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  1. Canada is a very weak country militarily. If the US is destroyed. We will have Russian overlords. Say goodbye to any freedom you enjoy today. If ypu think Putin gives a shit about human rights youre crazy. Or China. China woukd be even worse.
  2. Anytime Trump says anything. The left loses their minds. The POTUS is trolling the left. Just like Obama did to the right. The left has sanctuary cities so Trump said fine, we will truck them to you to deal with. All of a sudden the left loses their minds. Why? Because they dont want these people in their fancy communities. Of course I would, could and have agreed with leftist talking points. I look at each policy indivudually. I dont shoot anything down right away. I want to see a policy that I can agree or disagree with. The right is far more likely to embrace a left polic
  3. 1. Im not talking about political correctness. Im talking about divisive identity politics. This helps no one. The left is obsessed with labels and categorizing people. The left rewards people based on what group they lump people into. This is wrong headed. 2. I said the exact opposite of what you're saying here. The left as a group is largely unable to look at anything objectively. Nearly everything is do or die for the left. Outrage culture perfectly describes the left. Anything slighy right makes them lose their minds. They cannot see past their own noses. If a conser
  4. Their is a video of a ultrasound guided suction abortion at 13 weeks of pregnancy. The baby inside the womb is moving away from the suction tube.
  5. Imo the left created Trump. The liberals keep going further left where it's now hard to tell the difference between liberals and socialists or leftists. Any person to the right of liberals are instantly labeled racists, white nationalists, islamaphobes etc. This isnt helpful. The left is seemingly trying to outlaw or guilt out any thought that isnt left. This pushes right wing types further right as a mirror of the left going further left. I resist both these types of thought. I dont fit in entirely left nor entirely right. Im open to learning and having my opinio
  6. If they are linked. They should remain linked. Regardless of the people or the religion or ideology. I play no favourites. Nor should anyone else. Evil is evil. I will oppose all evil, regardless of its genesis.
  7. Yes. I agree. I hope things in Canada dont get as bad as they are in Europe with the Islamic grooming and raping of young white girls. As long as people can behave and become part of our society, I dont issue with anyone. The moment some one or some group infringes on citizens rights and freedoms is where I take issue. Assaulting people is not going to solve any issue I dont think.
  8. However it's dishonest of you to completely seperate religion from Islamic terrorism as you constantly do
  9. In the workplace Im very strict. Handshakes only. The end. I never date, go out, have drinks with women I work with. Never. That's just my rules for myself. So far no one has sued me. Lol.
  10. They can definately be skewed. Depending on the questions. How they're asked and to whom. Everyone has bias. Intended or not.
  11. I thought no differences exist between the sexes. Man can become a woman and vice versa. They are the same we are told. Are they different?
  12. Donnie


    I agree. We would be better off if they all died. I want government out of all this type of stuff. Government can look after military, roads, bridges, immigration etc. Thats about it. I dont need government and niether does anyone else. If we gave the government much reduced powers no one would care who was in power.
  13. Canada is much different now then it was in 1980. So I disagree.
  14. The investigation was started based on lies. Mueller was started by Democrats. Based on a forged document. Grand Jury is being assembled. Indictments coming. Stay tuned. So you cannot point to any racist policies? Is Trump more racist then the Democratic Jim Crow laws? How about the Democratic KKK?
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