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  1. I'm getting different information about the program. I was approved for it. I'm getting almost $400 a month, It isn't great but better then nothing. My family member told I should be getting $1000.00 a month...….. It should be kicked in soon. From what im understanding now I you wouldn't be. Once you get a full time job you get taken off the program. I was lend to believe I would be getting this for life. I just feel like each person you talk to gives you different information,
  2. If they take a long time to get back to you. Does that usually mean you didn't get a approved for ODSP? What would be the reason you don't? So if they decide to not approve you does that mean you don't have to go to the workshope
  3. What would make a person not be approved? I applied for income help and haven't heard yet if I will be approved...
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