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  1. Gosh, are the people in BC THAT ugly as in video related to the link? That's disgusting to be quite honest, that shouldn't be part of the country. BC deserves the economy it has with the ugliness it breeds, honestly.
  2. Duterte should have been taught a lesson by the Canadian govt taking a public dump at him instead of apologizing. And we should call for an embargo on half of their exports to Canada. No fly from Canada to the Philippines and neither the opposite. I agree with the policies you're putting on the table Argus. I think we could do much more damage to them as they do to us. Let them keep the garbage on their shores and let them suffocate like Seagulls with our groceries bags.
  3. Not even. Even in Québec, the people can buy a house really easily and fill their tanks. In BC, it's only for the rich. The poor will just have to use public transit I guess and get coughed/sneezed at in the morning by a stranger before going to work, while the rich will drive their brand new TESLA inc.
  4. Performing so well you can't afford a place to live for you and your family and can't fill up your gas tank as the prices are too high. A-MA-ZING It just needs the food supply shortages and the unemployment line for the socialist utopia to materialize fully.
  5. I'll remember him as a huge disappointment. Obama promised so much, did so little. All talk, no action. When he acted, he did stupidly, cowardly and not in the interest of the USA. He lied on so many things, he destabilized Libya which led to the migrant crisis at Lampedusa and throughout Europe, he failed when it came about Irak, his deals with Iran were outrageously one-sided for the Iranians, Russia invaded Crimea without any retaliation, North Korea kept doing their circus without intervention. A huge failure, the economic recovery was very weak, just as soft was Barack Obama. A war criminal with that, he knowingly and willingly killed civilians who had nothing to do with terrorism just to get maybe one or two unconfirmed terrorists in many cases of drone strikes in Pakistan, Yemen, Afghanistan.
  6. Because, guess what you rainbow-flag-hippie, the World is mean and nasty as much as it is good to its core. Everyone partakes in these conspiracies and murders around the world. The Chinese do it. The Russians do it. The Americans do it. The Israeli do it. Canadians do it.
  7. So true. Why also consume oxygen, if Americans need it too? Why do we have to be like Americans and need water too?
  8. Why doesn't Canada sends poisonous Maple Syrup to the White House so they become our servants? Why can't we mind control the US population by casting them Sanatic Spells?
  9. We should have mandatory IQ tests to vote and to get a loan of over $10K, period. Who's retarded -and I mean the word retarded- enough, after all the floods that happen every two years, to buy a house next to a shore that always causes a flood during Spring after a harsh Winter? Guess what, there are PLENTY. They are idiots who put themselves and others' at risk. They are so clueless, it boggles my mind completely. They cost a lost of taxpayers' money, they bring the insurance prices up for everyone too. For the idiots who still reside on these shores, move god damn it. Move.
  10. This is not a North Korean broadcast. This is a 2015 Justin Trudeau interview with the CBC.  Very orwellian interview, worth a watch. We need to get rid of CBC.



  11. Please help us. Stop sending us money. Stop being the cow to milk for us. I think we would be much better off if Québec wasn't in Canada, and when I write we it's refering to you Canadian Roast Beefs and us French Canadians, who profit from your tax dollars for no reason.
  12. They signal they are naive and ideologically possessed but oh well.
  13. It's funny how there's a double standard in your mind. First, do not amalgamate all Muslims with the terrorists. Ok, I'm fine with that. BUT, you claim that either society or people who say that Islam is cancer is condoning violence against Muslims, so you generalize and amalgamate the critics of Islam with the hate crime offenders, but you tell us that Muslims should not be amalgamated to the terrorists. Let me guess, you're a Protestant to be that self-loathing and illogical, am I right?
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