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  1. And this smear from a party that is a carbon copy of the far-right Republican party and whose leader, Scheer, he the friend of the NRA and member of "Rebel" applies who could be a Trump clone if only he was just a tad dumber.
  2. Weird. Smear campaign? Trudeau? Who has seen that uber right-wing conservative ad showing Trudeau next to Trump and pretending they are alike, fault-wise? Nothing in the coming campaign, by any party, try as they might, could come up with a bigger smear than showing Trudeau next to that crotch-grabbing gross, uncouth traitor and ignoramus Donald J. Trump.
  3. It is indeed based on "central gov't." But then, so are other countries, like in the U.S., on 50 indebted states, some, like Michigan, near bankruptcy. Other 5 G7 countries are the same. And, seems to me, la Caisse de Dépôt and the Ontario Teachers' pension plan are assets to their provinces, not liabilities. And, what about Québec Hydro? Add that to assets or substract it from the GDP, provincial or federal, your choice or both. Your choice.
  4. Please put that in your pipe and smoke it: Lowest Debt-to-GDP ration among the G-7 and lowest unemployment rate in 40 years. Read: https://www.fin.gc.ca/n18/18-044-eng.asp
  5. Er, did Bernier not come within a hair of becoming the next Conservative party leader and future ex-P.M.? Was he not one of yours? Was the Progressive (pun intended) Conservative party leadership contest not, hmm, exactly cricket? Bernier's revenge: Will take just enough votes away from "Rebel" member and NRA admirer Scheer for Trudeau (whom I'm not exactly fond of - - - what a letdown!) to squeak through. Think of the alternative: We already have our Canadian Trump in Ontario. Do we need Scheer, a Trump clone as Canada's P.M.? And, the "French", (sic), leading Canada is a bad thing? Really? Did you mean French-Speaking Prime Ministers? If I accept your appellation of Québécois P.Ms as "French," (only citizens of France are French, no?) then I'm forced to state that all Anglophone P.M.s since Confederation were British. Also, Canada is 152 years old. For one-third of those 152 years. a Québécois (not a Frenchman) has occupied the post of P.M. Tell me, did the Québécois alone, all by themselves, 23% of Canada's population, elect them without the rest of Canada? Some British, oops, English-speaking must have voted for these Québec politicians. no? And, finally, look at the results: Has Canada done that badly during those Liberal tenures, most of them Québécoises? Who brought in Unemployment insurance, Canada Pension Plan, Health coverage, reduced working hours and a 5-day week, safety standards in the workplace, old age pensions, maternity/paternity leave and more? Liberals, half of them French-speaking Liberals. Grateful if you could apprise one and all of Conservative "for-the-people" legislation since 1867. Borden gave women the vote in 1018. That's a plus for a Conservative. Name one other. Yeah, Trudeau is an "elitist." I repeat, not my favourite politician, but compared to Scheer, he wears the "elitist" title like a crown. A naive elitist, yes, but one nonetheless.
  6. A Liberal is not allowed to give facts, dixit you? You, a big C Conservative comes up with that one? That's rich. BTW, I just don't see how this regurgitating post of yours could be in any way relevant to mine. But never mind, let me just say that you've yet to comprehend why OUR natality rate is so low as compared with, for example, Africa's. Ever been to the latter? Do you have an inkling why Africans, and btw other poor nationalities, have so many offspring? Shall I tell you? No, because it is something that is beyond your limited range of understanding. So, Eugenics, eh? Another word for Eugenics: The final solution. Let's start, but not necessarily in the following order, with Blacks, Jews, Moslems, mentally-challenged-special needs, Latinos, and women. Now, there's a start. I'm sure Bayer would be more than happy to resuscitate its poison "shower" pellets. And re-open detention centers for these suspicious Russian, Ukrainian, Chinese, Iranian ex-Canadian Japanese camps. Why not? Some may be Canadian, but who cares?
  7. Sure. Heck, who do those Africans think they are, wanting a better middle-class life like the one WE, the rich "haves," brought about by uber-polluting Western Europe and North America from the middle 1750s to today, not to mention colonizing them and robbing them of their riches, which, btw, we continue doing to this day? I agree, let's not let them make the same environmental mistakes we made. But, let's give them a hand, help them develop their economies without lousing up the planet the way we did. It's the least we can do following centuries of slavery, colonization, and today's rape of their mineral and oil riches. Canada, as opposed to Europe and the United States**, never had colonies, but our deplorable mining industry in "developing" countries, as we speak, certainly does not bolster our reputation for fair play. ** I know, the U.S. never had colonies per se. But, tell that to Philippinos, Costa Ricans, Cubans, Haitians and pretty much all of Central America.
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