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  1. There are many more things our government could be doing. We could be providing incentives and jobs to recover and re-purpose plastics instead of going back to use paper products for grocery bagging, etc. We could be hiring many people and providing employment. We could be organising and employing more people to replenish more trees and help re-forest areas that have been burnt down due to drought and disease, instead of complaining about carbon producing industries so much. Trees and plants are great carbon sinks. This is using Mother Nature to help and that is a powerful force. It prov
  2. Argus you have that right. That is why Technology and the impact Canada can have and has had to help these Coal producers and users is so valuable. Trudeau is basically stopping all that. This is one reason he needs to go.
  3. Not weird logic at all. When the Elite (Liberals) and corporations can hide their fortunes across borders without real accountabilities to their country of origin, then yes, those foreign countries along with the Liberal Elites drain the rightful wealth, fabric, and structure from the country they should be responsible to.
  4. Politics and the fight for World Economical dominance of course is making this a joke. No foreign country should be dictating to us in Canada what or especially how we fight any impacts on the climate. We do have alot of forests that use C02 and our fresh water reserves are second to none. We use clean technology in the production of fuel. We are leaders in the Tech advances of that. We share the information so others can use it which is contributing more than any nation on earth. We do not need to punish our own people as the Liberals are doing. Time for them to go.
  5. Stifling the Canadian Economy will not help control or impact the Climate. It will only help other countries get ahead of us and produce more pollution. If you want real results then as a good example you only need to look at Technology Advancements and the sharing of knowledge such as Sask Power Coal Carbon Capture Technology shared with a host of major polluters in other countries such as China, USA, etc. Because of the scope of this beneficial knowledge sharing and Tech Advancements making it feasible again, that has a real positive and lasting impact for the environment.
  6. It is sick to think that Dad's who don't support their children after getting a woman pregnant are called "Dead Beat" and women who look down at this are the same ones that are allowed and are killing their children in the womb when they just feel that they want to. I think both of these happenings are terrible, but the killing of an innocent is much worse. Morality is not something you can invent on your own, but it can be found when you seek it with the help of Jesus Christ.
  7. And the LIARS (Social Left) are censoring Right opinions and their reasoning is voting influence, etc. That is such a bunch of Hog Wash. When in fact it is foreign interests and politics taking advantage of socialist and environmental naive people who have no idea they are being used as pawns.
  8. QueenMandy85. I believe you did not understand (as you admitted) what Scott Mayers was trying to explain. He does not believe (nor do I) in a censorship group that goes far beyond what you were saying that they had censored. Your conclusion that it is our society making these decisions is also false. It is a small group of Reporters who do it for political and personal gain. We have several voices in our society that need to be heard. Don't confuse a person's beliefs with hate. When violence does occur I can agree with you that there is no room for that, but that goes for both sides of
  9. No such thing here as a white supremicist. It's just a name that is overused. Most likely to make up a common enemy much like other Leaders in the past used to gather favour for their own selfish causes.
  10. The truth is that anyone that calls another racist is a racist themselves. That's it!! And that is no fallacy but an awful look in the mirror at one's self.
  11. I really don't care what JT is. It is what he thinks Canada is and what makes up our nation. And so far, I am not impressed.
  12. I disagree. The Free Lunch is there. The problem really is that the government throws money (tax payers monies) to the Natives, and the Chiefs (which are many) are in control of the funding for their own people and have no accountability. No one really knows what really happens to all of that funding. That is one issue. The disappearance of Indian women has nothing to do with what you are saying. Genocide does not fit in there. They all get alot of free stuff no one else is entitled to so that is another issue as I have stated. It makes them expect things without earning them. Yes we
  13. The term Genocide for this issue of Native women gone missing is very much a lie. The problem is that the lifestyle that those particular women chose is what led to these issues. They have a lot of issues and violence amongst themselves. They would never admit to that either. By lifestyle I mean the laid back lifestyle they have and they do not have the same level of responsibilities that non-natives need in order to survive as they get a lot of stuff for free. That then encourages waste, no appreciation for what you have, lack of pride, and a host of other issues. I mean anyone being tr
  14. If the Liberals want to do something then they should stop the ridiculous qualifying regulations for working or retired people to purchase a home and provide some tax incentive relief when purchasing one. Property Taxes and Utilities also are out of control for home owners and you do not get good value for the money that you spend. Renting it seems may be a better option for a lot of people because of all of that. This country is so backwards.
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