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  1. Don't worry. The threat is way overblown and we managed through tougher times. Just like 9/11, crises happen not because of exterior threats but because of internal panic. When everything settles down with the virus, things are going to get much clearer. I don't believe in doom at all.
  2. Have you heard about the increases in the pesticides in your food? It may come sooner than expected. Health Canada, alongside the pesticides lobby group, are putting enormous pressure on the system to allow farmers to sell us vegetables and fruits containing up to twice the amount of already high pesticides traces in our plates. Not only is Health Canada, a government organization, is helping the corporations push that agenda, but the Minister of Agriculture has said something quite... enormous today. She said that basically, her minister won't be intervening in that case, because we should leave it to health experts on to whether or not we should increase our pesticides intake on a daily, and should not be a political matter. Is she even aware that we're having this debate - to increase or not our doses of pesticides - because of lobbying (which is political pressure) from corporations? Are our politicians that out of touch? Is the system that rigged?
  3. Doom is upon us! Sometimes Tories are like SJWs, instead of Trump Derangement Syndrome we get Trudeau Derangement Syndrome. He is corrupt and probably not the best who could hold the position, but he not Stalin.
  4. That the system we're living in isn't working that badly. Perfectible is the term. And yes it may have disparities, favorizing some parts of the country. It is unfair, I agree. But not working is a stretch.
  5. So, outside of Quebec and GTA, there are no running water, no education, no roads, no infrastructure, no no nothing? Total chaos and anarchy?
  6. The system works. Not for the taste of everyone, maybe you're not a winner you would like to be in that system, or maybe most of us aren't winners in that system, but is that a legitimate metric that a system works? Canada has been existing without civil strife since the beginning, unlike France which has 5 Republics. The system never has had a revolution against it unlike the South were the country broke in half, or it managed them so well that they have been inconsequential for the country... IMO Québec independence was the biggest threat, but the system cheated its way to win the 95 referendum, and no uprisings occured, no violent incident happened toward the system which created all the cheating, because they are effective at cheating. The rich and the elite in this system really are living well here in our beautiful neighborhoods. The poor and middle class live quite well, it is not Haiti by any stretch of the imagination. Canada is also a first world country, with running water, education, healthcare... even if it is substandard to our ideals, it is still somewhat working. Our money has decent value internationally. So yes, things to fix here and there. But throw the baby with the bathwater is somewhat dumb, and somewhat is the Tories' rallying cry since Trudeau took office in 2015 and it is really petty.
  7. Think about it, a $500,000 can get you that far. Imagine those who give millions.
  8. No I think charities have the tendencies to be counterproductive and/or frauds. I'd rather spend my money in useful stuff such as a new laptop which was made by child labor for instance.
  9. Hunter Biden smokes crack and yells at dead brother's wife he had an affair a few weeks after he passed away.


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      Is Hunter Biden still refusing to pay child support to the stripper he got pregnant?

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      You should know, seeing as you're the only one who cares.

    4. Goddess
  10. I agree. But you need more than that in Canada. Justin won in parts because he's so dreamy and talks to the hearts of the mid-life crisis ladies who vote on masse. In other words, CPC need to be phony SOBs and also play the inclusive game. Ditch the niqab debate. Ditch the abortion question. Make it all about an inclusive Canadian Dream, with all kinds of diversity -male, female, poc, whites, poor, rich- in ads for photo ops and stick to the message; stable economy. Stable diplomacy. Seriousness and rigor in managing public spending. That works.
  11. This funny ad by Pierre Poilievre had my eyes rolling, and laughing at the same time. Obviously, he is a good communicator and has energy. He seems smart and decided. I saw many of his interventions when he was questioning -sorry assassinating- Justin at We Charity hearings, and he is just like in this ad. There's just something that feels quite odd; this ad reflects exactly what is wrong with the CPC, and why they haven't taken power since 2015. The message of his advertisement was strictly economical, talking about our beloved God, money, and how he will make ourselves rich rather than credit card broke like his to-be-predecessor Trudeau leads us all to be. I think this is off a Canadian market target, but would fit more in the US. Would you vote for him? I would, because I'm a Tory, but I don't think he will suffice to convince soft Liberals to vote for him.
  12. Switch to cigars, that's how you stop cigarettes. Sigmund Freud had the answer 100 years before you.
  13. Incredible that you don't even have the semblance of knowledge to at least realize whose side the former president was when he initiated Operation Warp Speed. You are just drinking the propaganda Kool-Aid, like a zombie needs brain to survive, the idiot needs his fake news to comfort himself.
  14. But... but... You don't care! Even if you know the facts. Demon!
  15. Hey, thank you for caring, Karen. Have a nice day.
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