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  1. http://josephsciambra.com/surviving-gaybarely/ The purpose of this quote is to shock. This is only one random selection from the story of Joseph Sciambra who wrote this blog in the hopes of telling people the truth about being "gay." He's got a podcast too. He devotes his life to doing missionary work in gay communities. He's not very well received therein or by they Church. Awareness needs to be raised about the issue. Hollywood and the MSM are deceiving people. My main issue is the hypocrisy in today's society concerning this shit. There was a court case that was discussed on a podcast that brought this article up and the court removed a 15 year old boy from his parents. Why? Because they wouldn't let him talk to older men online about gay stuff. Like I'm sure there were expert witnesses testifying how important it is to be ushered into the lifestyle by older men, like Milo says but the reality is the parents were just trying to do their job. Pederasty isn't even a kink in the gay community it's a feature. On top of that we treat the whole thing like it's perfectly ok and it's not. We have million dollar cottage industries set up to perpetuate and propagate the gay lifestyle through NGO's and if a country like Russia tells them to fuck off we call it a humanitarian crime. The whole thing is bull shit. Has it ever occurred to people that there is a reason this stuff was traditionally marginalized? I'm not saying there won't always be a fringe in society where people practice these rituals but promoting it is like promoting a death cult. Insanity. What's more is that this perpetuates itself unto victims: The Gay Report, published by homosexual researchers Jay and Young in 1979, revealed that 73 percent of homosexuals surveyed had at some time had sex with boys 16 to 19 years of age or younger.5 (5. K. Jay and A. Young, The Gay Report (New York: Summit Books, 1979), p. 275. ) http://www.emaso.com/links/extra/frightening_gay_statistics/frightening_gay_statistics.htm And it gets worse. Here are some bugchaser confessions blockquote widget
  2. It is too late. We have to spread the freedom of transgender sex science and homo marriage. We will not rest until the rest of the world just wakes up and realizes they are bigots.
  3. I'm of the same opinion, which is why it's wild to me that the nations with the most consuming power practice essentially open borders policies. Granted, statistics are showing that second and third generation Westerners trend towards having fewer kids as well but I see no reason they have to do it here.
  4. This is a very well put together show on The Distributist' channel. I've heard about Moldbug for a while but was never interested enough to check him out until now. This show in particular addresses Moldbug's theory of why any technologically advanced society trends "left wing" over time, namely, the reason being that technology vindicates left wing idealogy which is itself a natural disintegration of society itself.
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