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  1. A few people having racist grievances with Markle doesn't mean that a large chunk of people who have grievances with her are racist. I'm no fan of the media, but calling them racist for negative coverage of Meghan is silly, just because you think she catches more flak than you think she deserves doesn't mean it's because of racism. Wallis Simpson caught more flak than she deserved, and she wasn't black.
  2. Throwing around accusations of racism without any proof, that is something leftists do. Someone is being criticized and they aren't 100% white? Must be racist, there can be no other explanation. Grow up, Iceni.
  3. Harry can be wrong too. It clearly isn't a reason, because stepping down will not stop negative press coverage, nor "racist undertones". Your theory sucks, it's just the knee-jerk leftist reaction to any criticism whatsoever of a person who isn't 100% white.
  4. She wasn't popular among those who did know, and she wasn't half black. She got it way worse than Meghan could ever dream of, so enough of this it must be racist crap. It's elitist anti-american snobbery, racism is not under every rock, a person who happens to be part black being criticized does not mean it's because of their race.
  5. That was not why she was unpopular. She was unpopular long before Edward abdicated and the Nazi's had nothing to do with it either. American women dating Royal Family men are frowned upon, you might think that it's a coincidence, but I don't. It's more likely to be a sexist thing than a racist thing, and infinitely more likely to be an Anti-American thing most of all. Some lefties see race under every rock and think this must be about race? Quelle surprise.
  6. So why aren't you suggesting kicking out the riff-raff born in the country as well, seeing as being stupid and unskilled is not protected by the Charter? Why are you only applying your logic to the foreign born while claiming it's about being stupid and unskilled?
  7. Russell Wilson has to carry a team that aside from him is mediocre at best, and couldn't do it. The injuries at RB didn't help either.
  8. Which makes being mad at the press for negative coverage a less likely scenario. Moving to Canada isn't going to get the press off their back anyway, so the move does not accomplish anything if that was the reason they want to leave. If that was the real reason they left, that would encourage the press to double down in fact, as they would smell blood in the water. The whole theory makes no sense.
  9. Wrong. White Americans ladies marrying into the Royal Family got it far worse than Markle ever did. Wallis Simpson knows. Just because Meghan is half black doesn't mean that's why the press is critical of her.
  10. He released the aid long before the deadline. Also even if he had violated that law, that's not an impeachable offense, as the law lays out the remedy and it does not include impeachment. Many Presidents have violated it, including Obama and Clinton, they weren't impeached over it, and no one even tried, only the TDS crowd is reaching for this straw. If it goes to SCOTUS, they tend to side with legislative branch on this one, not the executive branch, but this example doesn't have to go there, because Trump released the aid.
  11. How many did it used to kill back in the 1970's? Considerably more, the air has been cleaned. The bank does not need to broken to clean the air, so come up with another excuse to justify your desire to spend less on the military.
  12. Wrong. They are a poor country willing to take shortcuts to try and close the gap. Also they are commies, and commies have notoriously terrible environmental records. They are far more polluted, and evidently pollution is aware of borders to some degree, or every nation in the world would be covered in smog like China. The west used to have tons of smog, not so much anymore, the air has been cleaned Iceni. You want to fight a battle that has already been won in this part of the world, and yet you use that as an excuse to not fund the military.
  13. The more dominant the position, the better. Peace Through Strength.
  14. Bring on another arms race, MICC gonna make it rain. Iceni tries to act like it got us nothing, it got us plenty, great bang for the buck, more please.
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