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  1. Sorry man, not by OP POV; I don't know why , somehow I just find that it is very interesting
  2. Without showing the pie chart and the background stories, the low unemployment rate is meaningless. BC has a booming economy, but I will say they will be in a big trouble within few years. It is because the hot money (money laundering, capital escaping ....) is driving the economy. Same as US, the good number is because companies is moving $ back to US
  3. Unless dems win the 2020, USA will not go here. Given USA is not going, why will British go? BTW, I think you are right; there will be a war in the gulf
  4. haha, we don't. We just have a muddy view. What kind of questions do you want to ask?
  5. I understand where you're coming from, and I believe we need to have that too (just look at England). Having said that, what is Canadian value?
  6. I thought italy was in EU, or there was itexit already. On the other hand, you may be right. Then, If JT and his minions believe a trade deal with Italy can resurrect Canada Econ, We have a serious problem
  7. It is because we don't have a REAL Canadian values. They will learn it when they are here (that is the language test for). OK, may be ask them to take consumer education 12 or social studies 11, then take the test
  8. I believe it did. We don't need value test, but we need language test (a real one).
  9. sorry, my bad, I thought it is the same meaning (fair, unfair, equal, unequal), and I thought right-winger would say "suck it up, no pain no gain"
  10. As I said, it is not fair. I highly doubt that Italian–Canadian community, native coummunity, chinese –Canadian community, and japanese-–Canadian community had the same suffered. Now, it is a participation ribbon. Beside, Brian Mulroney apologized already.
  11. French language testing is fine, but Value testing? Canada value testing or Quebec value testing
  12. Whatnever you said I don't care it is Jap, chinese, native, white, Italians, yellow, german, black, brown. I see no color and races. I only see fair and unfair
  13. I always want to find out the REAL political view of Japanese in Canada pre-WW2 era (<1941) . It is because I never believe the view from their offsprings. BTW, I do know few Chinese and Canadians got rich because of the Japanese internment. I realize this is very unfair to those Japanese in the internment but I have a mix feeling about this one.
  14. First of all, as you said "most", not all. Does it mean that there were some Italian-Canadians were supporters of Mussolini? From my point of view, that is completly "scraping the bottom of the barrel" move to gain some brownie points. In fact, this move is so cheesy that it is an absolute disgrace to the japanese, chinese and native apologizes. If you don't agree, that is your right. You can report this to admin that the title hurts your feeling if you want, and I will fight it this time because of my right. BTW, read this
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