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  1. maybe I didn't express correctly I'm not against gays or lesbians. not their fault to go that way the problem is, gay marriage issue becomes political-correctness, too many people are too crazy about that how to choose a sound opinion? how to choose a suitable politician to represent us? well, so many people would look at his or her attitude about gay marriage, first and only. it becomes a taboo nobody dare to challenge, only the 'correct' opinion could appear on newspapers, radio, tv, no one dares to argue they got their marriage already, so be it. the media should stop sing praise for it. the country, the people should move on, try to solve more important issues. we have no other issues?
  2. take gay marriage as an example. seems you should support it. human right. blablabla. ok. what will happen? they have no babies. maybe far later new tech could enable guys or girls having baby without opposite sex. not now. what happens next? population dives. we need more immigration, even refugees, who cares? we just have no enough young people to pay pensions. yes welcome Muslim refugees. even terrorists. who cares? gays or lesbians have no babies! it's very bad for a COUNTRY! yes they can marry as they want, for personal happiness, nobody against that. human right you know. but come on! stop advertise it on any media! don't make it a COOL thing so young people should follow it. maybe some religious people hate gay thing so much that they want them just marry with each other and kill themselves genetically. well, have to say they are too successful. now some young people really buy it. they think it's cool. and also political correct. what do you say? dare you say no to gays and lesbians?
  3. oh come on guys, you guys are 'naive' too! why Chinese said JT is naïve? because he wants Trump to help him out of Meng Wanzhou issue. why Canada and JT have a 'Meng Wanzhou' issue? because Trump ordered JT to do so. why china is angry at Canada? because usa refused to take Meng to usa! what's next? china wants the lady back, so china cannot push usa for it. Canada has to take all the pressure from china. if usa really wants to hit Huawei, why not take Meng back to usa? they can do whatever they want in their own place. now Meng is in Canada, is it convenient for usa to do anything? NO! come on! it's usa! they are free to invade Iraq! you guys think they dare not take over Meng? in fact, they dare not. they want Canada to take her, keep her, and ruin all the good relationship between Canada and china. you guys still remember we used to have friendship with china? you guys still remember we made good money because china stopped buying soy beans from usa and turned to Canada? YES! we used to do well until Meng is detained. and what can Canada do now on that issue? give her back to china? seems to lose some face, right? give her to usa? no they don't want to take her over. why why why? they asked, if not ordered Canada to detained her, and then ignored her as if nothing happened? what's usa's real purpose? come on guys! have some logic! usa wants allies to fight against china, including Canada. but, they don't want pay us for that. well, what can they do? fortunately for them, unfortunately for Canada, they have some smart guys in usa, we have none. Meng is a very GOOD reason that could lead Canada on the way to go aside usa and against china. and IT WORKS! let me put it clear. did china do something bad on Canada before Meng was detained? anyone could tell me? Meng is nothing but a tool. usa uses her to drag Canada on her side against china. now china is fighting back. can you imagine how happy Trump is? and JT wants Trump to help him out of the hot water. come on! Chinese people is polite to use the word 'naive'. JT is an idiot! never seen such an idiot! so stupid! I understand someone wants to argue. well, pls think about it. why usa refused to take Meng over? if they take her, china will fight with usa directly. maybe they will detain a few Canadian as retaliation, but they will not go on with canola oil or pork. but usa says no. Canada has to keep Meng. and now ask Trump for help. idiot!
  4. well, I thought you would talk about birth control in developing world to solve the over-population thing. seems you only want to fight against left guys. so maybe I could expect you also go against gay marriage, refugees, women's right, and other opinions on left side.
  5. have to agree on that point. any suggestion to fix this problem?
  6. 1. the loss of y chromosome is quite slow in mankind. won't happen new year or next century, or next millennium. it may take millions if not billions of years. a meteoroid is a much bigger reason to wipe out mankind. 2. much smaller animals like some rats already lost their y chromosome, and they just go without. the only important gene on y chromosome is sry, which may be transferred to another chromosome, or in whatever fancy way remain in the genome, therefore the specie could move on. 3. if you like y chromosome so much, you could easily keep it. not hard in tech. just keep sperm in liquid nitrogen. you could easily save gallons upon gallons to fertilize future ladies who run out of guys.
  7. the earth is not heating up thanks to the huge amount of ice in Antarctic, arctic and Greenland. it reflects sunshine. it absolve huge amount of heat when melting down. we saw glaciers retreating, but our temperature does not change much, if any. it's like a huge fridge. but there would be a turning point. when there is not enough ice left, the BIG melting would come. we would see sea levels running high, temperature rocketing, and big seaside cities submerged, and millions if not billions people have to flee away. maybe to the north, where it is still cooler. I don't know how many people live in north american mega cities like new york, los angeles, or Vancouver. if we have to build new super cities to relocate those poor weather refugees, our economy would have a crazy growth rate. that will make America great again. maybe that is why trump quit paris agreement. if usa people have to go north for more land with milder climate, well, I don't think it's a bad thing for Canadians. Canadians suffer too much for not being part of usa. they have to pay higher tax and prices, not to mention meng wanzhou. if usa eats up (pardon me for the word I choose), well, who would suffer? Canadian people will have the same life with other usa people. but our leaders like trudeau, they would lose their opportunity to be a stupid puppy. so sorry for them.
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