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  1. We're gone. Our economy has evaporated. All for Trudeau and his minions' benefits. In French Canada, the news on CBC in French (Radio-Canada), the news about his mom and brother getting money from corruption has been on the front page for only 2 hours. It's now gone as if nothing happened.
  2. Disgusting. CBC now releases the news that Trudeau did it so it could bring in a quarter million to his mother -who got banged by all the Rolling Stones, just to remind the character of this woman- and his brother.
  3. I can't believe it. It's beyond repair. We're economically annihilated for at least 20 years.
  4. This is preposterous, how could our Minister be neutral when dealing with China when he got a loan of that size to the Bank of China? He's a Chinese puppet. https://nationalpost.com/opinion/francois-philippe-champagne-bank-of-china-1-2-million-mortgage
  5. Governments are less and less important, while the private sector pays more and attracts people who are sane.
  6. Argus, you want to open and without any conscience of the fact, a big Pandora Box that will be impossible to shut after. You are a traitor to the general population and to your own principles. You should feel ashamed of yourself, and you have a despicable opinion on this matter.
  7. The deficit was already present before the corona crisis. The CERB is deemed by many, especially for the Middle Class, as insufficient, when you're living off 5k a month. Now the Students will get the Trudeau Bucks too, without working this Summer. Who are, and how much are the citizens going to pay for this program?
  8. Not only are you anti-semitic, but you're also anti-semantics, that's a new low. But just so you know, Israel does not control everyone. And so don't I, even being part jewish myself. Please be best assured, because America wouldn't be in debt if Jews ran it, believe me.
  9. Yeah, because a tiny country of 7 million people would give orders to a country of 330 million, whose latter gives money to the former. You're not really wise, aren't you?
  10. This is hilarious, and quite sad at the same time. But surprising? Not at all.
  11. Lab or not, China's handling of the virus and the fact they left their international borders open while they quarantined Wuhan internally so to spread the virus outside of China while protecting itself is a war declaration.
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