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  1. I haven't been here long enough to know if you're a leftist but "a level playing field" argument is a leftist argument and it does NOT work. Yes it sounds good and on the surface and would seem that nobody but a hardcore capitalist would argue against it. But look, from a purely systemic point you can level the playing field but the playing field will never be level regardless. That's because there are people who just perform better than others. Some people have vision and the drive to make those visions reality while some people just don't have that. I firmly agree that there should be no barriers to being a productive, if not successful member of society, other than your own abilities and your drive and desire to succeed that is. But if you don't (as opposed to simply can't), then why should I be financially punished so you can have a lifestyle you didn't earn and don't deserve? The problem with the level playing field argument is basically what leftists actually mean is equality of outcome, NOT equality of opportunity. The other issue is us in general. By us I mean human beings. Because of the nature of the beast, everything we do as a species has an environmental cost. And ironically, the worst offender is most likely modern medicine. As a result of modern medicine, humans were able to produce a population explosion, despite having fewer kids per couple. But because people live longer and fewer people die before they get old, that means that every year there's always going to be more people with a need for the earth's resources than there was the previous year. That means economies have to continue growing as well. That's what capitalism does, builds and grows. A so-called kinder, gentler capitalism won't be able to supply the continuously growing masses no matter how much we wish it could. I'd like to go further with this but it's almost 5AM now and I should get to bed sometime before sunup.
  2. When my son fractured his hand and knee he had to go to the fracture clinic twice. One day for his hand and two days later for his knee. Apparently the doctors working the fracture clinic are specialist specialists and each focuses only on one specific part of the skeleton.
  3. I don't hate Americans. I don't hate America the country, hell I even lived there for 4-5 years. I do hate America the institution and its horribly wretched hypocrisy though. As for Alex, he's just as arrogant and ignorant as the Canadians he whines about. If you listen to him you'd think only Canada benefited from the unique relationship that both countries enjoy.
  4. No, he's showing you what a ignorant sack of crap you are. Neither Canada nor Canadians burned down the White House. But worthless American shits did burn down Govt House in York. Typical too. The US has been invading counties since 1812 and yet they can't figure out why they are so globally hated. And look at your country's foolishness. The US had a problem with Japan deciding that Asia was its "sphere of influence" while long maintaining that the entire western hemisphere was America's sphere of influence. So you what you have is a continuing history of being a nation of hypocritical, ,war-mongering racist douchebags. "Wahhh why doesn't anyone like us, wahhhhh"
  5. After 15 years of Liberal mismanagement and incompetence it's no wonder the Ontario health care system is broken. Mind you, there's also a BIG difference in wait times and such depending on where you live. the clinics have become a joke too. There were created to take some of the stress off of hospital emergency depts but lately I haven't been seeing that. Now if you need more than a stitch or two the clinics tell you to go the emerg. And I don't believe emergency depts are doing real triage anymore. It IS a first come-first served basis unless you arrive by ambulance as a trauma case. Then there's the twits sitting in emerg playing Candy Crush on their phones while they wait for medical care. I'm sorry but if you're lucid enough to play stupid games on your f***ing phone, then it's NOT an emergency. Achh, I shouldn't really blame them too much. Most of them were probably sent there by the clinics anyway.
  6. Regardless of the veracity of the OP, it does open up an interesting bit of Groper hypocrisy. Groper decided some time ago that the FN MUST be consulted on various infrastructure and resource projects. Yet the same idiot who agreed with the MMIW report that there's a "continuing colonial genocide" against the FN, blithely announced a rather large increase in immigration before all that. Now, it's funny how we have to consult the FN when it comes to growing Canada's economy in various sectors, but when it comes to growing the population artificially with irresponsibly high immigration numbers, thus continuing that " colonial genocide", no consultation is required. 39.5% of Canadians proved just how amazingly f***ing dumb they were in 2015. All the warning signs were there. All they had to do was open their eyes and ears.
  7. In Canada, the employment rate measures the number of people who have a job as a percentage of the working age population. Last time I checked, 15 wasn't working age. And I know how unemployment is calculated. My father was working at the senior level E.I. when it still stood for 'Employment and Immigration'. In fact he's the one who originally said, "part-time work isn't a job, it's a hobby". I would add to that though; Unless you have two PT jobs that give you 40 hours. Hell, my first "regular" work out of high school was Mon-Wed-Fri at a haberdashery and Tue & Thur hauling flammable and explosive gases. It was great. One day I'd work with people and help them pick out a nice ensemble, the next day I'd be driving around and enjoying the freedom and scenery.
