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  1. Just because you don't like reality, doesn't mean reality is going to bend to your will. You simply have too much faith in the effectiveness of government intervention, wishful thinking is a helluva drug.
  2. He moved faster than most of his contemporaries with many of the actually necessary measures, and actions that destroyed the economy to stall for time is counter-productive, so waiting to do that also scores him points, though not as many as if he didn't engage in them Keeping the economy shutdown until a vaccine is developed is not doable, and even if it was, the economic damage will vastly outweigh the damage done by the virus
  3. When you're the POTUS, your actions matter, those tunnel visioning on words to exclusion of actual actions, have no good argument and are grasping at straws to attack a politician they don't like You want to start attacking Trump more effectively? Focus on his actions, not his words, or your silly interpretation of his words which have nothing to do with what he actually said Actions speak louder than words, except to those who are deranged and grasping for straws
  4. I never claimed to be able to read Trump's mind, that is why my analysis is better than yours, it doesn't rely on non-existent mind reading skills All your critiques are based on you claiming to know what Trump is thinking, even though you aren't inside his head, and can't possibly know that I judge Trump based on his actions, instead of pretending I can read his mind, while you ignore his actions and pretend to be able to read his mind based on silly interpretations of his words Most of the time you aren't even judging Trump based on his words, though you do that a lot too, but you j
  5. I insulted your argument and provided reasoned argument You just ignore the reasoned argument because you are losing, and pretend I attacked you personally instead of your silly argument so you can dismiss all critiques of your critiques, and keep living in a bubble
  6. Not to you he isn't Your Trump predictions are probably the worst on the entire forum, as are your mind reading skills that you base them on, and that is saying something
  7. No you don't, you know exactly what he isn't doing and are pretending it's what he is doing
  8. Out of context quote, he didnt say take it without a doctor's prescription and supervision, you just want to pretend he did, because Orange Man Bad
  9. He did. He just said the evidence they do have is promising, so get more of that please. Yet still you jump down his throat, because TDS.
  10. Because notorious Democrat strongholds let them in. Demohack Open Borders Policies for the fail.
  11. At least you can see the light once every thousand times or so
  12. Trump's advice doesn't contradict Fauci at all, deranged. Stop listening to your anti-Trump media outlets, they are filling your mind with garbage.
  13. He did no such thing, he didn't create unrealistic expectations. He simply said there is cause for hope, and that is true, you're deranged to pretend that is a negative somehow.
  14. He's using the bully pulpit to keep people's eye on the prize, and it's a negative somehow. Trump Derangement Syndrome is a helluva drug, but lets find out if Chloroquine is a helluva drug and stop bashing Trump for suggesting it. He said nothing wrong and the TDS crowd still jumps down his throat, that's a clear sign of TDS.
  15. Even some of the biggest Trump Haters out there admit hydroxychloroquine looks promising thus far, but you have a worse case of TDS than even them apparently. Trump could say the sky was blue and you'd claim he was selling snake oil. All Trump is saying is it's worth investigating, and you still jump down his throat.
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