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  1. These folks are the people on these "neo-Nazi" forums. LARPing is live action role playing... basically taking on a identity online and then playing that identity out in real life with real life consequences... You see that all the time with this Fascist, Anti-fascist group think.
  2. Well... my interest in these culture wars is that we are seeing competing ideologies that are mutually intolerant. On the one hand we have folks like you who see racists and white supremacists everywhere... I believe you identified me as such... so I'm not making an ad-hominem here. On the other hand you have these folks who basically go full hog racist... and prepare themselves to fight the apocalypse.... also a form of LARPing... but a more dangerous type. Y'all are two sides of the same coin. And the more you foment your ball snipping vendetta to target white supremacists wherever you can find them and castrate them... the more you pour fuel on the fire of this phenomenon. That's what I'm saying.
  3. These guys are arming themselves and receiving government training to destroy aging hippe ball snippers... It's all very clear to me. In a sense it's hilarious, in another it's terrifying... but mostly hilarious.
  4. Seems to me this is among the most overblown news item... Tempest in a teapot.... brought to you by Twitter viral video... brings everyone back to the level of "did you know"... as if we were all in High School. And to see Parliament addressing this as if it was serious politics. Of course they chuckled about Trump... they are humans... it was a moment captured by a snooping journalist. Big whoop. Can we get on to serious political conversations... like the blackface episode....
  5. I'm not disrespecting your service to Canada. That I value. What I'm disagreeing with is your lumping all of Canada in with the Loonie Left. The Loonie Left is a scourge, don't get me wrong.... But throwing all of Canada away as a lost cause isn't the right tactic. USA ain't gonna save us from this scourge... the USA is rotting with the same disease. So is much of the western world.... there are good tactics in the battle... but leaving Canada on the battlefield is the wrong way to go.
  6. Such a brave knight on such a brave quest. Go ahead and throw Canada under the bus in your Quixotic quest against the Loonie Left... You are proudly tilting at windmills... abandoning Canada isn't going to win you this war. You even have Sancho Panza along for the ride.
  7. I think you're overstating this. You hate the Loonie Left... and you hate Canada for falling into the arms of the Loonie Left... But the Loonie Left has captured much of Europe, half of the USA, the better part of the former British Empire and is on the move throughout the western world... It's far bigger than Canada.
  8. The loonie left is being viewed with hostility in America within America. The loonie left is identified as California, Portland and New England.... It is viewed as the Ivy League and CNN, Huffpo, Vanity Fair and the New York Times... Canada is not on the radar any more than Sweden and Norway. It's a civil war not an external war with the loonie left. And just like the War of Independence and the Civil War... Canada will continue to be flooded with refugees. Same as it ever was.
  9. Do you seriously see team Trump as a functional political entity. Seems like a lot of douchebags and scummy opportunists. Where do you see the real talent on this team? Or does it matter? Do you see the value purely in the disruptive capacity of the movement.... burn it down kinda stuff... cause I kind of see that angle.
  10. The Republicans are divided among themselves as well. Those loyal to Trump and his rogue crew of "nationalist" misfits vs Traditional Republicans themselves divided among crony corporatists and traditional classical liberals and libertarians... The whole shebang is Balkans of ideology and corruption.... there is really no cohesion to be found anywhere.
  11. Half of Americans are no longer an ally of Americans according to those same social media comments... America has more of a problem in being divided against itself than it does with Canada... Canada doesn't even register.
  12. Neither Yzer nor Dougie are Americans. They are Canadians that worship the gods of the USA. Let's face it... Canada is under the spell of the Loonie Left... But much of the USA is under the same spell.... or under the spell of it's exact opposite. The Loonie Left is more loonie in many American States and Cities than here in Canada... I'm not happy with the loonieness of the ascendant left... but I don't see USA as offering real solutions to the problem. We'll have to figure our way through this in our own way.
  13. No free speech, No property rights - but no I'm not exaggerating at all... lol No right to bear arms... I'll grant you that... but many of us bear arms. Totally doable... simple skill testing questions... no different than a driver's licence. America is no freedom utopia... sorry to bust your bubble.... I'll stick to Canada.
  14. "Me too" has come to hockey, Yzermandius.... Why are you in denial? Not prepared to accept that hockey players have become the latest group to rally on twitter against "the man". "The Patriarchy" is under attack by WOKE hockey players. I know... here's a tissue... I'm sad too.
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