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  1. The news said that the firefighters arrived only after two hours ... It's just no words ..
  2. This is an exception. Why invent this occasion typical cliches?
  3. By the way, did you notice that after the monetization was accomplished, the content of such sites as YouTube and Instagram ceased to be of high quality? Hype rules all
  4. Direct investment in cryptocurrency is when you buy it at the initial minimum cost and wait a couple of years to have a profit))) You are already late for this train, now the last cars are just being sent. But you can trade in a crypto-exchange if you have a lot of money to buy the first cryptocurrency package. Do you know what Forex is? Here it will be the same. With the same risks.
  5. When it comes to healthcare, I follow the principle: if it works, don't touch it. In each system, there can be distortions, but it is better than putting it all upside down again.
  6. This tip is relevant for government computers that store our complete data. That is, having only an internal network without Internet access is probably the best way to prevent hacking. But for most people who store a lot of data already on their own phone, it is unrealistic. I use a mobile wallet for fast qr pay so I set up fingerprint access plus additional code. If you don't be lazy and take care of your safety, then many problems can be avoided. In addition, new blockchain-based digital data protection systems are being developed.
  7. Seriously speaking, vaccination is needed. Let them left various experiments (including for athletes) on their personal conscience and not make a show.
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