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  1. There's no free speech on social media platforms, it's all private property.
  2. Sheer mass in of itself is no particular strength, Chinese and Indian demographics are a burden not a boon, a huge mass of people living without effective rule of law, big whoop
  3. Never mind that he fails to even grasp the source of American wealth and power, there is no Flight to Quality to tyrannical China nor dysfunctional India Neither China nor India are an Hegemony, King Dollar rules them as well.
  4. Whoever it is they will be pandering to the GTA ridings which means they will simply become the Other Liberals without any really conservative policies at all.
  5. You shouldn't even panic about Canadian Confederation coming apart, it's not the end of the world, it's a natural evolution. All the provinces will be better off in a customs union without the dictatorship of the Laurentian Elites, who are a cabal of nattering fools to no good purpose.
  6. Have some historical perspective : "ZOMG The Communists Are Ten Feet Tall !!!" That's called a Red Scare. It was nonsense then, it's nonsense now.
  7. You worry too much. America will remain the global Hegemon, India and China are sworn enemies who will cancel each other out.
  8. America is a religion, you've got to have faith, trust in the Lord, no fears on Earth.
  9. National Socialism is all within the European paradigm, if anybody is going Nazi, it's going to be the EU. Mind you, the Nazis are good for business, so the Europeans would get rich quick by those means.
  10. They are not the NSDAP. If you think the Chinese are the Nazis, then you don't know the Nazis.
  11. China is not ten feet tall. It's a facade. They are still Communists and they are making all the same mistakes. They can't even maintain order in Hong Kong, never mind the world.
  12. America is perfectly capable of carrying on business as usual with half the world as its sworn enemy, that was the Cold War, been there, done that, it's nothing to panic about.
  13. The Communist Party is quite obviously not that sanguine about it, the signs of panic are everywhere, they are cracking down on their own, that's not a sign of strength.
  14. China's present retrenchment into Stalinism is not a sign of strength, Beijing is panicking because they know they are losing control. Beijing foolishly lashing out at Canada is another sign of panic.
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