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  1. Any late first round steals for the Leafs West and Avs East to take advantage of?
  2. When it comes to WASP Supremacy, I ain't even white, by those standards.
  3. Some does not mean they are everywhere, even in the prisons, their influence is not anywhere near where they wish it was. Many people around here use the existence of some white supremacists to tar a huge chunk of the population with that term. Nothing helps white supremacists more than lumping them in with perfectly reasonable people who disagree with the left, that's a boost to their recruitment pitch if ever there was one.
  4. Not just anyone who opposes open borders, but anyone who opposes any of the leftist dogma is considered a white supremacist these days, the term has lost all meaning, except as a slur against those who disagree with the left. Same with the term alt-right, the lefties simply tar and feather anyone who disagrees with them using slurs that trick them into thinking they have the moral high ground and their views are so repugnant as to be dismissed out of hand so they don't have to think.
  5. The Alt-right are a tiny fringe minority that are of little relevance, their rhetoric is not being normalized. If you are more worried about normalized alt-right rhetoric than being hit by lightning, you are overblowing the issue. If anyone is ever so slightly normalizing the rhetoric of the alt-right, it is those conflating the opinions of anyone they don't agree with as being alt-right, that legitimizes the alt-right more than anyone on the alt-right could ever dream of doing on their own. If you want to stop empowering the alt-right, stop looking for them under every rock and calling people who aren't alt-right by that label, that would be a great start.
  6. Coincidence. Those overhyping terrorism of any variety will get no pass from me. Those who see Muslim terrorists under every rock and those who see Right Wing Terrorists under every rock, same-same. I don't cotton no double standard, even though plenty of folks around here seem to embrace it. You have a better chance of being hit by lightning than being a victim of terrorism, people need to start acting like it.
  7. Terrorism in general, is overblown as a problem, on all sides. The extremists actually committing crimes are extremely small groups with very little power, they simply get more media coverage and this leads to a faulty perception of it being a much bigger problem than it is. Inflating the prevalence of crimes in the name of extremism is being a rube led by media click bait. Folks need to simmer down, enough of the hate crime paranoia.
  8. Indeed, I am simply using the term, the way people around here do, seeing white supremacists under every rock, and lumping anyone they disagree with politically in as a right-wing extremist and lumping them in with the white supremacists. Then inflating the crimes committed by "right-wing extremists" in order to demonize those disagree with.
  9. There is a problem because people here overblow the right-wing extremism. Just because right-wing extremism is bad doesn't mean it's under every rock, like a lot of people around here seem to think. Calling people out on overblowing the issue is not dismissing or denying it, it's providing context for the problem, so less people overreact to it.
  10. Byfield sure seems like a legit 1C, yet most have Lafreniere at number one despite being a winger, I guess being top 5 in QMJHL scoring a year before your draft year will do that for you.
  11. Yo Dougie, any thoughts on the 2020 NHL Draft? How do the top 2 of Lafreniere and Byfield compare to the top of previous drafts for example?
  12. Canada's deaths due to firearms are not attributable to gun control. Gun control does not work, and restricting handguns isn't saving any lives. Americans invented gun control, Canada trying to separate itself from America, by adopting something they invented, is laughable. Banning handguns because they get used in mass shootings is as dumb as banning Honda Civics if people start using them to run over crowds of people. The problem is not the inanimate object, so stop pretending that when an inanimate object is something you don't feel you personally want or need, that means it should be banned for all the people who do have such a want or need. Banning an object simply because you are too ignorant to see it's utility is a dumb idea. You aren't saving any lives by doing so, you are simply infringing on others to make yourself feel safe, even if you are actually no safer or are actually less safe.
  13. What's ironic about that? Trump and Trudeau ain't so different, don't let the pro-wrestling feud fool you.
  14. Lots of rubes in Canada, you can lead a horse to water, but you can't make them drink.
  15. Anyone who actually bought that nonsense is a complete rube anyway.
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