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  1. Freedom mobile would have lower prices with more competition in Canada, and pushing for more regulation is only going to make things more expensive.
  2. There is, and you think more regulation is the answer, even though that has jacked up the prices you are complaining about. Your proposals will simply make the situation worse.
  3. As long as Canada keeps out foreign telecoms to suck Bell and Rogers dick, Rogers and Bell are going to exploit that to keep prices high. Without competition, this is what happens.
  4. If you are upset about telecom prices, putting barriers on foreign investment and propping up Canadian telecoms are the main culprits, not a lack of government regulation, there is too much regulation as it is.
  5. The district court is from DC, they are the biggest Democrat partisan hacks their are, bigger than California or New York even. Putting your faith in the them to make an impartial decision regarding Trump, is laughable. There is no law that he has to release his tax returns, stop being dumb and assuming that because some hack court says he has to release them, that doesn't mean that is even close to the truth and will never hold up in a higher court.
  6. The funniest part is he's going to get re-elected despite that being the case. Thanks Scheer, Bye Canada.
  7. Bye Canada. Confederation delenda est. Vive le Quebec libre! Trudeau will hang himself, and Canada along with him.
  8. Gooood. Palpatine Knows.
  9. Or in this case Ottawa. To that I say, Burn Baby Burn, Burn This Mother Down. Vive le Quebec libre! The Bloc is back in town.
  10. There is no law dummy. The only reason the SOME past president's released SOME of their tax returns, is because they wanted to, they were not forced to do so.
  11. If Trump was breaking the law by not releasing his tax returns, the Democrats would have tried to impeach him over it, yet they haven't. There is no such law, a federal appeals court in DC is in the bag for the Democrats, their decision is entirely a political one, not based on any law, their decision will never be upheld by the SCOTUS, if it even got that far. Also, from your article: Better luck next time. Next time, try actually reading the links you post, and you won't look like such an idiot.
  12. There is no law requiring Trump to release his tax returns to congress or the public, that information being forcefully released to congress or the public will not solve the problems, it will simply politicize the situation further and make it worse. The IRS wants to nail Trump to wall, they have not been bribed, and they are not covering up his crimes. Trump has a right to privacy, if you don't like that, change the law to force anyone running for POTUS to release them, but until then, Trump ain't gonna cave to you, nor should he. If he releases some of them, you will simply claim the smoking gun is in the returns he didn't release.
  13. That's the IRS's job. Stop creating strawmen because you need an even dumber argument to compare yours to, otherwise your argument breaks down. Absolute clown college. The IRS has seen the tax returns, they've audited Trump repeatedly, and found nothing worth charging him over, that information becoming public will not reveal a smoking gun, give it up. There is no legal requirement for Trump to release his tax returns to congress or the public, and not doing so is not a dictatorship.
  14. They absolutely are. Look at the policies they propose, it's as plain as day. They will simply use the tax returns for political purposes, regardless of what is discovered. The Democrats will claim there is a smoking gun no matter what, even if it's obvious there is none.
  15. Doesn't have to be either. His tax returns are complicated, and he doesn't want the financially illiterate masses to come to wrong conclusion based on perfectly normal tax returns for someone in his position. There is no smoking gun, he just doesn't want to provide ammunition that his political opponents can use to con the rubes, when not releasing his tax returns isn't hurting him to any significant degree at all.
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