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  1. Equality isn't a value, it is a comparative status that means that something is equal for one and the other. Equality isn't a goal in itself, it is just something that exists because some quantities may be equal. Fairness is different. Let's say for example I make $55/h, because I'm a plumber. Is it unfair for the cashier making $15/h? It sure is unequal because we don't make the same income, but is it unfair?
  2. Why is equality such an important goal in itself?
  3. They are protected by the corporations while conservatives are shut down for MUCH less.
  4. There were some fake news spreading to the effect that Stephen Miller, a right wing jewish anti-immigration conservative on Trump side was infected by the coronavirus. Many on Twitter rejoiced. And wished publicly his death on Twitter. Tens of thousands of likes and retweets/shares. No action taken against those tweets 12 hours after they were posted and made popular. You have the right to say that you rejoice someone dying on Twitter, or wishing someone's death. But only if the person you're saying that is right wing and against mass migration. But don't you dare publicly say there are two genders on Twitter. You'll get banned immediately.
  5. You see, it's not about racism. It's about taking precautions toward countries who happen to have a pandemic. If you make the association between defending borders, keeping social distance and racism, I'm sorry, but you're far more dangerous than the basic far right zealot in his mom basement browsing hentai in between two videos of Alex Jones.
  6. Depicting a virus as coming from China and taking measures withstanding immigration for a certain amount of time from the origin of the virus is legitimate. And beings singing Imagine by John Lennon and giving hugs to everybody don't make the world a better place. Healthcare workers do, alongside the scientists.
  7. This video depicts everything. Blissfull ignorance about dangers from abroad, open orders as an ideal rather than a means for something, total inaction against a real threat, implying people who want to implement measures as racists as to oppose the pro Europeans as being tolerant and kind... Europe has lost Italy in 2020. It's a matter of when Italy leaves the EU, not if.
  8. This is not politics, this is a reality show, and a bad one at that.
  9. It's not about the respect. I truly don't respect and care, it's just not good to ban it because afterwards it will spiral into what else the government must ban because reasons.
  10. Your morality is absent if you do not obey to me. I am the supreme authority. Regards QOC
  11. You do realize that Africans and Haitians are just one of the Montreal subgroup of people and do not make a majority at all?
  12. The worst part about Modest's argument is about the race preservation part.
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