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  1. No she is not allowed to augment the Oath. The Monarchy only can rule at the will of the People and thus must follow the law to become Monarch. If she could change the Oath then she could make an oath to do anything she wants to the people as ruler, thus she is bound by Law to her Oath or she is removed. She never took the Oath, so she is operating in De facto.
  2. The video describes Queen Elizabeth II's Coronation Oath in detail. The fraud is supported by UK of Parliament Documents and the Coronation Procedure itself. There are links in the description that point to the UK Parliament site that the Queen never took the proper Accession Oath as well. The implications to this is massive throughout the Commonwealth as all Legislation passed into Law by Royal Ascent are not valid and thus any actions taken on these fraudulent laws past, are subject to Treason and unlawful.Essentially they removed the part of the Oath that would protect the people of their Christian Rights under God and to Protect the Commonwealth as a Christian form of Government. Here is the video.https://youtu.be/UInhM5Kdid0 If you like to learn more you can download this Essay as well.http://freedomfiles.org/The_Illusion_of_Government.pdf P.S.I did not know where to post this exactly as it is all encompassing and General Category didn't seem to fit well for this topic.
  3. Not only should Canada suspend relations, but should seize all the Triad Cartel Properties in Canada, such as Vancouver and Toronto. No foreign Ownership of property.
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