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  1. Ma'am, stop comparing and contrasting yourselves with the US! Look, I know this is a Canadian trait but to most Canadians, the US is a dirty third world nation; has it occurred to you that by comparing yourselves to them, you're sort of telling the world that you are a little bit better than a third world country? Just think of ways to annihilate all of them so that the world can have peace, you and the rest of your fellow Canadians can have peace of mind and I can get Maine. It's a win win for everybody, if you do that!
  2. Yeah, it's the first time I've actually come across someone like her. Anyway, I believe Canada would be greater if it stood up to the US, protected the nations that it harms and eventually destroy it........
  3. Why didn't Canada stop this war?
  4. Seriously Charles? You ban me for asking these kinds of questions but you let these two go with their malicious comments about wanting to tear up your beloved nation?
  5. Because according to your fellow Canadian, lefties are human beings as well, they have human rights and have the right to self determination..... laws that are also guaranteed by right wing dictatorships , I'm sure.
  6. It is the this "liberal democratic" Canada that allows you to say such things.....
  7. Has it occurred to you that maybe, just maybe, this....... "vile", "evil", "corrupt" government that you are complaining about was set up by the US? Heck, for all we know Mr. Justin was installed by the US so that Canada would taken in all the refugees and US doesn't have to do anything? Ever thought of that? I refuse to believe it because so many all over the world want it gone....... what about them? Isn't it unfair to those who it has oppressed that it is allowed to continue to exists? Isn't it unfair to people like miss Zeitgeist who want a better future but the US keeps getting in the way? Isn't it unfair to people such as myself who want a piece of it?
  8. Yeah you would...... you just haven't experienced the alternative that's why you say that. Anyway can we get back on the topic about destroying the US please, everyone?
  9. Well then he better get his butthole up and do something instead of complaining on some dumb Canadian site...... I fight for what I want which is to one day see the US in ruins so that I can get Maine. I fight the US by telling people to destroy them, people from different continents, mind you. And I believe that one day, I will see that day and I will get Maine and I will be able to build a Singapore like nation in Maine and I will be the happiest person on planet Earth when that happens. By the way, is that you being chocked on your pic?
  10. That is why you keep getting into trouble.... you are willing to follows them, often.......... sigh.
  11. I've asked this before and they said that they are all international sites and no single country owns them therefore it's alright to use them. Some also claimed that although they are headquartered in the US, they are not made by Americans therefore it's alright to use them. Here's another: Why do some people immigrate to the US if they are anti-American? There is a very common, I could say prevailing, sentiment among immigrants in the USA, of America-bashing. The older the age of entry to the US, the more widespread the criticism of the US. This shouldn’t be much of a surprise, though. Moving from one’s home country anywhere else involves changes and adjustment. When culture and environment is different, one spontaneously perceives it as bad, a very common mindset throughout the world. After spending some time in America and adjusting to the life and culture there, a change in mindset develops. The immigrant is much more hesitant to openly criticise America in front of Americans (but still feels no restraint while among other immigrants, either his compatriots, or even from other lands). The biggest change happens when immigrant travels to the home country: (s)he is now quite more critical of things at home, which (s)he never noticed before (although this still doesn’t stop them from defending their homeland in America). After a long period of life in America, many immigrants do end up adopting it as their homeland, but remain critical of parts of American culture that they resented before the move. The force of American cultural influence is quite powerful, though. While many immigrants may never completely adopt their new homeland, and while they will remain critical of various aspects of American culture and life, their children, born and schooled on American soil, will invariably grow up to be typical Americans. The environment and its cultural influences will almost always be far stronger than what parents can do at home. Between the school, the playground, the TV and the internet, the second generation immigrant will almost universally be a typical American. One thing also needs to be said. There are immigrants who come to America with only one main purpose: to earn more money in order to send back home, and once they build enough for retirement, to return to their homeland and live comfortably on the American pension. Some of those may be very much anti-American. They may have children, but many of them send their American-born children to live with grandparents in their homeland (in order to avoid the inevitable American cultural assimilation). I know of several such cases: educated couples (from West Africa), strongly religious, fiercely anti-American, living in the US, with kids growing up overseas, putting money away, sending money to their homeland, counting years until retirement. From the American (patriotic) perspective, this is probably the kind of immigration that they would most likely want to stop. Predrag Vasić https://www.quora.com/Why-do-some-people-immigrate-to-the-US-if-they-are-anti-American
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