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  1. Laugh ... And where are the "Persons" ---------------------------------------- Here, only anonymous "letters on the monitor screen" I see only one gentleman with a tobacco pipe, but unfortunately, he is from сanada
  2. Canadians, tell me how the "territory canada" got into G7 ? --------------------------- This is very funny to me, how in the 80s the “six” turned into a seven and took the village fools from “the territory of Canada” there?
  3. As known... The agreement between the Russian Empire and the territory "American States" from several territories suggested: - "Russia transfers the territory of" Alaska "for" American states "for 100 years ..." The agreement says "transfers", but not "sells" !!!!!!!!!!! - The term of the contract expired in the 70s of the 20th century and American lawyers argued that there is no “Russian Empire” ... ================================ Americans, return Alaska kindly ... Иначе, мы вас заставим это сделать.
  4. Formally: According to the American Constitution ... "Any state of America may collect 100,000 signatures that must be submitted to the US Congress to consider granting the independence of the State ..." -------------------------------------------------- ----------- Realistically: 1. When collecting such signatures, an "amendment to the US Constitution" is included, which prohibits separatism 2. At a meeting of societies, the Police are involved, which disperses them ... 3. And so on .... ===================================== There is no Freedom and Democracy in America
  5. When people talk about "the standard of living in any country", then, as a rule, they mean "salary". It is not right. -------------------------------------------------- - We have to compare the "savings"! That is, we have to calculate the salary, and then all the mandatory expenses ... Then we get the savings. -------------------------------------------------- - I am Russian, grew up in the USSR, lived in America and now live in Russia, so I do not advise you to tell me that "this is Soviet propaganda." Only numbers. Now I will prove to you that the average statistical American is a very poor person .. Compared with the Soviet man. -------------------------------------------------- ------------- When I talk about the USSR, I mean the first half of the 70s, so do not talk about the "collapse of the USSR." If you want to talk about the crisis of the USSR, the queue, drunkenness, war, the disintegration of the state, then create another branch ... Then, on your other branch, I’ll be happy to talk about the Great Depression, the “American rabbits” (these are the rats that fed the Americans in the 30s) Okay? ================================== There is no Policy here, only Material values for citizens. Let's start.... 1. In America, there are 20 statistical agencies that provide salary data. The most influential is U.S. Census Bureau. According to these data, the "average statistical American" has an annual income of $ 54,000 (2016) https://money.cnn.com/2015/09/16/news/economy/census-poverty-income/index.html ------------------------------------------- This is the "income", which contains federal, local and state taxes ... The rate of these taxes varies from 5 to 50 percent. Let's take the average tax. It is about 20 percent. Thus, an American has a cash in hand of approximately $ 43,000. Or, per month: - American has 3600 dollars a month ... - Soviet man had 120 rubles ... Soviet rubles look very small? ================================== 2. Now we calculate the mandatory costs ... What it is? From HIGH to LOW Major: - Safety and maintenance of the Society (a person must be alive, grow and not afraid) - Medicine (a person must be healthy) - Food, Hygiene, Clothes (a person must eat, wash and have pants) - Housing (a person must live somewhere) - Education (a stupid person cannot survive) -------------------------------------------------- Other: - Transportation (this is not necessarily a car) - Equipment, furniture - Entertainment, recreation - Other ... ================================================= Now we will calculate how much the "average American statistician" and the Soviet people spend on mandatory expenses and calculate their savings ... 2.1 Country Safety and Maintenance - In America there are no such expenses Savings = $ 3,600 - In the USSR, it was called "fee for childlessness", if you are married and do not have children, then pay 10 percent of the cash in hand. Savings = 120 - 12 = 108 rubles. 3.1 Medicine America (a person must be healthy) - In America, the minimum insurance fee = $ 150. This insurance covers approximately 14 days in the hospital, provided that you are not sick very seriously. If you are seriously ill, you will lose your property .. You will be thrown out of the hospital. I lived in America and was very surprised that any American who was in the hospital even for 14 days was met as a “hero of America” ... - In America, it is impossible to call an ambulance ... Americans call 911. It costs $ 3,000 ... This price is only for the "call", but then the Americans pay in full and stay homeless ... - have you got a toothache? Most American insurance does not provide for dentistry !!! Nightmare!!! - you will remove a tooth for 800-1500 dollars or treat for 4000-5000 dollars - To buy any medicine at the Pharmacy, an American must visit a doctor who will write him a prescription ... A visit to the doctor costs $ 300 ... - AND SO ON!!!! A nightmare! You can not get sick in America! Colt's revolver costs $ 250. Americans, buy a revolver and shoot yourself! -------------------------------------------------- --------------------------- And these snotty Americans dare to teach another world how to live? ============================================ 3.2 Medicine of the USSR (a person must be healthy) Everything I write below is free! - In the USSR there was no "medical insurance". Citizens of the USSR must be healthy. The Government is paying for everything! You can visit any hospital throughout the USSR, the doctor will accept you ... -------------------------------------------------- ------------------------ - Ambulance in the USSR is a car that immediately leaves if you feel bad. If doctors do not comply with the deadlines, they may be deprived of a medical license. (In America, it costs 3,000 dollars) -------------------------------------------------- ------------------------- - support pension in the USSR - this is a doctor who leaves immediately if you become ill. If doctors do not comply with the deadlines, they may be deprived of a medical license. In America, this is not! - Sanatorium: every citizen of the USSR had the right to a 30-day visit of the sanatorium, where he is examined and treated for free. In America, this is not! ================================================ I will stop the comparison for now ... I suppose, my young American friends, that it is useless for you to argue about the mythical "advantages of America" over the USSR? You have never lived in the USSR and do not speak Russian. You just look I lived in the USSR, America, I speak Russian and English ================================= However.... The topic will continue if it is interesting. The USSR will win.
