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  1. The Japanese played their cards better, as they didn't make strong shows of force and have made no enemies per say -just rivals-.
  2. HOW JAPAN PICKS AMERICA'S BRAINS Much of its economic success has been built on bought, borrowed, or stolen technology. Now U.S. companies are striking back -- but a two-way street is still far off. WHILE skirmishes over trade balances continue to dominate the governmental dialogue between Tokyo and Washington, technology is rapidly becoming the main battleground. ''The future of U.S.-Japan trade negotiations is increasingly high tech,'' says a top Western diplomat in Tokyo. Indeed, technology has been at the root of a number of recent diplomatic flaps between the two countries: sanctions
  3. Throwback: Black Panthers armed movement enters the Capitol with firearms.


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    2. BubberMiley


      It was definitely the first time we saw a president inviting a mob to sabotage the Constitution and storm the Capitol and then going home to watch it on TV.

    3. QuebecOverCanada


      The meds, Bubber, the meds. You have all kinds of stories in your head. It's fine. Take care and reapologize later.

    4. BubberMiley


      I reapologize. I understand how you feel humiliated now and don't want to upset you. I think it's starting to sink in you guys will never recover. That realization hit poor shady like a ton of bricks. 

  4. There is a strange reactivity to denounce immediately the worse elements of the Right, while the Left does the same, and with the power of corporations, and get no threats of losing their jobs, to be attacked in the streets or to be punished. It has to change, so that both sides are punished equally. Or else, it is Civil War.
  5. And who is here to call for his imprisonment, from the radical left of this forum? Where is Bubber, Argus? Why is it that Left wing violence is so mainstream and widely accepted as it is right now? In the meantime, Donald Trump receives 600k views on his livestreaming on Youtube 2 hours prior his speech; Is the Left completely radicalized and resorting to violence because of defeatism inside their ranks?
  6. Hey Sir, what's up with the Russia conspiracy thingy?
  7. That's soooo bad! Oh my God! But hey, let's loot and pillage all of America and kill two dozens of business owners because fck Donald Trump, right?
  8. Excuse me you clever centrist, but what did the Dems say about 2016? What was the Mueller Report about, please, mr Clever?
  9. They want to further divide the people, so they may not unite in their fight against the tyrants in place. A white man working at the factory for $20 an hour has much more to do with a black woman working as a secretary than with Warren Buffett. They will destroy our civilization for just pure greed. They'd rather have their personal comfort and a civil war that may potentially cost the lives of hundreds of thousands, rather than giving up a bit of their wealth/power.
  10. Angela Merkel condemns Trump's Twitter ban: an attack on free speech.


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    2. DogOnPorch


      You're clever enough to know that that mob was made-up of both sides...and that neither represent the majority thinking of either.

      There were perhaps 100k Trump supporters in attendance. Perhaps more...perhaps a bit less. If they were there to stage a coup...we'd be talking about King Trump at the moment.

    3. bcsapper


      We would certainly be talking about a lot more bloodshed, that's for sure. 

    4. DogOnPorch


      Yeah...Chicago on a Friday night levels of violence. Or perhaps property destruction like in Minneapolis, Portland, Kenosha and a dozen or so other places.


  11. When the divides in the US could not get worse, and the risks of civil war imminent, remember who fanned the flames. In a communication stunt on Twitter where Democrats have the right for free speech, the Biden-Harris team says it, the priority of the State are women, the Blacks, Asians, Latinos and Native Americans. Is the correct approach to heal the nation consists on making the white men pay for social programs for all the rest?
  12. Where have we mentioned BLM in this thread? On my end, I have mentioned the rhetoric of the Democratic Party considering the rioting and protesting the US and some other western countries have endured this summer.
  13. And those incitements are very concrete. They really say for example hit them in the face. They are also playing with the anger. When the CNN host Chris Cuomo says for example that there shouldn't be any reason to stay peaceful in a protest, Chris Cuomo knows well that it will not temper the debate. He's enjoying the show, seeing people die in the streets, people losing their businesses. He is straight up evil. And with this kind of behavior there is not debate whatsoever. Just pure anger and emotion. It is mass brainwashing of hatred. The Left created Donald Trump. They are now cre
  14. Is it me or the Leftists are so insane that they really think it's worse to attack a Capitol than to murder several dozens of citizens in the streets and pillaging small businesses? Why are they surprised, when they for example, Maxine Waters calls to harass Republicans in the street and in the restaurants, that there would be backlash?
  15. Is calling for riots, calling for harassment of Republicans, calling for mass unrest, sedition?
  16. AOC said she was scared for her life when MAGA hats wearing thugs entered the Capitol. But, she was for the riots this summer. Her and her counterparts also called to attack Republicans at restaurants, at the cinema, at any public gathering. Even though I'm against the demonstration that happened on the 6th, I wouldn't have shed a tear if Democrats got hurt after what they did in 2020. https://ibb.co/qs0gNb3
  17. Yes, but who cares? The person who could have cared received 2000 a month for nothing more than existing. The others are shut down by the State, the State Media, the Police and their corporations they work at.
  18. Bahahahaha I have a Canadian passport but would never, ever, bear allegiance to the Queen and the British Crown. Canadians are just subjects being the property of the Canadian government. Most Quebecers do not care at all about the Queen, but are Canadians on paper.
  19. Yes, those links are definitely explaining well the issue here in Québec. It's just atrocious to think that's on the table. Just to give you a little highlights; -Fatso Arruda said Police should come into homes without mandates to verify if the peasants respect the rules about COVID that the ruling class imposes. He retracts a few minutes later in the same interview, saying he is not a legal expert. -Minister Dubé says, a few hours later, that it won't happen. -Then, Minister Guilbeault, who openly and candidly said that Québécois have to be 'docile' in her own words, says
  20. Fatso Arruda, aka Diabetes Arruda, the so-called prominent Health Expert in Québec, says that Police in Québec may enter inside private residences, homes, to make sure all the COVID guidelines are properly obeyed by the population he despises. He retracted a few minutes after the announcement. He crossed a line he never should have. Are we going to accept the extinction of our civil liberties and inherent rights for some virus that killed 0 Québécois today?
  21. Good luck to him, he sure has a fifth column in the Party with MacKay almost apologizing for being white and stating that systemic racism exists in Canada to this day. Some Conservatives are more Liberals than Liberals themselves except when it comes to oil exploitation.
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