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  1. I don't disagree that the provinces are functioning democracies, the assertion that Confederation is functioning however, is a Big Lie. Confederation is totally dysfunctional, does not achieve a single purpose for which it was enacted, does not meet the practical definition of a sovereign Westphalian State. That's not to say that it's all going to disappear into a black hole, it will simply devolve into Sovereignty Association and further entrench itself as an American Protectorate. It will actually work better with a divorce, the shotgun marriage allows the provinces to dig their heels in, Sovereignty Association would force them to negotiate, Confederation is inherently infantilizing, not just to the people of Canada, the National Helicopter Parent turns the provinces into big babies too.
  2. The reality is that Canada and associated entrenched interest elites are being propped up by central banks in what has become a monstrous leverage bomb by runaway policy stimulus. Global debt is four times total global economic output, when that debt bubble implodes, then the truth of failed Confederation will be revealed, Canada won't be the only federation to go under in the coming storm.
  3. And I said the Government of Canada would be forced to capitulate in the face of such now, because it's not 1970 anymore, Canada doesn't have the troops to put down even a minor apprehended insurrection, the Fenian's couldn't have taken Canada in 1866 perhaps, but they certainly could now. Mind you, the GoC could request the assistance of the United States Northern Command at Peterson AFB Colorado under the Continental Defense and Security Agreement. Might be a tactical victory, but the strategic consequences of American boots on the ground would be a whole 'nother Pandora's box unto itself.
  4. To wit, vive le Quebec, vive le Quebec libre, we will bring this Confederation down in the end and there is nothing you can do to stop us. All the king's horses and all the kings men, barely fields a Brigade Combat Team in Canada now. Progressive Multicult Bolsheviks don't have the resolve to fight a war, and even if they did, it would end with them hanging from the lampposts and no other.
  5. Doubtful, DND is so feeble in the face of trying to control 9 million square kilometers with 20, 000 troops, the federal government would have to capitulate right out of the gate. The Canadian Forces really are a hollowed out shell at this point, military force is not an option for a Post National State which relies entirely on the Americans for logistics. Moreover, it is entirely constitutional to secede from Confederation, now affirmed by rendered judgement of the Supreme Court of Canada. An illegal war in the face of peaceful democratic self determination under the Clarity Act is an utterly untenable position for any Government of Canada.
  6. This lasts until 1July 1916, wherein the British impale themselves on the Somme, and so America beats them at their own game, when the British Empire is forced to come cap in hand to Wall Street for a bailout. The Royal 22nd Regiment being impaled with the rest of the Canadians at the Somme, 14,207 Canadian casualties in the Battle for Regina Trench, tho the Vandoos did take their objective at Flers-Courcelette, in hand to hand combat, 1800 hrs 15 September 1916.
  7. Bear in mind that prior to the Seven Years War, France, the House of Bourbon, was the undisputed global Hegemon, like America is today. Prior to the Glorious Revolution of 1688, England was a backwater, no match for the French. The Glorius Revolution however, made Britain the best place to do business, which incited it into an economic powerhouse to rival the French. At which point the British were able to take them on, head to head, in a global war for all the marbles, which Britain won. Was the House of Orange which made Britain the global hegemon, by Parliamentary Supremacy, which was simply vastly more efficient than Papist autocracy. Nec Aspera Terrent.
  8. It was a world war, the French were defeated on a broad front, while Wolfe was taking Quebec from the French in North America, on the other side of the world, Clive was taking India from the French at the Battle of Pondicherry, The French essentially sued for peace in the Seven Years War, because the British were routing them worldwide and the French were desperate to stop the bleeding.
  9. The reason why 13 September 1759 was the turning point, is that Quebec was considered to be impregnable against the Royal Navy. By coming down the St. Lawrence, which the French considered to be impassable, and then running the narrows, which the French thought to be suicidal, then crossing over and climbing the escarpment to take the Plains of Abraham, which the French never planned for, simply proved that it could be done, and once that was proven, it was just a matter of time until the British could roll up the whole of Nouvelle France, which was entirely dependent on the Citiadel at Quebec being invincible.
  10. Quite the opposite, Je me souviens is to rub it in the face of the British that the Quebecois remain unbounded, Je me soviens means; "We do not forget, and will never forget, our ancient lineage, traditions and memories of all the past". It is the Federalists who wish Quebec to forget, Je me souviens is a gauntlet thrown down to Ottawa. In terms of the Battle of the Plains of Abraham, it turned out to be a Pyrrhic Victory, after the British expeditionary force bombarded Quebec, they had to live in it come the winter, wherein half of them froze to death. The French then came back the next summer, and the British made the exact same mistake the French had in 1759, so the French ended up taking Quebec back. Nouvelle France wasn't fully acquired as a war prize, until the French signed it over in the Treaty of Paris 1763, the British also got India in the deal. The Treaty of Paris 1763 is the birth of the British Empire. North America and India, acquired on the same day.
  11. Here are the Royal 22e mounting guard for the Commander-in-Chief at Buckingham Palace. Dieu et mon droit.
  12. It's the Royal 22nd Regiment, the Vandoos are a British Foreign Legion in effect, they take the Queen's Schilling to defend the Citadel at the Plains of Abraham. Quebec is after all, a war prize taken by the British in the Seven Years War, as I say, 13 September 1759 is the real Canada day. Je me souviens.
  13. The problem was simply leverage. Collateral Debt Obligations are useful hedges, but if everybody has a debt swap with everybody and some start to default, that cascades into a full on panic. Bear in mind tho, in 2008, the debt exceeded GDP by 20%. and that was enough to grind things to a complete halt. After a decade of government policy stimulus "Quantitative Easing", debt now exceeds GDP by 400%
  14. I don't owe Canada a thing, I have fulfilled my obligations to Canada several times over, it is Canada which has failed to live up to its obligations to me. Does not protect me. Does not protect my property. Does not protect my rights. Fails to meet the threshold of a Westphalian State. Canada is not sovereign, Canada is a nothing. A load of vacuous ahistorical pap peddled by a billion dollar state propaganda arm. All relations with the state are by contractual agreement. It is simply not in my interests to bear any particular allegiance to a Post National State run by Progressive Multicult Bolsheviks.
  15. Also of note, Montreal is not actually the British city in Quebec, Montreal is the American city in Quebec. The British city in Quebec, is of course Ville de Quebec, since 13 September 1759, the real Canada Day. Vive la Canadienne. Je me souviens.
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