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  1. Eating meat is genociding animals guys! Stop doing that, it's cruel and unnecessary! You don't need meat to be healthy! *gobbling 3rd iron pill and vitamin supplement of the day* We vegans are reasonable people! *proceed to arson a local small restaurant* We need a dialogue and an environment where vegans and non vegans are able to communicate, and find common ground! *yell at customers and bang a drum near the ears of elderly couples* https://ici.radio-canada.ca/nouvelle/1489426/restaurant-mon-lapin-menaces-activistes
  2. Not really, conservatives in general are very anti drugs and promiscuity/abortion. You sound very tribal, and only seeing through the lens of your ideology.
  3. Everything is an individual decision. Welcome to liberals lala land.
  4. Something is being staged right now to incite violence in Virginia. Many forums, such as 4chan, have non stop threads with the exact same copy-paste from OP to incite hatred and violence in Virginia. I don't know if it's made by a left wing organization to make gun owners look bad, or real gun nuts, but there are organized members of an organization trying to instill hate, insecurity and violence in Virginia. Stay put on that.
  5. Islamic terrorist country kills 63 Canadians; Blame Trump! Damn it Orange man bad!
  6. Very sad for those populations. This rivalry between the two religions have created Pakistan and Bangladesh and made the region much poorer than it should have been.
  7. This is a message, not only for Iran, but for North Korea too, with little Kim wanting to show off a new kind of missile that compensates for his size. Wanna play the stupid game? Get the stupid price. Don't mess with the US Army, it's just not worth it.
  8. Add social media to the list, and it will be 100% complete.
  9. Stop projecting your rape fantasies on this forum.
  10. Yes you did write a hijab was mandatory. And yes you are indeed a Salafi, the most backward of the biggest Muslim cults.
  11. No a hijab is not mandatory for being Muslim, are you a Salafi?
  12. China is a paper dragon. It's big, impressive, but folding very easily. It's a regional power at best. It's something that no one talks about, but China has 0 cultural power. For a country of over a billion people, with very big cities, China exports about 0 movies that are widely known in the West every year. China has no singer that is widely known. Confucius is from thousands of years back. Pick any European country, except let's say Moldova, and everyone of these countries have some sort of cultural power. It's not insignificant. It means creativity is lacking there big time. Compare Chinese cultural exports to Japanese cultural exports, China is 5000 years behind. China was dominant 5 years ago because it could dump their products and steal our intellectual properties like mad, and had hundreds of millions of almost-slave workers who were very obedient. Now the game changed a bit, and China doesn't have the lower salaries it had just a few years back. Viet Nam is taking Chinese jobs. Bangladesh is taking Chinese jobs. Even America is taking back their jobs taken by China. China now has the slowest economic growth in over two decades, is quite isolated internationally, and is getting tarriffed by the USA, their biggest trade partner. China is also facing huge problems to contain the Uighurs and Hong Kongers, and now Taiwan tries to get more independence from China.
  13. You seem very emotional in your arguments, I feel bad for you, really. Biden's son had no qualification to be on the board of an energy company. He had no qualification to get 50k/month on this board. Biden threatened Ukraine, he admitted it in front of cameras.
  14. I have many Muslim coworkers at work. Many don't wear their veils. They are Muslims, whether your interpretation of the Sharia or not says otherwise, ok?
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