  6. As I recall, the Japanese company Suzuki was the first to produce SUVs. -------------------------------------------------- ------ Americans believe that they were the first, but this is not true ... (Americans believe propaganda and do not know the history) In fact, the first American SUV Jeep has a "carrying body" ... If you talk to people who are addicted to "off-road races," you will learn that a real SUV should have a "carrier frame." This SUV was first created in Japan on the basis of American trucks. The second such SUV was created in the USSR -------------------------------------------------- ----- By the way, Americans still do not know how to make SUVs "carrier frame" ... Very funny. They only do trucks and pickups.
  7. to talk about Stalin and alcohol consumption in America and Russia, you must have an Education. You are a snotty anonymous puppy, but I will spend my time to show you the numbers: in dynamics: Alcohol consumption in Russia in liters per year per person: 1. 40-50s (Stalin time) = 1.5 2. 50-60s (time Khrushchev) = 5 3. 60-80-e (Brezhnev time) = 8 4. 80-90s (Gorbachev time) = 3 5. 90-00 (Yeltsin time) = 25 !!! (this is the collapse of the USSR, you can compare with the Great Depression of America) 6. 00-10 (Putin's time) = 15 7. 10-18 (Putin's time) = 11 Thus, the myth of "drunk Russian" is associated with the 90s, when there was a crisis, a war .... ================================================= === Alcohol consumption in America in liters per year: 5. 90-00 = 5 6. 00-10 = 7 7. 10-18 = 9 Thus, the dynamics show that Americans are drinking more and more, and the Russians have overcome the crisis of the 90s and are drinking less and less ... ========================== Unfortunately, in America there is no Freedom and Democracy, besides Education in America is too primitive ... Therefore, there are creatures "like Argus" who watch Hollywood and write nonsense.
  8. Americans are beggars and gangsters who fled from Europe ... Canadians are a province of America ... ----------------------------------------------- Europeans? As you know, the Europeans did not know hygiene and did not wash until the 19th century! They stank like goats and dumped shit right on the street. In addition, in Europe until the 16th century there was no “written language”. For example, you are English, French or German, you SPEAK in your own languages, but Europeans have always written in Latin! It is very easy to prove, since Catholicism, adopted in Europe in the middle of the 5th century, prohibits hygiene, medicine and Education! In addition, beautiful women, Europeans burned at the stake ... Therefore, all European and American women are ugly. ================================= The Russians knew hygiene from paganism, and then the Orthodox Church maintained these traditions ... Russian women are the most beautiful Therefore, Russians always say that Europeans and Americans are dirty cattle.
  9. I know that I am banned from the Anglo-Saxon forums ... Why? In America and Britain there is NO FREEDOM OF SPEECH !!! I have a house in America ...
  10. As you know, the French lost the war to the Anglo-Saxons in the 18th century ... ================================ What did the Anglo-Saxons do on the island of America? -------------------------------------------------- The Anglo-Saxons destroyed 5,000 0000 Indians ... Then, when the formation of "America" appeared, the Anglo Saxons killed another 10,000,000 Indians -------------------------------------------------- Talk about it, the Anglo-Saxons? You will never talk about it Publicly ... You will cowardly and anonymously squeal ...
  11. You have nothing to do? This is the normal state of shit village from Canada ... Like "President Canada" - a homosexual who supports a "rainbow" and wears socks so that for a "rainbow"
  12. According to the American Constitution (adopted by the slaveholder Washington), any state of America can withdraw from it and create a Separate State if the demands of citizens exceed 200 thousand .... ---------------------------- Why does America not allow the state of Texas to create a new state? This is a violation of Freedom and Democracy. ============================================= I am a citizen of Russia and America ... Americans are long enough to return everything ... --------------------------------- If you don't like it, then we will make you ...
  13. I have an education received in the USSR. This Education is the best in the world ... ------------------- Therefore, "Canadian", you can shove your thoughts in your ass ... as befits a "village idiot from Canada"
  14. Try to disprove ... ------------------- I am citizens of America and Russia.
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