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  1. God bless George W. Bush. Quantitative Easing 1000% gains across the board.
  2. Her Majesty defends the right, the Queen is the country, Julie Payette is a civil servant seat warmer.
  3. Obviously if I signed the contract of unlimited liability to go over the top for Her Majesty,; I am prepared to be put on any lists the communists are keeping on dissidents or what have you. United Empire Loyalist Orangeman; personal fealty to the monarch and no other, unto death as necessary.
  4. The anarchy of being an United Empire Loyalist Orangeman in the face of a pseudo Bolshevist police state run by corrupt Liberal elitist pretenders to the throne. God save the Queen, down with the quasi communist enemies of the British Crown in North America.
  5. Crisis is an opportunity, chaos is a ladder.
  6. What about the liberal arts college professors and their vampire squid accreditation scam upon the necks of the young folk? Can we send them to the Philippines? Duterte will know what to do.
  7. What about them Supply Management cartels who scam you all day everyday? Where we sending them to? Somalia?
  8. What about all them Maritimers who scam the dole? We gonna kick the Nova Scotia Trailer Park Boys out too?
  9. You wanna have sob story government handouts, you're gonna have to hand them out to everybody, I take advantage of Canada everyday, I just don't bother owning TSX dogs with fleas.
  10. I don't assimilate, why would I try to force someone else to assimilate to a fake country run by quasi-communist nanny police staters? I'll stand with my Creator and the Declaration of Independence preamble, Canadian Cultural Protectorate ain't never gonna assimilate me.
  11. I personally refuse to assimilate with the priggish Victorian nanny prohibitionist state. Oh, say, does that Star Spangled Banner yet wave? In the land of the free and the home of the brave? Rangers, lead the way, here we go, stand up hook up shuffle to the door, jump right out and count to four . . .
  12. Thank goodness the National Parent is protecting us from seeing mean comments online, comrades. There should be a system wherein people who make mean comments are denied access to services while people who rat them out would be given extra rations. To make it more efficient, the RCMP, CBSA, CSIS and CSE should be merged into a single service. Call it the Committee for State Security.
  13. Furthermore Kaiser Bill wasn't the villain, the Kasierreich was more civilized than Britain, France or certainly Russia. The Germans had the first welfare state for their workers, the Germans had the highest standard of living of them all, until the British destroyed them for the Russian Czar. Even in terms of the Jews, the Kaiser was the protector of the Jews, that's why so many of them fled from Russia to Germany. The Jews fought proudly for Germany in the First World War, the Freikorps/Nazis only scapegoated them after the crushing defeat inflicted by the British blockade.
  14. If Britain doesn't enter the first war at the behest of Churchill, there is no Second World War. It wouldn't have been a First World War if Britain had stayed out as the Liberal coalition government wanted to do, before Churchill insisted they enter the war or else he was crossing the floor to the Tories.
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