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  1. French Patriot, there is no such thing as literal reading of myths. "Jesus died then came back to life." "A woman without insemination gave birth to a child." "3-1 = 0." Jesus:"Before your grandchildren die, I shall have come back to Earth." (Or something to this effect. It's in the Bible.) "There is an afterlife and we know how it unfolds." (Unsustainable claim.) "The wicked will be punished and the righteous shalt be saved." (Pure wishful fiction.) "Accept Jesus as your Lord Saviour and you just purchased a prime real estate in heaven with no depreciation." (Bait and wait.) French Patriot, what do you mean "read the bible without interpretation"? In fact, why read the bible in the first place? It is a book written by misinformed (by today's standards) men who could not write well, were gullible uneducated idiot-ignoramuses (by today's standards) who insisted we believe the impossible and a whole bunch of other tall tales.
  2. And over women. I think gods as a concept and religion in the main are a tool, too. Man is not god-made; god is man-made. Hand-crafted, from all natural ingredients. Little wonder religions claim man is made in the image of god; it's because god is made in the image of man, so it's an easy mistake to make, to put the carriage before the horse.
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