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  1. Cute Use whatever term you like Deep State, Swamp, Establishment, the Wall Street-Beltway Elites. These are people in power, that get rich under a system leveraged by big business, and lawmakers that keep it legal for wealth to be concentrated. They like politicians they have leverage on, and are in the system and on board with the establishment. Follow the money. In 2016 all the Wall Street money was lined up behind HRC and Jeb, keep the status quo. Those two families made the elites rich with Globalism, concentrated wealth with the 1%, fucked over the average family at the same time. They did it a number of ways. One of the big ways was exporting manufacturing jobs to 3rd world shitholes where they could pay slave wages, offer no health care or retirement. A deal they could never have gotten in Western Nations. Then, what jobs they couldn't export they promoted illegal immigration to take over menial labor. Because these 3rd worlders are illegal, big business can use them up and a line of replacements is ready. It works for the 3rd world illegal because being poor in Western Nations is about 10x as good as being poor in a 3rd world shithole. But it doesn't work for the average working family. Trumps immigration and Trade policies are a threat to the entire system that concentrated all that wealth. Not a conspiracy, just a rigged unbalanced economic system that favors those in power financially and politically; and they are not about to give it up easily.
  2. Below I'm linking a series of articles by a blogger putting the current 4th Turning into current times. He began writing the series of articles in September of 2015. When Hillary and Jeb were the frontrunners for POTUS, and Bernie and Trump were the crazy outsiders challenging the system. Neil Howe, who co-authored the 4th Turning has read the articles and commended the Burning Platform for their work. Part 1 Catalyst https://www.theburningplatform.com/2015/09/10/fourth-turning-crisis-of-trust/ Part 2 The Grey Champion https://www.theburningplatform.com/2015/09/14/fourth-turning-crisis-of-trust-part-2/#more-105369 Part 3 Economic Stress https://www.theburningplatform.com/2015/09/27/fourth-turning-crisis-of-trust-part-3/ Part 4 Social and Cultural Stress https://www.theburningplatform.com/2015/11/28/fourth-turning-politicians-driving-the-world-towards-war/
  3. Good post b_c2004 As noted above The Deplorables comment had impact, the padded polling blurred the true picture, as did the arrogance and expectation. Hillary's first campaign slogan was IT'S HER TURN. How presumptive is that ? What none of them saw coming was a quiet rebellion to the status quo that had been building for about 25 years. IMO, it's rooted in Globalism, Social issues and Immigration. I'm a fan of Howe and Strauss' 4th Turning book and theories. The Trump election perfectly fits that. HRC was always a shitty candidate. She is a person who can leverage people to ally with her behind the scenes but few seem to really like her. She can say all the right words written for her, but she doesn't engender trust, no charisma. Back in 2007 during her first run I predicted she would never be POTUS, this is when she was leading and BHO was a relative unknown. The basis for my prediction was simple in that people just didn't want to see her face everyday, here her voice or want her representing them. Hell, even her husband has rejected her. The Dems can't let it go, but they are not alone. Plenty of weasels in the GOP that won't either. It's the Deep State that can't stop trying to take Trump out because they have to much power, money and influence to lose. He's not an insider. Plus he's a big threat going forward even if they neutralize his policies and is able to serve out his full term like any other POTUS. They've rigged the game, they can't have people thinking an outsider can come into Washington DC and run their town. If they don't destroy Trump, if they allow Trump any kind of success, then it opens the doors to all kinds of outsiders that average folks might put into the Whitehouse. Further, they painted themselves into a corner on the first day he ran by mocking him and not taking him seriously. By the time we got to Xmas 2015 they'd made Trump out to be a monster and criminal, then they have just kept up with it. IMO, they are the verge of doing real, long lasting damage to themselves by not dropping it. Since Mueller found Trump clean, the ratings of the hate Trump media have tanked, seriously reruns of childrens shows rate better than primtime CNN. People were willing to listen, wait and see. They've allowed the investigation and it's over. If they keep up with further investigations, impeachment, getting his taxes people will actually start to see Trump as a guy being abused by the system and have sympathy for him.
  4. There's real danger in going the Impeachment route for Dems. We just went through 3+ years of the press slamming Trump and saying bad shit about him, then 2 years of Mueller was going to end him, the walls are closing in, etc. Only to have him proclaimed innocent by the guy they banked on getting Trump. The last thing the Dems need is a poorly ran Impeachment hearing with charges and no proof, just to see Trump cleared in Impeachment proceedings.
  5. Barry whining his husbands book is doing better than his, throw Michelle under the bus saying a ghostwriter wrote it. Petty MF. https://www.theatlantic.com/politics/archive/2019/05/obama-2020-election/590056/
  6. Tulsi and Yang are the only Dem candidates of about 25 that really have independent policies and thoughts. The rest are varying shades of Social Justice Warriors.
