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  1. Doesn't matter who is leader, the CPC will continue to ignore conservative while pandering to Liberals in Ontario and Quebec, because that's the only way to win an election.
  2. Andrew Scheer resigns as Conservative leader after new allegation surfaces Senior Conservatives allege that Scheer used party funds for his children's private school education https://nationalpost.com/news/andrew-scheer-resigns-as-conservative-leader
  3. The Treaty of Westphalia does not shield the Arabs, they were never sovereign over the lands, the Zionists took it from the British.
  4. Then ban the weak, let the strong decide who lives or dies. The gangsters are valued added, Darwinian forces in action, plus they provide cocaine to the market.
  5. Speech banning, gun grabbing freedom hating nanny police state run by lick spittle sycophants and cronies, who knew ?
  6. Banning immigrants, banning guns, delusional social panic sweeping across the failed state.
  7. San Jose fires head coach Peter Deboer, to be replaced by Bob Boughner
  8. He appealed his death sentence in the summer, then nothing has been heard about it since. Th Chinese legal system is completely arbitrary, if they really meant to execute him, they'd have done it by now. This is all just posturing by the Chinese, they have been caught off guard by this whole situation of their cronies in Ottawa not doing their bidding without hesitation.
  9. Burn the village to save the village.
  10. The Democrats are going down in flames, then Canada is next. Get hype.
  11. There are currently five active political parties in America, to include the Libertarian Party, the Green Party and the Constitution Party In 2016 the Libertarian Party received 4, 489, 221 votes, or 3.28% of the popular vote The Green Party received 1, 457, 216 votes or 1.07% of the popular vote. Americans are free to vote for independent candidates as well.
  12. Canada is getting what it deserves for trying to play Beijing off of Washington. Can't have a foot in Fortress America and People's Republic of China at the same time, Canada, cry us a river about it.
  13. March of the Canadian Airborne Regiment Ex Coelis
  14. March of the Canadian Special Operations Regiment. Audeamus.
  15. The laws of armed conflict mandate military necessity, proportionality and collateral mitigation. The IDF is compliant in all respects and within their rights to defend Israel from attack. Collaterally mitigated precision military strikes against a deeply entrenched and fortified enemy launching indiscriminate military attacks from populated areas. The war criminals are Hamas, deliberately using the population as human shields, which is patently unlawful, Whereas precision air strikes against those criminals are patently lawful, military necessity against a military threat. Only useful idiots for the terrorists advocate against right to self defense with military force proportionate to a military threat. If Hamas did not pose a military threat, air strikes might not be a neccesity, if it was merely rifles fired into Israel, perhaps not proportionate. As Gaza however is a military fortress, launching widespread rocket attacks into population centers, air strikes are proportionate to that level of threat. The laws of armed conflict are not a shield from behind which terrorists may launch unlawful attacks, you must follow the law to be protected by it. Collateral damage is not prohibited, Israel is simply bound to take reasonable steps to mitigate it, fighting a war in of itself however, is not illegal.
  16. There no such thing as an unified America and there never was, and that's a good thing. Out of many, one.
  17. They've made their bed, let them lie in it. Bring on ACB : my kinda Papist.
  18. Jelly Fish are useful idiots for left wing extremists intent on destroying the West itself. Not one step back in defense of the light of civilization.
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