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  1. I would say that secularism is more political agnosticism, than atheism. Finally it doesn't matter what it is, but it matters what it makes. Secularism offered civil peace in many societies that experienced civil war, religiously-motivated civil war. Altai maybe is a Muslim turk, so he has right to have a critical point of view of secularism, as islam and extraeuropean judaism do not separate the politics from religion. But one having read the story of the 30-yrs-war in "Germany", or the European history of civil and interstatal religiously-motivated wars, cannot but accept more easily the "dictatorship" of secularism. There is no perfect political setup or ideology. Somehow any political configuration or model makes some people feel deprived of (what they think are) their "rights". One can see the political measure in Quebec or in France as oppresive. But fact is that many enjoy the freedoms guaranted by these very measures... Especially some young women forced by their families and entourage to put the scarf on their heads. The freedom is very sweet, and adictivelly sweet, you cannot deny that once you really tasted freedom and luckily also have some brain, to such extent that too many liberty-inebriated forget to do what humans are yet supposed to do if they are to survive as a species, i.e. make the effort to have babies. The unsecularised societies didn't forget that essential thing, and as such secularism is a sentenced-to-death ideology as are the societies that adopt it. Deservedly.
  2. My take on the american politics is that: the democrats can save the American people from divisiveness, poverty and global ridicule. And save the capitalism from probable future lethal atacks. The republicans/trump cannot save the whites from extinction (you cannot save easily a suicidal person from herself...), but at least they try. Stupidly, toxically and criminally but they try. Other in the western world are not doing even that little or futile effort. Chapeau for Trump and the Republican party!
  3. Maybe i saw contempt where there wasn't. If you agree with the rest, that's really important.
  4. Their problem will very, very quickly be yours too, and your disgusting contempt for them cannot save you then. Hollywood or the press is not the best examples of what tradition mean for the Americans, nor can save the country from the 50/50 division on race, religious affiliation, wealth and urban/rural criteria.
  5. How can you do that exactly ? Bush tried to introduce democracy (i.e. woman liberation = societal suicide) in Arab world and Afhanistan, and failed, no matter how many soldiers and bombs he genocidally used to be more convincing. Thanks God he failed... We are lost. Why to destroy other people with the same 100% sure method? From where will Trudeau and his minions import human material to save us all (or at least our confortable lives) from poverty and disfunctional society and plumetting economy, if not from the third world ?
  6. Wow! Good comparison. Fact is that multicultural/multiracial societies can exist and prosper, being even decently places to live in. Canada is undisputebly THE success from that point of view. Canada proved that possible, at least that's my experience and my conclusion. Where multicultural liberalism fails is in protecting the globally endangered race of white people. They have no place on earth to be protected as a fragile community. Somehow the extreme right, and many ordinary people of white race, feel sorely that loss. Trudeau can make do admirably in economy and social services with al black and colored people he and the Liberal party dumps on Canada each year in huge waves of immigration, because there is no clearly superior or clearly inferior race, so the economy and the social services function relatively well. But this solution to the suicidal drive of the white race people cannot prevent is the monstruos "uglyization" of Canadian population. Some 30 yrs ago, one could easily compare canadian women with european women - today no more. Living for the last 2 decades in Canada I witnessed that transformation for the worse: more and more rarely one can look at and desire a young girl seen on the street or elsewhere. Someone told me something that resonated frightening in my conscience because it put words in what I vaguely felt: Canada is one of very few sad places on Earth where you have more wish to sleep with the "vieilles peaux" of 50-and-more-years, than with the young girls of age 18 or in the twenties. As a mixed race person (in European sens of term, white mother + middle-eastern-looking father) myself, I suppose that this prefernce transcend the races: black people too prefer white women, at least that's what one can concude from the statistical fact that 1 in 4 blacks marry a white woman, meanwhile less than 1% of whites and asian boys marry a black girl (still 1 in 10 white men marry an asian woman) . Rationally speaking, liberals can aknowledge and right this situation, eventually by creating friendly policies for the white couples, but ideological dogmatism impede such a social engineering that in the past helped right the imbalancies and discrimination of colored people. "Farming" whites , for the beauty sake, it is unfortunately the only method left to save in extremis these pandas of the human species... Otherwise many ordinary men of any races will continue to prefer to masturbate warching clips on pornhub than going out and f. with some women from the available offer Trudeau and the LP built here over the last decades. Scores of black/colored women will continue to be abandoned by their temporal spouses as the head of monoparental families with kids struggling to extirp themselves from poverty (see US stastistics of monoporental families by race, and https://www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/2019/apr/08/dark-skinned-black-girls-dont-get-married), and in the reality shows we'll have plenty of successful black guys but no black women ( https://www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/shortcuts/2018/jun/26/single-black-female-love-island-the-problem-with-race-and-dating ). It is probably the last minute before midnight to make something about that situation, and to aknowledge the fact that the whites as a race are now degenerate and suicidal, being wiped out by the real superior races of black people which biologically are being born sooner (at less than the time a white women makes a white baby), are growing up more quickly to the biological adulthood and are of bigger height and weight (every one sees that in sports where blacks dominate), and which still has the self-preserving drive to breed sufficiently to grow their population despite being still disadvanteged or even discriminated against. Otherwise there will be no much following in USA or over the pond, in Europe, for this essentially successful Canadian multicultural experience.
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