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  1. Furthermore, in the Cold War, the Fascistas were back on our side. Franco was on our side. Pinochet was our side. Allende was not on our side.
  2. Canadian soldiers fought for the British Empire. Including British rule of the Raj in India and Hong Kong in the Far East. The Canadian troops at Hong Kong were overrun to the last man, in defence of the British Empire. The only threat that Hitler imposed, was on the route through Suez to the Jewel in the Crown. That's why the Canadian Army was sent to fight in Italy.
  3. I don't think so, but it's a free country, revolutionary republic, so if people are going to get rowdy about it, I don't condemn them.
  4. I'm not opposed to political violence per se, I don't recommend it unless there is a clear path to a military solution, strategic objective underpinned by tactical means, but I do not condemn political violence out of hand. I'm prepared to fight wars, always have been, impossible to be an infantry soldier and oppose political violence, I ain't no conscientious objector, If somebody is want to kill a commie, they'll get no quarrel from me, knock yourselves out.
  5. Politics is war by other means, this is civil war by other means, anything goes against the Democrat traitors to the republic, no holds barred, none. Most important thing is to keep the Democrats down on the mat until there is a 6 to 3 majority at the SCOTUS Once that is done, then we can really start ramming things down the throats of these Progressives, for decades to come. Lie, cheat, steal, whatever, just win, baby. This is war.
  6. Bring it on. He's the same as Trump, populist opportunist, two sides of the same coin.
  7. Dustin Byfuglien takes leaves of absence from the Jets, reportedly considering retirement? Bwahahahahaha. F@ck Manitoba.
  8. Canada is a failed state, so they won't, because they can't cause the breach which will bring the house of cards down.
  9. It's grandfathered. Anybody who is already wearing a turban is not being fired. They are just not hiring anybody new without those people consenting to the contract which imposes Bill 21 Like all government jobs, there are barriers to entry. The police have lots of barriers to entry, this is just one more of those.
  10. The Supreme Court cannot overrule the Notwithstanding Clause, you would still be fired in Quebec, You could cry about it to the Feds, but there's nothing the Feds can do about it. The Feds didn't fire you, Quebec fired you, the Feds cannot re-hire you on behalf of Quebec. Section 33 protects Quebec from any legal consequences from the bench. Thus how the provinces can just ignore Ottawa if they choose to.
  11. The Feds will run against it to the rest of Canada, but no party, especially the Liberals, is going to legislate against it, since that would blow them up in Quebec, I mean, duh.
  12. Indeed. Jesus was a revolutionary against the ruling elites of Jerusalem and Rome and he broke all their rules too.
  13. The Democrats invoke capricious process, Trump has the thunderbolts in talons grasped, Andrew Jackson for the win, buh-bye McGovern Hippies.
  14. In America that is the case. First Amendment ueber alles. In Canada with Section 33, not the case. Sections 1 and 7 to 15 can be suspended indefinitely by the Notwithstanding Clause. Which is a clause in the Charter, as much as any other clause is, Section 33 is the Charter. That is at the core of the Canada Act. There is Disallowance, which is literally Britain overruling Canada with an archaic law not used since 1943. Realistically, no government is going to do that, but especially not in Quebec where that would backfire massively. Hence, Bill 21 is perfectly legal, constitutional and legitimate under Canadian Law, that being in this case the Canada Act 1982
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