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  1. Some of us live the cottage lifestyle on the edge of the woods at all times, don't hate us cause we're beautiful Vigilans :toasts:
  2. Whatever, I've said my peace on it, if you want to, go out into the hot zone and dance with the bug, it's not my problem
  3. My wife says that one of the guys in hospital is a middle aged guy, but he's very fit, he doesn't smoke, he doesn't have underlying conditions His wife says that he went from having a cough in the morning to not being able to breath by that night.
  4. I don't see viruses as being evil, it's like a shark, it's just doing what it was made to do, swim & eat My wife works for a multinational, she ordered all her people to go home early on, those that kept going to the office got sick Now they have 26 people in the company who are sick, 4 confirmed cases of COVID, 2 people hospitalized already, neither of whom are old
  5. Well since we have no built up immunity against this novel version, it's exponentially more lethal It's like the guy who runs the nursing home out in Bobcaygeon says that they do see this all the time, they've just never seen it like this, 10 people dying over a single weekend To quote him "I've never seen anything like this, in 30 years of doing this job"
  6. People don't realize, the Common Cold is lethal, the common coronavirus kills people in nursing homes all the time, just not at this very high rate
  7. The longer the virus is in play without a vaccine, the higher the odds of a dangerous mutation Reason being, if you don't kill it, you just make it stronger
  8. Again, the corona on the virus can change, then it is something new which you are not immune to This is what happened in 1919, the Spanish Flu at this point in 1919 was mild, in October of 1919 it found another gear and that's when the megadeath ensued
  9. The protein spikes are like lockpicks, when they encounter antibodies, they work the problem, antibodies are actually the thing which incites the dangerous mutations
  10. The Common Cold is not caused by infinite infections, it's either picorn, rhino, or most most dangerous strain, which is coronavirus
  11. Deaths by category in New York City https://www1.nyc.gov/assets/doh/downloads/pdf/imm/covid-19-daily-data-summary-deaths.pdf It's not all old people, 20% under 65, including 1 minor It is however almost all people with underlying conditions Underlying conditions which are very common mind you, such as asthma & diabetes Basically, if you have a weakness, this bug will find and exploit it and it's lethal when it does.
  12. There is a reason why the Germans have so few casualties so far They were super on top of it, right away They didn't mess about, they tested and tracked to contain We are not doing that The Germans are still not cocky, they are just getting even more prepared for mass casualties while they have time
  13. It won't take ten years for this bug to change its game up Pandemics come in waves The follow on waves are new bugs in real time The bug can turn on a dime, the more antibodies it encounters, the more it will turn The Chinese are not cocky about it, they are bracing for the second wave
  14. I also have a lot of friends in the hot zone where this bug seems to have another gear where it concentrates Doctors, cops, firefighters, and their families, they are in the breach, I'm pulling out all the stops for them.
  15. I'm not worried about myself, I am going to war against the bug in order to protect the vulnerable, the old, the weak, the immuno compromised
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