  7. Yeah, it was classic entrapment. They wanted to get him on serious felony charges, tell him he's going to federal pound me in the ass prison for the rest of his life to scare the guy and get leverage. Then Mr Papageorgio was supposed to cut a deal to say Trump sent me here to talk to Putin. I think the FBI/DOJ guys very much assumed Trump was guilty and they only needed to get leverage and reveal his crimes, why did they assume that? Because that is how they would have operated if they were in Trumps place. Here's a big underestimation on Trump. They see his wealth and success and can't believe he's clean. But Trump has had hundreds of people coming after him for decades. I think he's been in 300-400 lawsuits, and he gets audited by the IRS all the time. So, he's like a veteran champion of the legal and investigation ring. He's had to be invulnerable to these kinds of investigations in the past or he would have lost his empire long ago.
  8. The attempts to entrap Papadopulous (aka Mr Papageorgio) are blatant as hell. On one occasion they tried to lure him into saying something with a Honeypot Agent, on another they gave him $10K expecting him to bring it back to the US, which would have been a felony. Except their attempts were so obvious Mr. Papageorgio didn't fall for either, he had nothing to say that was criminal and he gave the cash to a Cyprus lawyer to hold until he found out what was going on. In the latter case, the FBI was waiting for him at the airport, expecting to find him with over $10k in cash. They held him, searched him and questioned him and got nothing.
  9. Let's see here, I'm being told Trump is a Moron. Trump is a criminal, Trump colluded with Russia. Investigation found no chargeable evidence or Trump collusion or obstruction or criminal activity by Trump. What you are saying doesn't make any sense. You make him out to be stupid criminal. If he was a stupid criminal he's at least smarter than the full weight of the US DOJ and FBI. If the FBI and DOJ are competent, and Trump is a criminal then Trump is a fucking criminal master mind and outwitted all the FOJ/FBI. Logically you can't have it both ways. Your arguments don't stand up to logic.
  10. The Press does have a horrible track record on Trump. 1. Trump is only running to promote his TV show 2. Trump won't make it passed the first debate 3. Trump won't get to Iowa and New Hampshire primaries 4. Trump won't win the GPO 5. Trump will lose in a landslide to Hillary 6. A Trump election will destroy the markets 7. Trump colluded with Russia 8. Trump is guilty of obstruction 9. The walls are closing in on Trump 10. Trump will be removed from office 11. Trump will start a nuclear war with North Korea 12.Trump was not spied on by the Obama Admin That's a sampling It's getting clearer and clearer daily that the Obama Administration spied on Trump and politicized the DOJ and FBI. A helluva legacy for BHO.
  11. They have a HORRIBLE track record when it comes to Trump. Absolutely horrendous at reporting facts and predicting the affects of Trump and Trump policy. The corporate media is a train wreck on Trump. Just fact. When the corporate media talks about Trump be skeptical. The Krauts are double dealing with the US and Russia. No loyalty to the US for 70 years of protection, rebuilding their industrial power and infrastructure. Fuck the Krauts. I'm happy Trump called them out for having energy deals with Russia, while begging the US for Defense help. You make an excellent case for Trump to get tough on China. I'm glad he's laying down the law with them too.
  12. [golf clap] Congratulations. That's what the press is saying about Trump. If our allies are making deals behind the scenes are they our allies ? All this panic over Russia while Germany and much of the EU make deals with Russia for natural gas. Yet those fuckers want us there to defend them against Russia. Adding more bureaucrats ≠ getting more done. We have a government that is bloated with unnecessary administrative positions. Having a few less State Department turds is fine by me. I worked with those fuckers, and they are dirty dealers. They are part of the reason so many people around the world dislike the US in their country. I've seen first hand and had to deal with the fallout of their bullshit.
  13. Tarriffs aren't the end of the world. There are other markets out there. Trump Admin just got Japan to drop restrictions on US Beef. Opening up a new $200 Million a year market. https://news.yahoo.com/1-japan-opens-doors-full-134305953.html
  14. I don't think Trump has hurt us at all in Foreign Policy. First of all, no new wars at this point. He has peace talks in Afghanistan and North Korea. Trump's Foreign Policy is hardline Diplomacy, backed up with military threat. He uses the press' opinion that he's a crazy man to his favor. Not the first US POTUS to do that.
  15. It sure looks like to me that Hillary used foreign agents in an attempt to affect a US election. The big untold story story along these lines is not Russia, but the role of UK and Commonwealth intelligence who worked with the US FBI and CIA to attempt to entrap Trump.
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