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  1. Born in Canada — Canadian, no? Most of them certainly are. Moving away for a number of years, doesn't take away citizenship. the truth is, it is the only sensible thing to do. One cannot (it would be difficult to) raise a child in an Islamic way in a western society. Your view is, the worse a Muslim, the better Canadian! But the truth is, the better a Muslim the better a human being. It seems you don't know what it means to be a good human being. Such is the state of Canada, huh?
  2. I hope you have other concerns for the women than just their sexual organs and the way they dress in public?
  3. Why, you don't like good citizens? Is there something about good, decent and useful people, that you just can't endure?
  4. I meant to emphathize that there is no verse that would make me feel uncomfortable. Of course I'm not sure who you're trying to trigger. Just saying.
  5. Well, you ought to know, I think the Qur'an is beautiful and perfect in every way. There is no verse in it that I wouldn't like to ponder.
  6. No. The Quran is only in Arabic.
  7. You should really use quotation marks, or alternatively, if you decide to twist the words, say it is your adulteration.
  8. Did no one comment at all on the Charlie Hebdo magazine? Really you people have been distracted. Now who will inform the world? Who will defend Canada? Who will protect your liberty??!
  9. It was brought up as though it was directly related to Muslims...
  10. I hadn't even thought of that. no, I never objected to the possibility that someone somewhere sometime was hit by a car.
  11. I've underlined what happened according to the translated article. And that's why they call it islamophobia. As if X nationality, skin colour and citizenship or lack of it equal being a Muslim. Some of you think you're above this thread, but the truth is you eat half of what they feed you.
  12. I'll simply assume it never happened. It is not my task to prove it didn't happen. It's the other way around. At the end of the day, I don't care.
  13. The story that you quoted by translator was significantly different from the one written by Robert Spencer. The former being true doesn't make the latter true. The former describes an accident with vague details, the latter describes a deliberate and cruel murder with specific, but unverified details, most likely stemming from Robert's vivid imagination. The question is, what kind of a person's spends their time inventing and describing horrific acts of violence?
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