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  1. I like gallows humor! On the list of cruel punishments to make a person live with, this up there on the list. What we need to remember about Eugenics is that it became policy because the 'best and brightest' of our cultures said this is how you build a better society. People should always be skeptical of the 'best available science'.
  2. It's been awhile since I've dug into African language numbers, but it's likely at least 400 languages on the continent. Folks have theorized that this is one of the reasons Africa is such a mess, they can't communicate. This is the old idea that everyone in the world should speak Esperanto. To answer your question, No idea on how many African countries speak English of French.
  3. Let's start here...………….. What Generation am I ? I don't believe I used race in reference to IQ, I used Geography. I agree, we should teach all genocides. But in literature and entertainment there is a definite lack of coverage on the genocides of Armenia, India, Mao, Stalin to name a few. Lorenz is only one that has pointed out that folks are more likely to be violent against other looking folks. I'm not sure the metrics really prove that. Communism killed 50-100 million people in the 20th C and most their victims were their own countrymen that looked very much like themselves.
  4. I didn't talk about a double standard, I just stated the myth of American Racism so high that people who want more racism have to go create their own. Lot's of posts round here about Canada stopping the US from doing this or that. It's funny, in the US we don't talk about stopping Canada from doing various things. If Canada wants to force the US to start or stop something, we are right here. Any time you want to come force us into a course of action you are welcome to.
  5. Avg IQ and Below avg IQ appears to correlate to climatic regions. China's a weird place. Always big, waxes and wains in power, likes tyrants, never able to export its power.
  6. Yeah, in Star Trek they learned making superior humans does not lead to a superior result. It's a helluva problem for the world. You need at a min. 90 IQ to function in a 21st C society. Now look at Africa. IQ and related ability chart https://paulcooijmans.com/intelligence/iq_ranges.html Here we sit on the verge of AI that can overtake man, and Africa is sitting there at an average IQ in of approx. 65.
  7. The scary thing from my POV is how modern Eugenics would break down, especially in terms of population control...………… and neither you, nor I would be targeted for removal. We would use IQ numbers as our primary factor. In the 21st C we use education and the ability to learn technical skills to pick winners and losers. Africa, India, Pakistan, Pacifica, Central America, South America, Nunavut, Alaska...……….. all gone. Europe in details shows many more people that would be considered bad breeding stock for the future of mankind. But on the good side, we'd be eating more Mustikkapiirakka, from those racially superior Fins
  8. Your point is noted. I truly believe body count matters when discussing the toll of human impact and suffering as well. Communism leads the world in death numbers in the most deadly century of world history. To play devil advocate on the point. What was Hitlers holocaust but Eugenics ? He singled out the crippled and mentally feeble first as being a burden to society. Eugenics are an extremely dangers game for a society to play.
  9. Oh, the Spaniards were pretty ruthless, but they are not without competition. The Muslims did a pretty good job in India and North Africa. Highly respected historian Will Durant said
  10. As far as inhumane treatment of natives, the Progressive Era Eugenics policies were pretty damn bad. Forced sterilization
  11. Political and business leaders share most the blame. The federal government has the most authority, therefore the most responsibility on economic issues, especially in a global economy. I add in business because this current wave of Globalism is not dissimilar to 17th and 18th C Globalism. International Corps are very much like East Indies Trading Co. or the Hudson Bay Co. They are Mercantilists going to primitive lands for resources and cheap labor, then bringing goods back to wealthy markets and a very tidy profit. Governments like this arrangement because it keeps cheap goods coming in, the sins of resource extraction 'over there' and labor cheap at home. And what they cannot export for jobs they bring in 3rd worlders for cheap labor at home. However, this destroys a countries middle class and it leads to populism and nativism.
  12. @ Argus and QoC, good posts. ? New round these parts, how do I up vote you guys(react) ? I would add it appears the self flagellation over the status of the non whites in the world come from our success. I think the shame is growing because of ignorance, lack of experience globally and a lack of self respect that you have earned your pampered existence in the world.
  13. Smart enough to stay on topic. Don't be a coward. If you have a comment on Trump in America state it. Or did you just jump in here to comment on your perception of my intelligence and political acumen ?
  14. Lots of self flagellation goes on with whites and our interactions with non whites. It's silly and juvenile, IMO. The world is a brutal place, humans don't treat each other very well, that hasn't changed in all of human history. Crying over human history is a waste of time. One can feel remorse and recognize actions as everything from improper to inhumane without weeping about it. Where does the Self Flagellation stop, and is it only reserved for white peoples interaction with non whites ? Does anyone demand the Mongols weep and apologize for their conquest and genocide of Asia and the fringes of Eastern Europe? Where are the demands that African tribes who captured and sold other Africans into slavery be forced to make amends? Likewise First Nations peoples had wars, killed each other, committed rape, enslaved and tortured other First Nations people. Is this every addressed ? JT may legitimately buy into the self flagellation over first nations, or be that emotional over a person who has passed, he may be emotionally unstable, or he may just be a very good actor <shrugs> IMO, it's not the type of leadership I desire to emulate. Human cruelty is universal. When we single out one race as the bad actors of history we distort history and build an illusion that will not help us in our understanding of man or progress of humankind.
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