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  1. About 1 million Uighur Muslims are in detention camps in Xinjiang and now coronavirus has hit Xinjiang — or East Turkistan — as well. https://www.businessinsider.com/wuhan-coronavirus-xinjiang-uighur-squalid-detention-camps-2020-1?op=1&r=US&IR=T
  2. A University degree from the Middle-East is equal in Canada compared to one earned elsewhere. Now, if you or anyone else is unable to respect that degree, that's a whole other issue. "Recent immigrant" I suppose it'd be fair to give the immigrant a bit of time to find an apartment, learn the language and possibly farther educate himself before you judge his poor economical success. It isn't wise to look down on meager jobs that you too need someone to do. I agree.
  3. There can be, but there is not always. Why would the signs not show in the current process just the same? A mere noticing of a sign is not sufficient in making a decision.
  4. Relevance? We're talking about handshakes. A Russian woman walks toward you, doesnt shake your hand. You don't care. A Muslim woman walks toward you, doesn't shake your hand. You think she should leave the country.
  5. An erupean Immigrant is likely to go to Canada already wealthy. Poor people rarely up and go to another country where they have no security. how many years later and how low incomes? Are you convinced the fact that an immigrant finds it more difficult to find work in the first place than a native (or in this case, the wealthy European) has no effect to these things?
  6. Or extreme anxiety. Not all Muslim restrain from shaking hands with a member of the opposite sex It is permissable if the woman is wearing gloves. Russian women traditionally do not shake hands
  7. I wasn't talking about logic. Also it is debatable whether immigrants tend to have poor economic success.
  8. There is also no forcing one to touch another. Obviously only if their job requires it. They can apply to jobs where they don't have to touch anyone. There's a lot of people who "recoil from the thought of touching someone" (at all) who are not immigrants or religious. Some people just don't like it.
  9. As such, that doesn't and should never enter politics. Secular politics work in what are considered laws of objective morality and ethics. The entire idea of attaching any sentiments to it is hypocritical. People are condemned as though by machines – there can be no emotion attached to the decision. Similarly people receive as is their right as though decided by machines – there can be no emotion attached to the decision.
  10. It's not a jew card or anything offensive for that matter. I know not all Jews do it, but that is obvious hence I sometimes neglect to stress that fact. If shaking hands is a requirement the list of people unsuitable to live in Canada is going to grow to surprising amounts.
  11. Not shaking a woman's hand is not antisocial. What's the big deal? I insist you touch my hand or you're a bad person? Hey, Jews don't touch either. Yikes.
  12. Should a child be allowed to change his/her religion officially at any age? (changing here includes leaving a religion or joining one after not belonging to any) If not, at what age should a child be allowed that freedom?
  13. Typically parents are considered to be primarily responsible for that their child is at a healthy weight. The parents are enormously affected by the medical care, the food industry, education and the media. If the parents were not doing their job, who would be responsible in taking action? If a child is overweight, how should a parent go about dealing with it in the correct manner?
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