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  1. Canada cannot be annexed Canada is simply Confederation The purpose is to keep the French in, the Americans out, and the Indians down First Confederation, to wit Canada itself would have to dissolve, then the component parts could be integrated more fully, tho I doubt it would ever be completely I hold both passports, American father, Canadian mother, so I enjoy the best of both worlds
  2. Indeed, it's like a spray bottle, whether you set it to stream or mist, neither floats like smoke, it all falls like tiny rain
  3. When people are shedding the virus, it's falling down around them like nanoscopic dandruff, it's not lighter than air, it falls under gravity
  4. Ya gotta do what a gotta do in this isolating war, take the putty where you can find it, but late forties is a younger woman to me now, age snuck up on me
  5. When you say older but bolder that's probably young by my standards, how much older are we talking here ? Is she forty plus or just thirty plus ?
  6. In the breach together, trying to stay alive, bonded by crucible That's hot, even if it doesn't result in baby making, you can still practice in the meantime
  7. Knock yourself out, I'm too old for baby making now thank goodness, it's all just bunny f*cking for me from here on out, woop-woop, suckah
  8. Babies are cute, but only for a little while As me ol' pappy used to say "son, I love you, but parenting is overrated"
  9. I have nothing to say on the matter Romantic as I am, it's all about the girl I'm just into the bunny f*cking, making babies is somebody else's problem That she would be off the same mind ? What are the odds ? Divine Matchmaker
  10. Just remember, Zeitgeist is likely to be making some babies out of all this He will raise them to be Eskimo Communists You have to at least match him, if not beat him, otherwise, the Eskimo Communists win
  11. All that falls away now Have to be a Canadian Soldier now You are only in command of what you are in command of Focus on what is right in front of you Don't look at the dogs, work the lock To stay alive For bunny f*cking to make babies The meaning of life itself So f*cking romantic
  12. The God of the Hebrews is with you, always None the less, bunny f*cking is priority Without that, you got nothing John Rambo Jesus knows
  13. Warm it all up, everything you got, right now That qt is out there Stay alive, to tell her that you love her, you loved her from the moment you saw her, you will love her till the day that you die Then you f*ck like bunnies after It doesn't get any better than that
  14. Stay alive, no matter what occurs, you're my best friend now, I would be lost without you.
  15. I have every confidence in you, you will tell her, you will say it all right now, then f*ck like bunnies after Nothing else matters, this is what we live for So f*cking romantic, it doesn't get any better than this
  16. How do you want to be remembered by the ones that you love ? Noting else matters, that is in fact what life is all about It's all fleeting, entropy is the nature of the universe, we can never get these moments back So live it now, with everything you've got, while there is still time
  17. Life & Death Plausible mortal peril You don't know if you will be KIA This is the fog of war You might die Worse, your woman might die All that matters is that you be there for your woman and fun for your kids, right now So f*cking romantic It doesn't get hotter than this, right now Tell her that you love her, you loved her from the moment you saw her, you will love her till the day you die Which might be tomorrow So better say it all right now, then f*ck like bunnies after It was the worst of times, it was the worst of times Who cares about the economy ? Live in the now, so hot, so passionate, warm it all up, everything you got, if not now, then when ?
  18. Beautiful day Warm sunshine and blue skies Lovers are out and about, hand in hand and arm in arm, probably f*cking like bunnies in the Staycation I went to the liquor store, not to stock up, just to check on the older but bolder broads who work there, I'm a regular customer, I know all the staff They all have thousand yard stares like it's Viet f*cking Nam Poor buggers, glad it's not me Thank you for your essential service
  19. The federal government cannot seize private property unless and until they invoke the Emergency Measures Act
  20. My wife is working online with her counterpart in China Liaison office The lady is concerned for my wife, so she is sending us a box of pandemic supplies, a whole slew of stuff that they have, all the way from Shanghai She's sending the SARS masks they have in China, better than ours Better Look Cool Factor too, Apocalyptic Chic Nice lady
  21. Thanks to the RCR Battleschool, I don't have to believe in others, I just believe in myself School of Hard Knocks Relaxed in the saddle, supremely confident in ones own capabilities, comfortable with uncertainty, prepared to operate in the field indefinitely as necessary, come what may Not a Doomsday Prepper tho No need, I walk tall, no fears on earth, the Lord is with me, always
  22. It was the worst of times, it was the best of times Living in the now like there is no tomorrow Best girl by my side That's the only way to live Mission Command, Commanders Intent, Enjoy the Staycation 6ix-6ix, solid copy, commencing battle procedure, out Crank up the tunes
  23. Whatevs, dude, this is what I live for, I'm loving every minute of it Apex Predator Male doing what he was born to do Mating females, get behind us I treat the bug as what it is, BSL3 pathogen biological weapons grade And so does my wife Whole new girlfriend She's flying towards the right wing nutjobs She has no time for whiners, shirkers, nor slackers She is 100% behind the war effort, now sees it as a biological WMD global war She is 100% behind Big Daddy Ford President of Ontario, Justin Trudeau is persona non grata She is growing vegetables in her Victory Gardens She is canning for the cellar She even let me run her through the drills on all my guns Chicks behind guns, with just the right amount of puppy fat, so hot :bites fist: This is the pinnacle It doesn't get any better than this This is like a second honeymoon
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