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  1. I thought his dad lived here. Since Jake was born in Oxford, he must apply for citizenship before.
  2. After 'Jihadi Jack' loses his U.K. citizenship, I doubt that Canada can revoke his canada citizenship now. With that, he is coming home
  3. first of all, that 2 guys were Zhihu (something like people's daily) 's reporters, but they were living at the state security's dorm. ANyway, that is a clearly head giving. Then, the rumor is that that pc wanted to take sexual advances on a female protester. Those news reminded us the CPC 8964's dirty tactics. Then, somehow, Canadians know the truth start at 57:00 https://omny.fm/shows/roy-green-show/global-news-ottawa-bureau-chief-on-rcmp-contacting C'mon, , show us more "peaceful protest" in Hong Kong so that you can learn your 5 cents
  4. That is Trump's talking point, and it is not wrong. However, that $400 cheque will not fly with the swing voters. They hate the 'chaos.'
  5. Ya, cannot logic with them, cannot work with them, cannot pass on with them. Actually, most of them will forgive JT when JT says "I am sorry ..." Somehow, he didn't say it today, very interesting
  6. To be fair, Canada is a sanction country. We want it that way, and we are just one step away from "40 acres and a mule."
  7. May be JT don't want to share his toy Anyway, the real problem that US is facing now is China, not Kim or Putin. China has the will and power to achieve at least the regional domination. If I were US, I would do the same. It is united front.
  8. You are not wrong. He has no energy, but he represents, on paper at least, calmness. The main reason he still has 20 points lead after so many godawful missteps. So, I believe he has a chance.
  9. The problem with him is that he don't understand politics. And, JT is not "an eye for an eye" people ; he believes in "turning the other cheek" First of all, Canada shall not let Meng go free. Canada should put her back to detention center until China release three (??) canadians.
  10. I want gun control too/ The problem with gun control law is that the lawmarkers in the city want to have a blanket law, and It will not fly. What shall people do without gun?
  11. I highly doubt that we have the will to have a Canada version of Trump. We are just too nice
  12. Very very very interesting, our beloved moderator is usually quick on the problematic stuff, even itchy trigger finger cannot hold his beer
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