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  1. Yep. Some opinions are more informed than others, and those who say "Trump is the worst ever!" are as uninformed as it gets, such opinions have nothing to do with actual reality.
  2. Nope the only way to view Trump as the worst ever POTUS is to be terrible at evaluating them, which likely stems from being vastly ignorant of American history. Literally not a single adequately informed person holds such an asinine view.
  3. Then your ability to evaluate presidents is terrible, and/or you don't know anything about American history.
  4. Just because a political party does things you don't like doesn't mean they are to be outlawed. Banning political parties is a violation of the first amendment and if a political party violates the first amendment, that doesn't change the equation and make outlawing them not a violation of the first amendment. Such measures would never get past the SCOTUS. Just because the other side doesn't respect the first amendment does not give you a pass because you don't respect it. Stooping to their level is bad juju, and in this case you are one upping them and stooping even lower than them with this proposed course of action.
  5. That would be a blatant violation of the first amendment. Even if it wasn't, it would still be a terrible precedent that could easily result in a political party you support getting outlawed. Such measures wouldn't only be used against political parties you don't like, especially in the long run, if that genie is let out of the bottle. So be careful what you wish for or you will pave the road to your own weapon possibly being used against you.
  6. Quebec never choose Harper, what are you talking about?
  7. Eyeball's wishful thinking that outlawing in-camera lobbying is some kind of sure fire cure for government corruption is laughable, government corruption existed long before in-camera lobbying existed, and if it were banned, it would exist for long after as well.
  8. Indeed, you judge politicians against saints who will never get elected, if they even existed, while I judge them against other politicians, who knew? You compare Trump to a utopian vision and find him lacking, while I compare him to his actual competition and find him to be better than most. That is the difference between me and you.
  9. Some of us don't blame either. Those with Trudeau Derangement Syndrome and Trump Derangement Syndrome blame one or both.
  10. Trudeau has not outperformed Trump, the extent to which Canada is suffering less than America has little to do with government response. Those who think government responses are making a huge difference in saving lives have far too much faith in government. Of the countries whose governments have responded the most effectively, the effective measures they took had nothing to do with heavy handed mandated economic shutdowns that wreck the economy, they did so with testing and isolating the sick and vulnerable. The most panicky government responses that make the rubes feel the safest, are actually the least effective if not outright counter-productive responses, that are at best stall tactics to bide time to try and come up with a real plan.
  11. He really can't distinguish between the two, he thinks reality caters to his wants and desires. A comical cocktail of confirmation bias and cognitive dissonance that leads to endless circular reasoning and goal post moving.
  12. Most Americans have very different views of Trump than I do, it's true. The difference is, I don't project my views on American voters like Boges does, which is a big reason my analysis is so superior. The rest of your post is nonsense.
  13. Most states voted for Trump. It's the United States of America, not the United Voters of America.
  14. Many of those who disapprove of him still don't view him the way you do, and all of those who approve certainly don't. I would suggest the same is true of his easter comments, but again you want to believe that most Americans see Trump the way you do, despite all the evidence to the contrary.
  15. Trump is doomed now, says Boges for the millionth time. No matter how many times you're wrong, you'll keep predicting his doom, absolutely sure that this time you are right, like an insane person. You'll simply never admit that most Americans have very different views of Trump than you do, or if you will admit to that, you will still refuse to come to realization that enough of them aren't going to change their minds and start agreeing with you, that it will doom him. You have to hold onto the "Trump is doomed!" delusion, no matter what. Cognitive dissonance is a helluva drug.
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