CTV, BBC, NBC, ABC, CBS, seem to disagree with you as do a majority of the world's leading newspapers. But we will see, especially once the House of Representatives begins to use its subpoena powers.
  4. I see, well that makes sense. It is interesting though that Canadian politicians don't feel it necessary to have the same protection. Would I be wrong in thinking that the US is unique in this circumstance, or do other democracies also offer protection to their national leaders?
  5. I don't believe that the agents you mentioned are involved in the investigation. Strzok certainly is not. Apparently Mueller has assembled a team of agents that members of Trump's entourage refer to as "killers." Trump is in serious trouble and his actions in recent weeks show it. BTW using insults to make a point weakens your argument. I prefer to respond with facts so I will not reply in kind. Interesting that you used the Semenko-Gretzky allusion. I had tickets to the Oilers during that era. Inside Trump’s legal team: Trying to protect the president from Mueller’s ‘killers’ https://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/inside-trumps-legal-team-trying-to-protect-the-president-from-muellers-killers/2017/12/11/57e180c0-dc74-11e7-b859-fb0995360725_story.html?noredirect=on&utm_term=.54a67cb8f548
  6. You seem to be correct about Trump's mental state. I have had two relatives with early onset dementia and he resembles them in many ways. Even some of his long time acquaintances state that he is not the man he used to be. I am old enough that I can remember Trump from four decades ago when he was appearing on Letterman and PBS and he certainly seemed a lot more rational than he is now. In the meeting with Schumer and Pelosi Trump seemed to have walked into a trap. Apparently the GOP was planning on blaming any government shutdown on the Democrats, but Trump took ownership of the shutdown, completely undermining the GOP position. As for this Huawei fiasco, Trump may also have undermined his position on that by commenting that he might want to use Meng Wanzhou as a bargaining chip. If the Canadian courts see it as such it is entirely possible they will toss out the extradition order on the grounds that it is pure politics.
  7. Actually every new arrest generated by the Mueller investigation seems to indicate that Trump was indeed involved in illegal activities. I find it bizarre that the President seems to be above the law as long as he is in power. That is certainly a major weakness in the US system, given the nature of a man like Trump. And Mueller's investigative team is far from a group of misfits. From all reports Mueller put the best agents he could find on the case. The ring seems to be closing in on the President and he is slowly running out of wiggle room. It appears to me that the only reason decision to be made is whether or not to got after the President now through the process of impeachment or wait until he is out of office and then proceed with a normal criminal case.
  8. It appears that you are a little confused about the reason reserves were created. For the First Nations it was a last desperate attempt to hold on to a little bit of what they had once owned before all of it was taken from them. For the government of Canada it was a way of getting the "Indians" out of the way. In that it succeeded all too well and as a result instead of integrating First Nations into the dominant culture it isolated them resulting in hundreds of little first Nations' ghettos. This was very similar to the way Blacks were treated in the USA and has made it difficult for present day first nations to fit into or relate to mainstream Canadian society.
  9. Iznogoud

    Canada's Current Carbon Tax

    China also may also not care too much about the strict guidelines followed by the West regarding nuclear. Regarding solar and wind I suspect that they are going to become continually more viable especially as energy storage problems seem close to being solved. If you google "New Batteries" you get a host of possible solutions. It is very likely that one or more of them are going to solve the storage problem.
  10. Iznogoud

    Canada's Current Carbon Tax

    There is also another reason why many nations are not embracing nuclear, and that is that solar and wind are now much cheaper sources of energy to install and there are fewer regulatory hoops to jump through in those two technologies. In addition, nuclear plants seem to take a long time to build compared to wind and solar and often seem to run into cost overruns.
  11. Things just keep on getting worse and worse for Donald Trump. It is hard to see how the President is going to get out of the current situation what with top aides being sent to jail and the Mueller net seemingly widening to take in more and more of his associates. The only situation that seems unresolved is whether Mueller will go after the President now or wait until after he is out of office in 2021. And, of course, there is still the question of what the Democratically controlled House of Representatives will do, especially given the obvious animosity between the President and the Democratic House leader.
  12. Iznogoud

    America under President Trump

    I'm not sure why Trump is being compared to Trudeau. An American president should only be compared to other American presidents and so far Trump ranks pretty far down the list in terms of achievements. Unless you count his Supreme Court appointees he has really only scored one major victory and that is lowering taxes; a victory that will almost certainly result in an out of control national debt if it is not corrected.
  13. Iznogoud

    Justin Trudeau the Worst PM Since Pierre Trudeau?

    Scheer's problem is not that he is too liberal, it is that he is too much of a lightweight. The Conservatives made the mistake of choosing another climate denier as their leader, despite the fact that most Canadians seem quite aware of climate change, and the NDP made the mistake of not sticking with Thomas Mulcair. I'm not saying that choosing Jasmeet Singh as leader was not a bold move, but he does not seem to have caught the imagination of the Canadian public. A weak NDP generally means another Liberal victory.
  14. Iznogoud

    Environmental Scams!

    We have 12 years to limit climate change catastrophe, warns UN https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2018/oct/08/global-warming-must-not-exceed-15c-warns-landmark-un-report
  15. Iznogoud

    America under President Trump

    Looks like Mueller is closing in. U.S. Justice Department Connects Trump To A Federal Crime For 1st Time https://www.huffingtonpost.ca/2018/12/08/u-s-justice-department-connects-trump-to-a-federal-crime-for-1st-time_a_23612563/?utm_hp_ref=ca-homepage