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  1. See, there it is again! The "I have to be better and prove to these people that I am better" mentality. You know what you sound like? You sound like those trying to make females strong wannabees on TV shows and movies. Instead of showing us how strong a woman is they have to tell us....... Gosh, why don't you cancuks and your european masters form a super alliance and just go your own way? Prove to yourselves that you are not completely pathetic. Both of you are so annoying and honestly, I have never encountered a genuine kind canadian or european; all of you are horrible horrible snobs who I just want to punch in the face so hard. The United States should just end NORAD and get itself out of NATO. You Americans are wasting billions of dollars on an ungrateful bunch of swine while they enjoy the benefits from it. Oh and ms. canuck, if you dare tell me I am wrong or how arrogant the US is, I dare you to do just that and prove to me how pathetic you and your people truly are, arrogant canuck slime ball.
  2. So, it is okay for me to go to your home, with a bunch of armed men and say "this property is mine now"? Does that freedom of speech extend to this site or is it a "if I don't agree with you, I will ban you" kind of thing?
  3. So why are you complaining about immigrants?
  4. WW2 showed how cruel the white race can become even to their fellow whites.
  5. He loves Trump and you and him share the same likes and dislikes. You're right, he spread hate speech and real hate speech and got banned for it and rightfully so..... "women destroy countries", seriously? Feminism is bad....... "The islamization of the West"...... sigh? Really because I've noticed that a lot do.
  6. See taxme and the guy who starts with the letter Y..... you are living on occupied land, you are occupying.
  7. As I mentioned before, it is because of all the terrible things the white man had done.
  8. Hello sir, did you know that Black Pigeon Speaks, a guy who you would love, got banned on YouTube?
  9. Everything is sustainable and compatible if you have an open mind.
  10. Make less babies. If sex is needed either use contraceptives or don't let it out into the woman's vagina. Or if unsure about children, don't have children at all or adopt one instead of making one.
  11. Oh my God...... they look...... shocked that the ones they believed to be beneath them, beat them and they look...... funny........ especially the one in the middle that looks like there is ink coming out of her eyes.
  12. Because the canucks are a bunch of arrogant snobs who want to fantasize that they are soooooo much better than their neighbor down south; they are the same with the europeans. I mean, if it was a european who was doing it, it would be alright because europeans at least have a history to back up what makes them better but what about you canucks, hmm? What about you? What do you have to show off? Let me guess, your healthcare? Your maple syrup? Your hockey? Your friendliness? This:
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