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  1. I think he's actually virtue signalling to Liberal voters, the Cucks have been pandering the Blue Liberals all along, he's signalling that he's exactly the same as a Liberal.
  2. Meanwhile the Anglocuck parties are pandering ridiculously to Quebec ridings while ignoring vast swathes of the country completely. It's like Scheer goes in there and basically tells them they can have anything so long as they don't secede. Ontario bribing Quebec with Alberta's money plumbing new depths of absurdity.
  3. I love how the state propaganda arms feel the need to dismiss the resurgence of the Bloc; "not a vote for sovereignty, nothing to see here, move along, move along"
  4. Yeah, that's really who I want to vote for, if I could vote for the Bloc, then I would vote.
  5. Plus I watched the local debate, and actually the PPC guy was cucking. He started to veer into Scheer territory too, so even the PPC is a sham.
  6. And I'm sticking it to Nefarious Banana for repeatedly accusing us of being sock puppets.
  7. My wife refused to vote PPC anyways, so she would have just neutralized my vote, better to just not vote, then she probably wont neither. Then its two declines to uphold the institution ftw
  8. I'm going to stick it to Canada by refusing to uphold any of its institutions I don't favor peaceful transfer of power, chaos is a ladder, counterrevolution or nothing.
  9. Yeah, I love her. She's my war chief. LGBTQ aligned itself with the commies, Thatcher knew. I've decided tho, I'm not going to vote today. I have to have the courage of my convictions. I don't believe in Canada anymore. I don't believe in Canadian democracy. All these Canadian parties are shambolic. This election is a sham. There's no candidate which is worthy of representing me. Canadians themselves are no longer loyal to the Crown. So there's really nothing to vote for here, so I'll vote with my capital and vote with my feet.
  10. It's like the other day Facebook removed a Toronto Sun article about Justin Trudeau because they deemed it to be hate speech. So that tells you where Facebook is at, they have no clue what they're doing anymore, may take some time, but that's a fatal flaw in the mechanism.
  11. Indeed, the FANG are ceasing to be rational actors and succumbing to the new leftist religion, this does not bode well in terms of prudent management.
  12. The market will sort it out in the end, by making themselves into ideological companies, the titans of Silicon Valley are sowing the seeds of their own creative destruction
  13. I'm a classical liberal, classical liberals have pretty much everything right, there are no liberals on the left anymore, they have abandoned liberalism in favor of communism.
  14. I have feminist heroines, they are simply of the right, Elizabeth I, Elizabeth II, Ada Lovelace, Margaret Thatcher, etc
  15. Also bear in mind that we are in the throes of species wide epoch here. The Information Age prophesized by Marshall McLuhan The displacement and dislocation related to that has destabilized society. The Cultural Marxist left is exploiting the associated stresses. Just as the Marxist-Leninist left did with the onset of the Industrial Age.
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