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  1. Dougie93


    Indeed, and also the purpose is to trap more people in the work bullshit jobs are jails gulag to keep them working all the time to keep them down.
  2. Dougie93

    The democrats

    In fairness, this is not Canada here, AFAIK the server is in the CONUS, so this is UKUSSA, being the realm of the internet which China is prevented from censoring by FVEY
  3. Dougie93

    Is Nuclear War Inevitable?

    For instance they don't need aircraft carriers at all, that's a vanity project, and they don't need cruisers to fight American carrier strike groups because American carrier strike groups can be engaged by more adaptive and dispersed means, so those are vanity projects too.
  4. Dougie93

    Is Nuclear War Inevitable?

    Moreover I tend not to underestimate Ivan in terms of him figuring things out in the end, so I don't file Borei/Bulava under total failure non effective for all time. Mostly they're trying to be all things to all people, they need to get rid of some stuff in order to keep the more effective and important stuff, and then double down on that. It's an asymmetrical confrontation, they don't need to be a carbon copy of Western forces, they just need to be good at nukes and fighting for the Near Abroad.
  5. Dougie93

    Is Nuclear War Inevitable?

    Agreed on apparent Borei CONOPS, but they don't need Borei to reduce the CONUS tens times over so Borei whatever the status, is not the point.
  6. Dougie93

    Is Nuclear War Inevitable?

    The Sovi. . . Russians reconfigued their submarine CONOPS to under ice and then pop up through and fire from the surface without warning, negating the need to hover at launch depth, while escaping the detection of SOSUS under the ice.
  7. Dougie93

    Should Canada suspend relations with China?

    The resulting sad and failing gridlock, inciting the Donald J. Trump creative destruction blast penetration device, to break the logjam and take the SCOTUS
  8. Dougie93

    Should Canada suspend relations with China?

    More significantly Obama blew his wad on Obamacare and then was a de facto lame duck pretty much for the next six years, having spent all his political capital on one thing.
  9. Dougie93

    Is Nuclear War Inevitable?

    Nuclear weapons modernization is not optional so long as we are launch on warning. The reason for America to adhere to INF 87' was that it didn't cover submarine launched, but now the Russians are deploying so much SLCM's the edge it imparted to America is less significant. In terms of INF's over the trace in the Baltic and Black, if you're going to go BMD, then you're into de facto counterforce, so need to go all the way with the INF's and LRTNF's
  10. Dougie93

    The democrats

    Not me, I've moved on. No tribe but classically liberal limited government conservative free marketeer in defence of the House of Windsor.
  11. Dougie93

    Should Canada suspend relations with China?

    Trumps purpose being first and foremost to solve the problem of the SCOTUS War, which, with a Gorsuch to replace Scalia and a Kavanaugh to replace Kennedy, is mission accomplished already. Taking RBG down would simply be the cherry on top.
  12. Dougie93

    Canada the next venezuela.

    The way to protect yourself from totalitarianism is to stop identifying with the state and its interests as being the same as you and your interests, which is all totalitarianism really is.
  13. Dougie93

    Should Canada suspend relations with China?

    Trump is not the one doing it, the Constitution and associated Declaration of Independence preamble is doing it, by inspiring millions to defend and uphold it. Trump is another thing, creative destruction of a fundamentally gridlocked status quo by peaceful transfer of power by way of the electoral college.
  14. Dougie93

    Should Canada suspend relations with China?

    America is protecting the entire world from the onset of totalitarian collectivist authoritarian despotic regime retrenchment, particularly the Western World.
  15. Dougie93

    Should Canada suspend relations with China?

    It is actually America which has your back, because they are driving a wedge between your government and China, in order to contain China, which is good for them, but since they are the ones defending you and propping your nanny socialist corporate welfare fake jobs economy up, good for you by extension.