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  1. All healthcare would be better off being affordable, not free. - I'm not sure how the government would implement this but this would ideally mean more money going towards healthcare and faster and more effective services. Physical health and Mental health are important, but mental health is not free for all and it is not even affordable for the vast majority of people. Everyone is supposed to be treated the same in Canada but we need to establish that not everyone needs the same treatment and mental health plays a big factor in this. If we can extinguish the stigma surrounding mental
  2. This could also be children having the belief they are subject to living the same life as their parents and thus not attempting to achieve better for themselves...there are many variables in the statement provided. Trying to pinpoint a cause is very hard and I'm sure it isn't simply the level of income. Maybe it is the expectations of the parents? Maybe it is the education of the parents and whether they have the ability to help their child with their school work. The theories are endless...
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