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  1. Did you read the links you posted? Some of your links are talking about the same thing. In addition: "Canadian Nuclear Laboratories (CNL) is a private-sector consortium that runs Canadian nuclear facilities owned by the federal government, including the demonstration reactor at Rolphton. CNL maintains the contaminants it releases into the Ottawa River fall well below allowable limits. "The discharge limits of tritium are 10,000 times below the actual dose limits that the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission requires us to meet," said Meggan Vickerd, the reactor's decommissioning m
  2. You would need a culture shift towards family focused as opposed to career focused. It is great to empower women to pursue careers but it inevitably leads to them putting off child rearing.
  3. We'll respond to the last part (Nuclear): There are around 500 nuclear reactors in the world which account for +10% of global electricity generated. 19 reactors are in Canada and account for 15% of the total electricity generated in Canada. Half of the electricity generated in Ontario is from nuclear. In addition, one of the largest nuclear power stations is located in Pickering, which is located right in the Greater Toronto Area (Ontario). The GTA is the largest agglomeration in Canada, with a population of upwards 5 million. The Pickering Nuclear Power Plant has been in oper
  4. We will outlaw in-camera lobbying of politicians. Here you go: https://www.syncretic.ca/crime-transparency Modified First nations page: https://www.syncretic.ca/first-nations-accountability Please donate here: https://www.gofundme.com/syncreticparty Join here: https://www.syncretic.ca/joinus https://www.syncretic.ca/important-issues-declining-populati https://www.syncretic.ca/immigration-cost-and-quota https://www.syncretic.ca/aboutus-ourvision Why and how would the Syncretic Party be taken over by Elites? You have a chance to put your mon
  5. Most Canadians see them as separate things so we need to present it as such. This way it is 100% clear regarding our stance. From a legislative aspect, we could have one transparency act. For the purpose of outlining our platform, we call out accountability and transparency for each category on our website.
  6. Press releases and brochures once we get to the point where we can do that. Native transparency: Can you elaborate? Anytime tax payer money is involved we need transparency and accountability. Whether it is first nations related or not is irrelevant.
  7. Please stand by. We're updating our website and twitter accordingly and will post here with those precise words some time later today. We would appreciate you (and your friends) joining as members as well, since we're seeking registered status.
  8. Already answered. If you scroll up you will see our response, which was quoted below:
  9. The question was not evaded. It was answered - see bold and underlined: If you'd like a more direct answer: NO. Our party will not whip votes. This question was also answered - see bold and underlined: If you'd like a more direct answer: NO. Our party will not meet in secret/private with lobbyists.
  10. They back the environmental movements that work in their favor - such as the anti-nuclear movement in the 50s and 60s. We are against this - as shown in the links posted. Except our party does. Did you read the links posted? Fair point. It will remain to be seen how Libertarian he will really be. We're in it for the long haul.
  11. This is somewhat difficult to answer. The purpose of organizing something like a political party is so that individuals with common beliefs can band together to take action in what they believe in. At the same time, Canadians vote for political parties because they feel those political parties best serve their interests. If you are an elected member of Syncretic, you obviously have to believe in the core values. It isn't necessary for you to agree with everything but you must believe in the core values. In addition, as elected members its important that you represent the best interests of your
  12. Thank you for your response. This is taken out of context. " Who owns the roads and highways? The governments do. Who repairs, maintains, upgrades, constructs, and services them? Private construction companies. It's the same concept. Would you argue they aren't construction companies because they don't own buildings and infrastructure? No. There is specialized knowledge and service there. A telecom company is more than just service. " It was a rebuttal to their point. As for the poor condition, that is debatable. Quebec - certainly awful. Depends on the province. Telecom can cos
  13. Hello, We have just launched our GoFundMe. If you feel like supporting our cause, please feel free to donate. Even a dollar helps. https://www.gofundme.com/syncreticparty Please follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/SyncreticCanada Thank you for your support!
  14. Hello, It wasn't - I misread my information card. Thanks for catching that! Original post edited.
  15. Who owns the roads and highways? The governments do. Who repairs, maintains, upgrades, constructs, and services them? Private construction companies. It's the same concept. Would you argue they aren't construction companies because they don't own buildings and infrastructure? No. There is specialized knowledge and service there. A telecom company is more than just service. Competing in telecom right now means you need to own your infrastructure or lease it from a company. Telecom infrastructure costs millions. There is no way to innovate. Leasing from the government would be much more af
  16. There is no such thing as free money: https://www.theglobeandmail.com/opinion/article-canadas-money-laundering-problem-may-be-much-worse-than-imagined/ If you can take a minute to read this: https://www.syncretic.ca/important-issues-declining-populati it will explain why reproduction is important for a nation. It's actually the reason immigration is being pushed so strongly by governments in modern societies. It's also the reason Japan recently relaxed its stance on immigration. We're not interested in being in people's bedrooms. We just want to create an environment
  17. Canadians buying real estate will also generate tax revenue. Our interest is on banning residential real estate owned by foreigners. Not all real estate. Other than high interest rates and high credit, etc - foreign buyers and speculation has driven up pricing. Permanent residents and Canadian citizens should be given priority when it comes to housing. Canadians not being burdened by debt means they are more capable of spending money to stimulate the economy, being healthier, and having families. That is much more important to us than generating some tax revenue by foreign nationals purchasing
  18. https://www.syncretic.ca/important-issues-housing " A number of reasons exist for why real estate prices are so high: very low interest rates and high credit, supply, demand, foreign interest, and speculation. One of the reasons for the increase in housing value is due to foreign nationals interested in parking their investments, tax-free, in Canadian residential real estate. [...] An increased population has also skewed the supply and demand of the real estate market, further driving up prices. Provinces, municipalities and cities have much more influence on housing prices than the
  19. Our platform includes the following: -We need to ramp up oil production and exports; -Nuclear power technology is the solution to climate change, not *only* renewables and carbon tax; -Immigration is a symptom. Our focus is on why immigration is necessary and to fix what causes that. Other parties just care about immigration itself; -Significantly increase military funding and overhaul the procurement process; -Ban foreign ownership of residential real estate; -Increased awareness and support for men; -Less government regulation; -Planning for the North
  20. We may have some similarities but much of our platform is very different from the NDP.
  21. Thank you for the follow up. We agree with all your points. A simplified and streamlined process is required. We were hoping for more members to challenge and question us. Thank you for the follow up. We will be releasing our costing plan later this summer. https://www.syncretic.ca/telecom-reduced-rates Were you able to read the link we provided you? We would not be nationalizing the telecom companies. We would nationalize the infrastructure. We would begin building a modern and nationalized telecom infrastructure, paid for through city/municipal bonds and sourced w
  22. One of our mandates will be to increase transparency and accountability. We agree with you and we do not intend for any back rooming dealing.
  23. Thank you for your feedback. Most of the Canadian political parties are somewhat centered, except for maybe the NDP, so in some instances there will be similarities. At the end of the day, I think we all want what's best for Canada, it's just a question of how do we get there. The issue with the current political parties is they seem to focused on mudslinging and virtue signaling. We are not interested in that. Certain issues, like nuclear power and men's rights, are considered political suicide - yet we think they're important topics that need to be addressed. We are looking to be completel
  24. Hello, We are the Syncretic Party. We're a political group looking to gain registered federal status. Our website is https://www.syncretic.ca Looking forward to your feedback. Regards, Syncretic Party
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