  8. But that's not how it works though. Every time someone gives up looking for a job, they disappear from the unemployment stats. So let's say there were 100,000 people unemployed at the beginning of May. During that month none of them found jobs so 1000 people gave up looking for work. The end of May would show that only 99,000 people were unemployed. Now, let's say in June none of 99,000 find work and as a result, another 1500 give up looking. June's report will state that 97,500 people are unemployed even though the other 2500 still don't have jobs. Assuming of course nobody else lost their job in the meantime. The other factor is public sector jobs. While it IS employment, it's questionable as to whether they make much of a contribution to the economy. What I mean by that is, public servants are paid out of the tax coffers. That's money that came from you and I that we're unable to spend ourselves. Public sector salaries couldn't be paid without the taxes from the private sector, or without burying the province/country in debt by borrowing the money. Now I know someone will try to be smart and say, "But they pay taxes too". If you are the type that would respond that way, might I suggest you re-read this paragraph and think hard about it. As for the comparison to 2008, I think that may have confused you a bit. 2008 referred the employment rate not the unemployment rate. The employment rate tells you specifically the total percentage of the working age population that has a job. Unemployment rates only tell you how many people are actively seeking work. It doesn't reflect the number of seniors, people on welfare or disability or the homeless. Nor those who have given up looking or went back to school for whatever. I included seniors simply because there are quite a few of them who continue working past retirement age but are not counted in [un]employment stats. As for the comparison to the previous govt, Harper was also dealing with a global recession. One that hit the US hard, particularly because it was of its own making. The dump in the US economy had a major ripple effect up here, compounded by said global recession. Canada actually did quite well through that period although not all credit goes to Harper by a long shot. It's just the way Canada was set up. What scares me is Groper is working hard to change that. But let's look another interesting factor. The last unemployment figures also showed good job gains, most in the private sector and most of them full-time. And ALL the noticeable gains were in Alberta, Ontario, Quebec and PEI. Ontario and Quebec with the largest gains. Now, what's similar about all 4 of those provinces? They all have anti-Trudeau Conservative premiers, albeit all 4 were elected just within the last year.
  9. The employment rate hasn't set any records. The record level of employment was in Feb 2008 at 63.7%. 1.5 points higher than the current level. UNemployment figures can be misleading. Let's say there were 100,000 people who were unemployed last month and out of those 100,000 people, 1000 simply gave up looking for work. The next report would say only 99,000 people were unemployed. Of course you'll note that employment numbers mean any employment when it should only be for gainful employment. A single part-time job isn't "employment", it's a hobby.
  10. During HNIC, Don Cherry often rants about the same thing, you don't rack up the score and embarrass the other team. However I disagree. If you're able to rack up the score like that, it's the other team that's embarrassing itself. The only advice I have in that instance is, when the game is locked up don't make a big deal about every goal you score after that. There's no need for big showy celebrations when you've got a nice 5 goal lead or better. That's just poor sportsmanship.
  11. So a creepy little pedophile who can't seem to stop himself from pawing at and trying to kiss little girls is the leadership that Milano says the US needs. Whelp, no surprises there that a leftist would endorse a pedophile after whining about an alleged rapist being appointed to SCOTUS.
  12. Bullspit. Every race of human evolved during rapid upswings in climate. Almost every empire and civilization came into being during rapid upswings in climate. And during every single one of those events the average global temps were warmer than they are today. 1100 years ago the Greenland ice sheet did not exist other than some glaciers in the far north of the island. Now idiots are freaking out about the ice sheet receding. They freak out over sea ice extent. An extent that was first measured by satellite in 1979. 1979 saw an abormally high sea ice extent and that's the base line the alarmists are working from. And the alarmist stupidity doesn't help things. Had one idiot try to convince me that AGW is real because up until the 1960's Lake Ontario would completely freeze over. The problem with that claim (besides the obvious bullshit that it is) is that Lake Ontario has only frozen over completely four times since Europeans arrived here. Or how about Lenny DeCrapio freaking out over a chinook in Alberta and exclaiming he witnessed AGW first hand and "barely escaped with his life" or some such nonsense. The problem with climate science right now is that it has become heavily politicized. And when stuff like that gets politicized, it becomes harder to trust. Especially when the AGW mouthpieces refuse to walk their talk. An access to information request revealed that the Groper household spends around $300/MONTH on bottled water. Groper's family vacations have also created a larger carbon footprint than the average Canadian family does in a year. He's rented a total of 431 luxury SUV's during his annual trips to climate conferences. The only inconvenient truth about Al Gore's movie is after all his piffle about AGW and rising sea levels, he goes and buys a nice ocean front home in Santa Barbara. The political stance on AGW is loooooong on rhetoric and hyperbole and rather short on actual science.
  13. No, Europe was flooded with immigrants due to war. Syria and ISIS in particular. The Arab Spring happened as a result of dissatisfaction with being oppressed. As for the 12 year prediction, alarmists have been giving 12 year warnings since the 1950's. Albeit in those days it was a coming ice age. Today the alarmists amusingly base that 12 year period on a Heinrich event, which is when the earth cools by as much as 5 degrees in about a decade, give or take a year or two. When I heard about the "97% consensus" crap I knew the whole thing was BS. Especially when you consider only 1/3 of scientists who were surveyed actually responded. Then you see the outright attacks on scientists (by their peers no less) who dare to question the claim and the methods used to arrive at the AGW conclusion. They've been censured, fired from their positions and ostracized within the scientific community. That's not how science is supposed to work. But that is EXACTLY how leftists operate. They claim that a vast majority agree with them when the reality is they're lucky if it's even a simple majority. They attack those who disagree with them and if they feel it's "necessary", dox them to really "send them a message". Climate science has been usurped by leftist douche wheels and they will brook NO disagreement with their beliefs.
  14. There's a difference between denouncing something and apologizing for someone else's actions. Jesus Christ, I'm supposed to apologize for being White. I'm supposed to apologize for being a man. Piss off! Thank god (ironically) that I'm not a bloody christian. There is only ONE person whose actions I'm accountable for and that is me. Like I said, funny how the collective guilt game is "bigoted" when applied to muslims but apparently I'm supposed to share guilt with rapists solely because of an accident of birth.
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