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  1. If higher carbon is increasing the greenhouse effect, why is it snowing in places it shouldn’t be? The sun’s cycles are driving climate, not CO2! https://www.iceagenow.info/syrian-refugee-camp-in-lebanon-buried-in-snow-and-ice-relief-organization-chairman-blames-climate-change/ https://www.reuters.com/article/us-greece-weather/athens-gets-snow-as-greece-shivers-in-cold-spell-idUSKCN1P20NR https://www.space.com/19280-solar-activity-earth-climate.html
  2. A great source of information on the ‘Climate Model’ used by politicians to scam us! Should we be surprised how the wool was pulled over our eyes? The scientists who believe in the carbon dioxide theory of global warming do so essentially because of the application of “basic physics” to climate, by a model that is ubiquitous and traditional in climate science. This model is rarely named, but is sometimes referred to as the “forcing-feedback framework or paradigm.” Explicitly called the “forcing-feedback model” (FFM) here, this pen-and-paper model estimates the sensitivity of the g
  3. There is a new therory out there that I haven’t seen in the MSM. It is basically about Electricity vs gravity in regards to how the universe works. I find it very interesting and logical to boot! https://www.thunderbolts.info/wp/
  4. It appears from most if not all MSM reports that this question has already been settled. I have written the governing party of my own province asking their policy on climate change. I suspect they don’t have one or are trying to avoid the subject. The problem in my oppinion is that the answer to this question was never properly answered. For years now MSM has simply said “scientists agree with each other that humans have caused climate change (global warming) or whatever. I could go on and on, but there are many credible scientists that have never been allowed by the MSM to ha
  5. It’s not difficult to understand some of the reasoning for lack of Christmas decorations after reading this article: http://news.valubit.org/canadian-imam-muslims-saying-merry-christmas-worse-than-murder/ If this religion cleric is not evil, then who is? Why are only some kinds of hate allowed in Canada?
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