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  1. I think Trump is a terrible person, but to 'hate' him, I would have to believe he is much more self-aware and intelligent than he obviously is. If he were someone like, say, Richard Nixon -- then I would hate him and see him as a conscious threat to democracy and the Republic. But someone as narcissistic, ill-educated, and stupid as Trump, is, thank God, incapable of seriously threatening the Republic. As the US heads for whatever terrible fate awaits it, he'll be forgotten.
  2. To jump in here out of nowhere ... I don't think Trump was being 'cynical' because that would imply he knew that his intervention -- Trump, the executioner of Solemeini -- would be like the kiss of death for that poor guy. He's just too stupid to realize that. The interesting question is, what does this shocking execution say about what is happening internally in Iran? I have no inside information sources, nor any real specialist knowledge, but my first thought was -- regime in trouble, and trying to put the frighteners on the opposition. Or may some internal split among the gangs
  3. I think that had a lot to do with it. In any case, it was stupid, and I'm not surprised to see that management like that, also managed to get them rated as the worst hotel chain in the UK, seven years running. This is just the sort of thing that the Left loves ... they will use it as an example of the typical behavior of capitalists, when in fact it is not.
  4. his event reminds me why I was a communist in my youth. I've been a conservative now for thirty years, but not someone whose values have changed. And while there are some devotees of Ayn Rand on the right, most of the conservatives I know are like me in this respect. But read on. Summary: the UK is closing down, like other countries. There will be economic hardship all round, no question. And those who own only their labor-power will be hit the hardest. The answer is not government ownership of the economy, but we can argue that elsewhere. However, there is unavoidable hardship ... and then
  5. The French dragged us into Indochina and the British into Iran. We should have intervened in Iran by offering to make up the lost revenues from the British Petroleum fields that Mossadegh was naitonalizing, maybe by a low-interest long-term loan, and then in turn should have offered support to Mossadegh, who would have run into problems with the Mullahs later. A good understanding of this situation can be had from Daniel Yergin's The Prize -- a history of the role of oil in the 20th Century. As for Iran now, someone said it: the urban middle class are like Europeans, the rural peas
  6. Not a very high level of discussion here. Even the attempt to be witty was lame. Let's all try harder!
  7. Depends on what you mean by 'reasonable'. And what you mean by 'patriot'.
  8. Wonderful! The mainstream media were full of dire warnings/hopes for violence etc beforehand, but even they could not disguise what really happened: thousands of people, peacefully protesting. Marvellous. Now... we must get organized. Get that AR15 before they're banned, and come to MyMilitia.com to find like-minded people near you.
  9. Not to worry. They probably know such bulges are artificial, and incapable of doing harm to anyone. Impotent, so to speak.
  10. All American patriots who can get to Richmond on Monday should do so. Further information about the rally here, the website of the Virginia Citizens Defense League: VCDL.ORG Find their 'email alerts' page to keep up with last-minute news. Note: do NOT come armed! You won't be allowed onto the main demonstration area if you are. If you are content to be with the crowd on the streets surrounding it, you can carry a handgun. They do NOT want long arms brought. You can absolutely bet that anyone with a Swastika, a Confederate Flag, an AR15 -- preferably all three -- wi
  11. And now they're using an "electomagnetic weapon" (supplied to them by the Illuminati and the Elders of Zion) to manipulate the brains of the Iranian government and make them say that they themselves did it.
  12. The 'Brexit' (and 'right-wing populism') phenomena in Europe, and the Trump phenomenon in the US, are just manifestations of a general trend. It's worth while to step back from immediate events and look at that trend. The whole world is entering a very dangerous phase ... a sort of intensification of the end of the "long 19th Century" which ended in August 1914. Our technological advances have far outrun our social/institutional advances. There are no real objective conflicts of interest among the Great Powers (which means, nuclear powers, or those, like Japan and Germany, which co
  13. The Iranian regime will only change when it is changed from the inside. It is unlikely that an insurrection of the Iranian liberal-minded middle class will do that. We will have to see some sort of deep contradiction within the current ruling powers develop into a split, in which one side leans on the liberal middle class for support. Either that, or the gradual transformation of enough of the Iranian 'cultural apparatus' -- its teachers, lawyers, doctors, bureaucrats -- so that, following the death of the current rightwing leader, the country spontaneously moves towards democracy. (This is w
  14. We do not, and cannot, know how genuine democracy will come to Iran. It may come via a general strike, followed by an insurrection, which would necessarily cost many lives. But there are a myriad of other paths. Note that most of the dictatorships in Europe and Latin America in the last fifty years were replaced more or less peacefully: Spain, Portugal, Greece, Chile, Argentina, Guatemala .... This happens when the great majority of civil society decided that the old order must go. In Iran, a large section of the population believes this -- but there is also a large s
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