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  1. Canada cannot be annexed Canada is simply Confederation The purpose is to keep the French in, the Americans out, and the Indians down First Confederation, to wit Canada itself would have to dissolve, then the component parts could be integrated more fully, tho I doubt it would ever be completely I hold both passports, American father, Canadian mother, so I enjoy the best of both worlds
  2. Indeed, it's like a spray bottle, whether you set it to stream or mist, neither floats like smoke, it all falls like tiny rain
  3. When people are shedding the virus, it's falling down around them like nanoscopic dandruff, it's not lighter than air, it falls under gravity
  4. Ya gotta do what a gotta do in this isolating war, take the putty where you can find it, but late forties is a younger woman to me now, age snuck up on me
  5. When you say older but bolder that's probably young by my standards, how much older are we talking here ? Is she forty plus or just thirty plus ?
  6. In the breach together, trying to stay alive, bonded by crucible That's hot, even if it doesn't result in baby making, you can still practice in the meantime
  7. Knock yourself out, I'm too old for baby making now thank goodness, it's all just bunny f*cking for me from here on out, woop-woop, suckah
  8. Babies are cute, but only for a little while As me ol' pappy used to say "son, I love you, but parenting is overrated"
  9. I have nothing to say on the matter Romantic as I am, it's all about the girl I'm just into the bunny f*cking, making babies is somebody else's problem That she would be off the same mind ? What are the odds ? Divine Matchmaker
  10. Just remember, Zeitgeist is likely to be making some babies out of all this He will raise them to be Eskimo Communists You have to at least match him, if not beat him, otherwise, the Eskimo Communists win
  11. All that falls away now Have to be a Canadian Soldier now You are only in command of what you are in command of Focus on what is right in front of you Don't look at the dogs, work the lock To stay alive For bunny f*cking to make babies The meaning of life itself So f*cking romantic
  12. The God of the Hebrews is with you, always None the less, bunny f*cking is priority Without that, you got nothing John Rambo Jesus knows
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