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  1. Such a relaxing thing to watch
  2. I really want to read books on GOT!
  3. I tried once but I something went wrong and it's frozen until today!
  4. Hard question to give the one and only right answer. I wish all global issues could be resolved in one way and all the people would be happy with it. But it's a bit harder to do. Nevertheless it's good that nowadays people know their rights and understand than in difficult situation they can protet those rights by themselves or by using professional help I mean lawyers or public defenders such as https://mosheslaw.com/personalinjury/. That's a big step, in comparison to past times.
  5. I would like to start my own business, with great plesure! But unfortunately in this very moment my financial possibilities aren't strong enough. By the way it seems that I need help with my resume before starting to look for job. I know that there are many different services for it like this one https://craftresumes.com/guaranteed-resu...-services/ Do you know it? Can you share some reccomendations with me? Or it's better to write it by my own? not sure if I can do it correctly
  6. Good to know there are still wise people in this world!
  7. I know few! Why not? And they really enjoy their job!
  8. So many people are against abortion but meanwhile they are not involved. They never help those poor mothers and their newborn children but what they know for sure is that abortion is a sin. I really can't understand that. If you don't like it so don't do it!
  9. Decided to read again Sh. Holmes. One of my favourite adventures
  10. I try to explore many different soursec and make my own analysys of situation
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