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  1. Bring it on, like I say, the only way to constrain government is for the government to go broke. And no, raising taxes won't save them, they actually take in less revenue as they expand the confiscation.
  2. Don't bother, education is simply an accreditation scam at this point, spend your capital on acquiring investment property, be a landlord, you've already learned all you need to know at the school of hard knocks.
  3. For example, unlike the US Coast Guard, the Canadian Coast Guard is not part of the military, they are civilian employees of the Department of Fisheries and Oceans They are not armed, do not operate expeditionary overseas, and cannot be placed under NATO mandate therein.
  4. A clever deception but indeed spurious, as only military assets can be committed to NATO, it's NATO spending not overall spending on security.
  5. Eagle with thunderbolts in talons grasped, from Appomattox Court House to the Sea of Tranquility and beyond, godspeed.
  6. It would not be prudent to surrender a dominant position over the likes of Russia, si vis pacem para bellum
  7. To be the Arsenal of Democracy is no vice, generating military forces by leveraging free enterprise is a military necessity in the face of Hegemons like China and Russia
  8. The goodness of American hearts is the very nature of her self interests, free all the slaves everywhere, a sacred calling.
  9. They feel threatened by the United Kingdom as well. The UK strategic deterrent is a joint deterrent coordinated with America.
  10. America is not asking you to spend more, the United Kingdom is a chief advocate for NATO members meeting the obligation of the 2% commitment.
  11. Altruism is in America's self interest, the defenders of the free world incite a flight to quality.
  12. Under the rule of the Laurentian Eliites, the Post National State has indeed migrated into no man's land as a rogue state, tho there has been no formal declaration.
  13. America has far more obligations than simply NATO, America is defending and upholding the entire Western Hegenomy, worldwide, not just in one theater.
  14. All part and parcel of the false Liberal narrative of a Canadian foreign policy independent of Washington by way of the UN. Not actually the case, the UN is all inclusive to America's foreign policy, Canada no longer has a foreign policy, it's entirely rhetorical at this juncture.
  15. The United Nations Security Council is an American institution founded by FDR The paradigm of America v UN Canada is a false dichotomy
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