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  1. Indeed, Druze, Bedouin and Circassians all serve in the IDF, mostly in elite reconnaissance formations, to include Matkalists.
  2. Indeed. All the Zionists wanted was a Canada of their very own. General Wolfe is simply the Moshe Dayan of British North America.
  3. How were the Zionists better armed? They didn't have better weapons, they were just better soldiers, the problem for the Arabs is that they can't fight their way out of a wet paper bag. The Israeli edge, is combat leadership. They have great Generals. The Arabs don't. You can't rattle off a dozen Israeli Generals who are amongst the best in the history of warfare, that's how they won. They learned from their enemies; Rommel, Guderian, Manstein, Kesselring, etcetera.
  4. The similarity is that all Canadian "defence" policy is wholly unserious nonsense. Canada the Forever Colony interested only pork barrel vote buying and periodically having to appease the imperial overlords in Washington.
  5. I think Trudeau will survive the immediate insurrection in the ranks, but on the current trajectory, I can see this wounded government falling before 2024. I could see Trudeau stepping down before the second mandate is done, even if/when he does win again, and certainly if he only wins a minority.
  6. Plus he drank too much, Nixon was reckless because he was constantly on the sauce.
  7. This is nothing new. This is why Nixon ordered the plumbers to break into the Watergate. Nixon had interfered in the peace negotiations to undermine Lyndon Johnson. Nixon was afraid that J. Edgar Hoover had the wiretaps. He thought the Democrats might have those in their safe at the Watergate. That is what he was after, that is why he risked all to try to get those wiretaps.
  8. Wasn't even a bug, it was the Big Ear, No Such Agency. They can turn everything into a bug, the entire country is one big listening device.
  9. Nouvelle France is a war prize surrendered to the House of Hanover in 1763, the British didn't actually want it, so they just let the Roman Catholic church run it. The British interest is a fortress in Quebec, and a port in Montreal, the only other thing of value, is hydro electricity, but Quebec wants to sell it, has to sell it, Ontario should buy from them rather than the Green Energy disaster that has been wrought on Ontario. But we don't need Confederation anymore to do that, two sovereign independent jurisdictions can still do business, and would do much more, if not for the failed state of Confederation.
  10. The thread itself has convinced me not to give a shit anymore. Mission accomplished.
  11. Stay off my property and you wont get shot. Problem solved.
  12. Her Majesty is a contract, the Queen is the constitution, and she has treated me well, gainfully employed me from a young age, retired me into the landed gentry, GSTQ I am a high school drop out, yet I live in palace now by the standards I grew up with.
  13. One never leaves the Regiment, but in a pine box feet first, colours flying, pipes skirling.
  14. I wouldn't expect it to be solved, Darwinian forces are not subject to politics, Homo Sapiens Sapiens apex predator, hyper tribal, hyper territorial.
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