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  1. Some individuals exhibit behavior that could cause an economic collapse, impacting everyone in the country, especially the poor. Some people are very impulsive and measures to let people take a path which will eventually kill their and our finances isn't something we should encourage. Justin Trudeau, with the temptation of an easier loan to get, may indirectly cause many thousands of individual defaults of payment, and many broken homes, lives, and suicides will be caused by this measure to let people get access to the credit trap, to maintain an already artificial house market, which bubble will explode any time soon.
  2. And the Liberals made it easier for individuals to get trapped in a debt scheme for a first house in their latest budget. What a bunch of dicks.
  3. Another white Liberal coming up with the race rather than the content of the 4 horsewomen of democalypse.
  4. Czech Republic and Slovakia separated... no harm was done.
  5. I don't think I've been drinking too much Bloc Kool-Aid. I never voted for them and never had the intention to do so. When I see how degenerate Canada is becoming, I want to separate my loved ones from the mess that it is becoming.
  6. Hi Pierre Eliott Trudeau. Sorry, but no.
  7. This is much worse than I expected. Two British tankers were kidnapped by terrorist Iran today.
  8. As a French Canadian who lived in France for 2 years, I can attest this is true. Street prayers were banned around 2011, when there were street prayers in Paris downtown, with calls to kills Jews.
  9. Obama trusted those terrorists... this is what we get. The Iranians never were a regime to be trusted, ever. They were dishonest from the start; when it comes to the Uranium enrichment limit, to the heavy water storage limit, to their goal to build nuclear weapons. https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-49053383 We should have never trusted this terrorist Shiite state. They are willing to die for a cause; an international islamic revolution, which started in 1979.
  10. That's why I loathe Justin Trudeau's ascension politically. Not hating on the guy, but he's just Prime Minister because of his name. We should feel ashamed to have elected this steaming sh(t as PM.
  11. Journalist Travels to Ilhan Omar’s Homeland to Prove Somalia is Beautiful, Gets Killed by Terrorists



    Sorry, but LOL

    1. BubberMiley


      LOL at someone dying? Classy.

      I would think libertarian conservatives would be defending the only example of their ideology in practice in the real world. "Goverment is bad! Less government!"

    2. QuebecOverCanada


      LOL at someone dying? Classy.--> Yup, it's called winning a Darwin Award

    3. DogOnPorch


      Seeing she was there to prove how wrong the nasty Islamophobes in Canada were about wonderful Somalia, the irony isn't lost on me.

  12. Refugees are immigrants. You're so dumb, and racist.
  13. ??? Québec has literally almost no crime, is stable, has very low unemployment, we have a top 30 university worldwide, we have hydroelectricity, we have oil, we own the St-Laurent strait. I think Canada is becoming more and more like Mexico and Haiti with the number of immigrants it is welcoming every year.
  14. I know AOC isn't jewish, just as Kamala the rich laywer Harris has nothing to do with slavery. Is she even Black?
  15. I have no tolerance for some pretentious asshats who think that because they're white and Liberal, think they are better than everyone. It's exactly why nobody likes Liberals in rural areas. Condescending, pieces of...
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