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  1. Argus, let us agree to disagree. Climate change deserve a topic on its own. Maybe we could continue our discussion in another forum.
  2. It is no secret to anybody that Canada is one of the highest poluting countries in the world. In 2017 Canada was third most CO2 poluting country per capita (see link below) : https://www.economicshelp.org/blog/10296/economics/top-co2-polluters-highest-per-capita/ We like to play the ostrich, by closing our eyes and pretending things will go away. Yes because of our relatively small population it ends up being 1.6% of all emissions. We can go on saying that our preventive actions will not affect anything in the bigger scheme. That is such a egotistical logic. This pl
  3. 1.6% of world emissions for 40 Million inhabitants is significant.
  4. Argus, I hear you.. We are still reliant on oil, and we will be for some years. However, the idea is to reduce this reliance year after year until we only need renewable energy. Investing billions of dollars for pipeline is not something I want to keep as a legacy to my kids... And yes, the Canadian economy will suffer, but I do not see any choice. You can deny that the climate change is real like conservatives do, but here in Montreal with the floods that are destroying our houses for the third year in a row, we have taken the decision that is the most ecological. Canada is one of the
  5. I thought we are in a democracy here. We do not want this pipeline to pass through our countryside and cities. Keep your oil. I would rather bike to work, and have my electricity porduced through renewable hydro, than polute our environment with your oil. Here, I said it..
  6. Amy, aside from Chretien, I think we are in the same page. Even as a French Canadian (and I insist there is a lot like me) I am appalled sometimes by the extreme actions of our provincial governments takes to protect the French entity. Instead by doing this they are destroying it and allienating a lot of people. I, for example, decided to study at an English speaking University because it is very important for me and my business with the rest of Canada. I vote Liberal provincially for the that reason. They are the only Quebec party who are really for a Canadian Quebec. The problem is on
  7. I am sorry to disappoint you Amy. Yes I am a long time liberal, but I am not voting for them in the next elections. I have explained why in another Forum topic : That does not mean that I will vote for the Conservatives either (as well explained in the above forum.) As for Jean Chretien, you might not like him, but still he was a strong leader. In fact he is rated higher than Harper (Chr├ętien en 7th and Harper 10th) in the Maclean's Long-term Canadian Prime Minister 2016 list.
  8. Nefarious Banana, let us agree to disagree... Most probably the reality lies between what you think and what I think. We tend to easily believe what we have been told by our leaders or the news. I do not see Quebec treating other provinces as colonies. We, as Quebecers, certainly felt alienated during Harper's era where preferential treatment went to Western provinces... That could be a perception that we had, like the one you are having now against us. What aggravated this tension between Alberta and Quebec is most probably the pipeline project that most Quebecers do not want (sep
  9. Well said Taxme... I completely agree with you... I know that we had our differences on another forum topic... I am sick and tired of seeing this inhumane practice treated so lightly by feminists .. I would dream of the day that abortion will become criminal... of course it is a wishful thinking of my part.
  10. The Quebec separatist movement that I personally do not agree with was strong in the 80s and 90s. It was defeated fair and square in the latest provincial election. The PQ is now a pale excuse for a party. The Quebecers who wanted to seperate felt alienated by the rest of Canada (much like the Albertans are feeling right now). I insist on the word felt, because it was a perception they had that they were badly treated, and the separatist politicians contributed to that perception. The French language issue was used as an excuse to want to seperate. Than you have some people from other pr
  11. Unable to delete this post ....
  12. I think we diverted enough from the original 'Don't vote for Bernier' topic. I will end it here.. It is obvious that you are angry with us for some perceived things your politicians have planted in your head. Like I said I am a proud French Canadian, but some of my best friends are from English Canada. I do not have any beef with you. Let us try to work together instead of bickering To come back to the original topic. I am not going to vote for Bernier, and I do not think he will split the conservative votes as all signs show that it is a landslide win for them. I blame this
  13. It contributes with sophistication, class, la belle province & joie de vivre.. Not to forget the history with its oldest North American cities, its bilingual culture.. And... And... wait for it.. of course the most Stanley Cups
  14. Thank you!! I couldn't have said it better
  15. You can wine as much as you want we (Quebecers) are as much Canadian as the other provinces. We are here to stay. In fact we were part of the founders of this country long before Alberta joined. Without Quebec, Canada will be similar to our obnoxious southern neighbour. Now to think of it, this is probably what you want. If that is the case please join the the States and do not let the door hit you on your way out. A proud french Canadian
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