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  1. Islamophobes promote the sentiment that leads to these horrific attacks. They should be held accountable for their bigoted hate mongering and dehumanizing discourse.
  2. I'm not a quiet fan of contemporary Architecture, however this mesmerising futuristic looking modern building in KSA is an exemption.
  3. Is it really true that if the US isolated itself, the world would fall into chaos?


    The American empire's global reach is underwritten by the promotion of liberal values. 

    If America isolate itself, or change its course, liberalism abroad dies. 

     It will be a open season and exploited by many. 

  4. What's happening right now is pretty normal. The only issue is in todays circumstances, many people are settled in urban areas, and will increase so in the coming years. In the past, when climate change happened and started to sink land, people moved with the weather and land. However, we're trapped. How are we going to move billions of people from population-intense regions? We can't. This is the real issue. Sure, limit pollution. There's a whole loads of reasons why we should. We are contributing in part, but even if we lower it completely now, climate change will still happen
  5. An outstanding post by Traversing Tradition, a online muslim publication. Sheds light on how liberalism, individualism, and capitalism. Contribute to the fracturing of the communal unit. The Death of Community and the Rise of Individualism https://traversingtradition.com/2018/07/16/the-death-of-community-and-the-rise-of-individualism/#
  6. Attack on churches is unacceptable, it is a barbaric, inhumane and unspeakably EVIL attack, whether it's on Mosque or Church, regardless who commits this hideous terrorist attacks! I pray that the perpetrators be brought to justice & be given exemplary punishment for their mass killings and desecration of the churches I extend my grief, sadness, and condolences to Christians and Sri Lankans everywhere. The safety and security of people of all faiths in their places of worship are inviolable in Islam.
  7. Anyone who assert's that Muslims are attempting to infiltrate Canada/West so they can eventually take over and impose their values, and when asked about solution to this conspiracy theory, just say "I don't believe in violence against Muslims" doesn't suddenly make you different from people like the NZ terrorist. These ideas have only one logical conclusion: mass murder. No individual sits down with foreign infiltrators to have a tea with them. What the NZ terrorist did was perfectly in line with the ideology he followed. Having these ideas and simultaneously be condemning the
  8. Over the past 20 years in Europe, separatist, right wing and leftist terrorist groups have carried out more terrorist attacks than Muslims. right-wing terrorism in the US is much bigger threat than anything steming from the 1% of the population that is Muslim-American. What happened in New Zealand was not an isolated case. It is about time people wake up and start to hold the media, and those that peddle far-right hatred, to account.
  9. Elliot's (guy 1) sister provides her egg, which is fertilised by Matthew's (guy 2) sperm, then this is placed in the womb of Matthew's mother. This is like how liberals assert killing babies with downs isn't eugenics. This is just incest. https://www.buzzfeednews.com/article/shannonkeating/gay-parents-surrogacy-pregnancy-omaha-nebraska-ivf
  10. The Messenger of Allah, peace and blessings be upon him, said In short, every child is born in a state of fiṭrah, a state of innate goodness while the social environment may cause the individual to drift away from this state, which is a state of natural conformity between human nature and Islam (Submission to God). There has been several non-muslim experts in various fields whose conformed childrens innate belief in God, even popular atheist have admitted that. Now why so many different religions? People form their beliefs on the amount of data that they have at hand due to variou
  11. In fact if one were to believe that houses and buildings formed on their own, such a person would be called deluded, so how about the universe and life itself? Is it a delusion to believe that we humans have a purpose in life, rather than being the simple chance of biological evolution, with no real purpose in life other than to survive?The reality is that the belief in God is something very natural, innate and rational. Please reflect
  12. The Islamic concept of the fitrah is supported by various psychological, sociological and anthropological evidence as there has been an extensive academic and scientific research exploring children's innate belief in God and of certain universal religious ideas. Children are born believers in God, academic claims https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/religion/3512686/Children-are-born-believers-in-God-academic-claims.html In summary, to deny God who is self-evident truth is like denying the real world is actually real
  13. Islamic position also states that God has placed an innate disposition within us to confirm our worth, and to recognise foundational moral truths. This disposition is called the fitrah in Islam. Another reason we can claim ultimate morality is, because God created us with a deep-seated purpose, we have value because the creature of the universe has given us value to have an affinity to recognise God and the truth of our existence. "Our Lord, You did not create this aimlessly" (3:191) "Indeed in that is a sign for a people who give thought." (16:69) Infants 'have natural bel
  14. The Islamic position states that all animals follow their own set of natural law. In the end it is only our given revelation that allows us to choose which one of our ‘natural’ impulses are good, and which are bad. Atheism on the other hand, cannot produce objective morality, they are conformists, who adopt the morality of their host society as dogmas and mostly without question.
  15. Hero Muslim Schoolboy Saves Classmates Caught up in Bus Hijacking https://ilmfeed.com/hero-muslim-schoolboy-saves-classmates-caught-bus-hijacking/ https://www.msn.com/en-gb/news/newslondon/italy-bus-attack-boy-13-hailed-a-hero-for-saving-classmates-by-concealing-phone-from-school-bus-hijacker/ar-BBV4BdZ https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/europe/italy-bus-fire-school-attack-driver-egyptian-boy-citizenship-rami-shehata-a8836716.html
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