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  1. You know how you don't take on far-right terrorists? By banning or restricting people's free speech and gun rights, that's just counter-productive, plays right into the hands of the terrorists.
  2. None of the reasons you give for shutting it down are good, you are suggesting restricting people's rights for no good reason. If you don't have a good argument, you certainly don't get to restrict free speech with that argument as justification, the burden of proof is on you to prove why the restrictions are necessary, not on the people who don't want their rights restricted, to prove that they aren't necessary.
  3. It doesn't matter if there is no utility to it, it is protected free speech. How offensive or useful certain speech is, does not effect whether it should be protected free speech or not. Loud music and public nudity are not banned because they are too offensive and lack utility, that has nothing to do with it.
  4. It's not just a mere expression of free speech, but it is free speech, and it should not be banned just because people's feelings will be hurt. Free speech is more important than Jews not being subjected to speech they don't like, no matter how justifiable it is that they are offended.
  5. Hate speech is just a word for free speech that liberals don't like. Inciting violence should be illegal, racist slurs should not. The point of free speech is not to protect speech that no one finds offensive, because no one will try to censor it, the point of free speech is to protect speech that some people find offensive, because people will try to censor it, like Zeitgeist here.
  6. Hehe, yeah, free speech haters would think that way, silly them.
  7. Well said. Outlawing free speech isn't going to make anyone in Canada safer, especially in the long run. "Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety." - Benjamin Franklin Not that Canada would understand, with all the free speech haters and gun grabbers we have up here.
  8. I'm not interested in you projecting your feelings on Muslim extremists. If you think that such an exercise tells you anything, you are misguided. Not everyone would react the way that Islamic extremists do, even if you would in their place, that doesn't justify the reaction. The Islamic extremists attack the West because they hate the West, not because anyone would respond the way did if attacked by the West in a similar manner. Even Western nations that never attacked the Muslim's are getting attacked at similar rates to nations that did, retaliation for invasion isn't what is driving Islamic Extremists, that's just an excuse they use to sway people to their cause.
  9. It is the same action, you are taking issues with tone and rhetoric, but you give Democrats a pass because they blow sunshine up your ass while doing the exact same thing. Actions speak louder than words, enough of the silly focus on what Trump says, and put more of an emphasis on what he does.
  10. Democrat POTUS's enacted basically the same ban, yet no outcry of Islamophobia. The media is in the bag for the Democrats, over 80% of them are Democrats, and they only get outraged when a Republican does it. You know nothing Zeitgeist, simmer down.
  11. There was no outcry when Democrat POTUS's did it, only when Republican POTUS's do it, then it's "dark" all of a sudden. Obvious double standard is obvious.
  12. Trump's actions on immigration, aren't all that different from Obama's. Confusing tone and rhetoric with action, one guy blows sunshine up your ass, while the other guy rubs you the wrong way, that's the biggest difference.
  13. Indeed. It's only Islamophobic when Trump does it, not Obama. Lulz, what a clown show.
  14. Prove it. Your mind reading skills leave a lot to be desired.
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