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  1. There is no limit to how much a party can shoot itself in the foot trying to impeach a POTUS without a smoking gun. Keep shooting yourself in the foot, Demohacks, please do.
  2. That will just backfire on Republicans, as it did when they tried to impeach Clinton. Impeachment always backfires without a smoking gun.
  3. He thinks slavery is superior to flight to quality, when flight to quality never flows to the slavers. Slavery is not a strength, it is a crippling weakness, the Confederacy knows, but Moonlight Graham does not apparently. It is relatively easy for second or third worlders to pull themselves out of poverty with King Dollar propping them up, but another thing entirely to surpass America as the hegemon, don't be fooled by high growth rates of poor countries and assume they are destined to rule the world, pro tip.
  4. The projections assume current trends will continue into the future for an extended period of time, but they won't. Economic projections back in the 80's said that Japan would be the new Hegemon, how did that work out? All these claims of the Asians taking over and the US being doomed to be overtaken by them are nonsense. China's economy has already slowed down significantly, and the growth rates that if they continue for decades will see them surpassing the US are completely unsustainable just like they were in Japan. China already cannot maintain them, they are not ten feet tall, you simply lack perspective and are easily fooled by projections.
  5. Hard working slaves do not a Hegemon make. America became the hegemon by doing away with slavery, China employing a slavery based model of government central planning is a sign they will never surpass the US as long as that is the case. Slavery is not a strength, I don't know why you seem to think that it is, it actually holds the Chinese back significantly.
  6. The trial in the Senate will not be interesting at all, the outcome is a foregone conclusion, and the evidence presented there is going to help Trump, not hurt him. If you are hoping that impeachment would hurt Trump, that was wishful thinking.
  7. No it wouldn't. Right now the Dems are demanding they show anyway, saying we'll show if they do, changes the calculus exactly zero for Democrats. If anything both sides refusing to have witnesses show makes it a wash instead of just Republicans doing it, which would be a fairly meaningless boost for Republicans.
  8. Wishful thinking is a helluva drug. The Biden's refusing to testify is good for the Republicans, and it certainly isn't a disaster of any sort.
  9. Lidstrom. Also Roy and Hasek. Two of the three played for your Red Wings.
  10. If you were whining there is plenty to whine about. But you're just pointing out how contemptible Confederation is, which is merely a statement of fact, the person whining is the one getting butthurt that you don't like Canada as much as they do.
  11. Not really a whiner, just telling it like it is, but even if you were whining, that isn't such a bad thing, The President of Canada Knows.
  12. Well looks like the Red Wings got a good shot at Lafrienere or Byfield, keep on tanking Detroit. If they have the worst season in the salary cap era and miss out on one of those two though, that would be a real kick in nuts, much to my delight.
  13. If the Leafs won the cup, it wouldn't be an empty feeling for your dad in heaven, so there's that. You might not feel it, but I bet he'd be pumped.
  14. If only the Leafs had MacKinnon and Makar, then you'd be a lot less sour right now.
  15. I'm hype, the benefits of dumping the Leafs as my team paying off in spades, feels good man.
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