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  1. Bob Mueller says there was no collusion. You say there was. One of you is lying.
  2. You said earlier that the Clinton campaign did no opposition research, but in this latest post you said that that's exactly what they got Fusion GPS to do. I'll give you the benefit of the doubt and not call you a liar - let's assume you misspoke. So that brings me back to my original question. I was quite surprised to find out that I as a member of the right had sold out to Russia, and it was all because of some politician's employee in another country being accused of wrongdoing. I can't help but wonder if someone on Clinton's team might be accused of wrongdoing with regards to Russi
  3. I was under the impression that Fusion GPS was hired to do opposition research. You are saying this is not true. What did they hire Fusion GPS to do?
  4. The Clinton campaign did opposition research from Russian sources that has also been widely criticized by lawmakers. But an employee of the Trump campaign has been formally charged (but not proven guilty). And because of this, the entire conservative movement has sold out to the Russians. But the left has not sold out to Russia, because charges have not been filed on the Clinton side. Do I understand you correctly? So if someone on the Clinton side has charges filed against them with regards to Russia and the 2016 campaign THEN we will be able to say that the entire left has s
  5. I was unaware of this. Please explain how the right sold out to Russia. I don't know many people further right than me, and I still consider Russia an enemy of the west.
  6. Take the walls away from the prisons and see how many convicts are still in prison after a few days. Smart-ass responses aside, I'm genuinely happy that you and I agree! You, me and Trump are like a big happy family. You've made the point thoroughly, over and over, that a wall by itself will not stop illegal immigration. Trump and I have been saying all along that a comprehensive, multi-faceted plan is necessary to stop illegal immigration. Just one component of the plan by itself is not enough. Hopefully his E-Verify push this coming year will live up to it's expectations. It has p
  7. That is a fair and constructive criticism. I did pull the "95%" from the article I quoted, and that article was talking about one specific section of barrier so yes it certainly opens the door for someone to pull the conversation off track. I felt that it was worth the risk though, to point out the vast difference between the real world (very high effectiveness of physical borders) with what is being pedaled today in the media (physical borders are 0% effective - you just need a ladder).
  8. Which politician is saying that a wall alone would stop it? I have not heard Trump say this. I HAVE heard him say that comprehensive immigration reform (complete with mandatory use of E-Verify which is in his 2019 budget) is not complete without a wall. I am not disputing your point at all that stiffer penalties for hiring illegals would help however I find it amusing, but typical of today's left, when US Customs and Border Protection along with military special forces say that the wall prototypes are damn near impossible to breach but you say that just a ladder is needed. The
  9. Yes, but it's a more formidable wall than what's around a gated continuity because what's on the other side would be a bigger prize. I'm not even sure that I get your point. What I think I hear you saying is that a more significant reward, such as life in America would be more incentive than a reward of getting inside a gated community to allow someone to break in and steal cars or rob rich people. I'm not sure if I'm even close to what your point was but I will proceed as if that's it. So like I said earlier, the size of the wall correlates to the incentive of getting over it.
  10. Now that the news about ladders has broken, do you expect that gated communities will become a thing of the past?
  11. No I don't hate that at all. I would love it if a news agency would report the facts, all the facts, and nothing but the facts. Not just the facts that support their agenda. And no blatant lies, like the ones I see on cnn.com all the time. There is no harder-core right winger than me, but I will happily admit that I hate Fox's bias just as much as the dozens of liberal-biased outlets. But FNC is a necessary evil for the time being.
  12. It scares me that these news organizations are respected. It makes me wonder if the mindless Fox-hating but CNN-loving zombie hordes actually believe the lies they are being fed, or if they know it's bullshit and are complicit in spreading deceit. The most progressive person I know appears to believe the BS she spouts. When I ask for proof, she just quotes lean wing news outlets. I will then write a two or three page email showing that the news outlet carefully crafted their words to deceive. Then I ask for "real" proof to backup the BS she parroted. When she cannot find any,
  13. You are so right! I don't enjoy transfer payments. Survival of the fittest, that's my motto. If a province can't survive on it's own, that's it's problem. The same goes for animals (that's how evolution works) and in some cases people. No, I would not expect the wealthier states to transfer money to my state. That would be silly. What about unemployment for seasonal workers? If they don't have that in the US, that sounds like a great place for me. If I can't survive on my own, my demise will make the species stronger.
  14. Count me in for Quebec independence. I figure that if that ever happens, maybe we here in Atlantic Canada can just join the USA. OMG I'd love it.
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