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  1. How can you adopt a centrist approach to people like this?
  2. Well Muslims who kill Christians and Jews on the daily act like Nazis themselves.
  3. Never heard that one before, very original commentary. You watch CNN or CBC?
  4. President Tayyip Erdogan claimed the mosque attacks in New Zealand were part of a wider attack on Turkey and evidence of global anti-Muslim sentiment. He criticised the Anzacs for their role in the Gallipoli campaign and threatened to return anyone who came to his country with anti-Islam sentiment back in coffins.https://mobile.abc.net.au/news/2019-...60?pfmredir=sm
  5. There it is. Anti white is the new normal to not be called a racist/discriminatory bigot.
  6. The current narrative the media tries to make us swallow is that it was a family related incident. Yeah, just like that, after a fight with mommy and daddy someone throws a tantrum and kills 3 strangers in a tramway. Plus, it has be revealed that the guy was previously investigated for his links with ISIS and fought in Chechnya against the Russians. Yeah, must be family related.
  7. An Islamist shot 3 dead, 9 injured and fled by car after his horrific acts in Utrecht, Netherlands. He yelled Allahu Akbar and let a Moroccan live after he said he was Muslim too. The Special Ops are encircling a building, where the shooter is presumably hiding.
  8. I would think the 120 Christian Nigerians murdered in the last 3 weeks by Muslims would deserve a thread too but hey.
  9. "Time to take on right wing extremism" thread already exists.
  10. But she didn't lose any of her own family members. She doesn't act like a leader, she's acting like a politician who wants the vote of the feeble, sentimentalist fringe of the population. She acts so politically correct, and as if there was a problem with anti-islam sentiment in New Zealand. She's giving reasons for both white supremacists and muslims to radicalize themselves.
  11. Those pesky Danish people who bombed the sh*t out of the Muslims... clearly deserved their retaliation at Copenhagen.
  12. This is so true. Even adult immigrants are hanging out with almost exclusively adult immigrants; they babble a bit of English if you're lucky, and sometimes French. See the electoral map for Montréal, where most migrants live, versus the Rest of Québec for yourself; That's not a coincidence that the most left-leaning and Liberal parties won Montréal and Gatineau (near Ottawa). That's not at all. CAQ campaigned on nationalist ideas, mild nationalism. And the immigrants said f you to the Québecers big time.
  13. There it is; New Zealand terror attack : "part and parcel" of living in a big city
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