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  1. It's less and less like that. Many in my generation (23 and under) are not flashy, trendy kinds but rather simplistic. Remember how in the 2000s everyone had to have a visible brand on their shirts? It's gone. Many are just wearing white/black shirts with jeans/black skinnies. Some are flashing with their shoes, but it's getting rarer too, it's mostly the poor and ethnic minorities who flash their Jordans than anything else.
  2. Absolutely we should get rid of any financing of the CBC or any other media by the State. It has to be done quick and the CBC has to be investigated for unofficial electoral spending for the Liberals.
  3. That's not what he said, you're just flat out lying to everyone and think everyone around you don't know you're fooling them.
  4. The FFQ, lead by a transgender male to female, who called for chemical castration of all males under 18, now calls for women to wear a veil in solidarity for women to have free choice. This is incredibly twisted in so many ways, I don't even know where to start. It's a comedy skit.
  5. I find it disgusting he was fired for saying something a majority of people think.
  6. This is a dumb question. It's like a Republican asking whether Democrats would support Obama despite him committing a totally hypothetical crime.
  7. As if 24% of the population really had that as a top priority. Yeah right. And you don't doubt that for a second.
  8. LOL as if the number 1 priority for most Canadians was the environment. Are you dumb?
  9. FDR was further left than Sanders and won decisively. USA never has been a totally capitalist country.
  10. Never, ever underestimate an opponent. Sanders would be a fierce one. I mean it, without any sarcasm. You're way too confident. All the propaganda machine, if he won the primaries, would be backing him 100%. It would be USSR like, something you have never seen before, even worse than Obama 2008. Sanders also has grass root support, which Biden has none of. Sanders would get many protest vote in the Rust Belt, he is very much liked in the North-Eastern part of the USA. He's loved by many, many Democrats across Swing States. He's also for open borders and green cards for nothing, which will grant him support from a lot of corporations who want cheap slaves to keep their business going. He's going to get Super Pacs you can't imagine. Universities, colleges, will support Sanders 1000%, that's not even a question.
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