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  1. I would say that secularism is more political agnosticism, than atheism. Finally it doesn't matter what it is, but it matters what it makes. Secularism offered civil peace in many societies that experienced civil war, religiously-motivated civil war. Altai maybe is a Muslim turk, so he has right to have a critical point of view of secularism, as islam and extraeuropean judaism do not separate the politics from religion. But one having read the story of the 30-yrs-war in "Germany", or the European history of civil and interstatal religiously-motivated wars, cannot but accept more easily the "di
  2. My take on the american politics is that: the democrats can save the American people from divisiveness, poverty and global ridicule. And save the capitalism from probable future lethal atacks. The republicans/trump cannot save the whites from extinction (you cannot save easily a suicidal person from herself...), but at least they try. Stupidly, toxically and criminally but they try. Other in the western world are not doing even that little or futile effort. Chapeau for Trump and the Republican party!
  3. Maybe i saw contempt where there wasn't. If you agree with the rest, that's really important.
  4. Their problem will very, very quickly be yours too, and your disgusting contempt for them cannot save you then. Hollywood or the press is not the best examples of what tradition mean for the Americans, nor can save the country from the 50/50 division on race, religious affiliation, wealth and urban/rural criteria.
  5. How can you do that exactly ? Bush tried to introduce democracy (i.e. woman liberation = societal suicide) in Arab world and Afhanistan, and failed, no matter how many soldiers and bombs he genocidally used to be more convincing. Thanks God he failed... We are lost. Why to destroy other people with the same 100% sure method? From where will Trudeau and his minions import human material to save us all (or at least our confortable lives) from poverty and disfunctional society and plumetting economy, if not from the third world ?
  6. Wow! Good comparison. Fact is that multicultural/multiracial societies can exist and prosper, being even decently places to live in. Canada is undisputebly THE success from that point of view. Canada proved that possible, at least that's my experience and my conclusion. Where multicultural liberalism fails is in protecting the globally endangered race of white people. They have no place on earth to be protected as a fragile community. Somehow the extreme right, and many ordinary people of white race, feel sorely that loss. Trudeau can make do admirably in economy and social services with al b
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