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  1. Canadians and all the lovely Europeans out there, you always condemn them for wars, imperialism, evil corporations, being arrogant, Trump etc. Why do this? Why just limit your complaints through words instead of actually doing something about it like using military force? Canadians, read this carefully: complaining about them, does not do anything. If your goal was to make them feel guilty so that they will change and become a better people and everyone is happy, then I'm sorry but human beings are not that simple. If your goal was to spread the information in the hopes that someone somewhere will do it for you, again, not that simple. I know it is much easier to vent off but after you do, the problem is still there. I just don't understand with your constant anti-US drivel, why you haven't done this and why on Earth would you still allow them into your lives. Now, if you are wondering if your governments would agree to fix the problems using such an approach, then the answer might be no but Canada, did you forget that you are a democracy? I thought that in a democracy, the will of the people is sacred? I thought that through sheer will alone, the people can guide where there nation goes to? I thought Canada was better? Yes, it is true that if you try to stop them this might end up in a war. Yes, I understand the insurmountable odds that you have to face to defeat them but you need to understand also that stopping evil is not always easy. Many people will have to sacrifice and yes these sacrifices might be too big. You might lose your family, your home, your friends, coworkers, neighbors, pets and everything that you ever valued. Millions may end up dead and millions more may end up suffering. Yes, I understand, it is not easy but what is important is that you tried. You showed the bully that not everyone was afraid. That there are people out there who are willing to give everything for what they believe. This will then inspire millions upon billions of people from all over the world to stop them. Evil prevails when people, not good people but just people in general, fail to act. It then grows and then mutates and spreads like cancer but if detected early, there is higher chance of curing it. You did this with Germany once, now do it again. Canadians , I know you are good people and want to do good, prove it. And I know that to some Canadians, Americans are their distant cousins because they were once you but that was a long time ago. You have to let go of them. You have to seek your freedom and find your own way. And as for them, I am not asking that you commit genocide upon them as they are still human beings who regardless of whether they are terrible people or not deserve to be treated with dignity and still deserve the right to self determination but what they do not deserve anymore is that power. That power, if not vanquished entirely should be trusted upon an honorable nation or group of nations; one that values human rights, one that seeks peace above all else and is willing to sacrifice for the greater good of all instead of pushing its agenda leading to death and all for its personal glory. The US is not that nation and has never been. That nation can however use the US as template for what not do and I believe that nation is in Canada.
  2. Were you also confused when the US invaded Iraq?
  3. When I ask the question "If the USA is evil, why hasn't the world stopped it", one of the responses I get is "because the world is evil too" and some Canadians say the same thing about Canada. I'm going to use that argument against them now.
  4. I say that's good! To the world, the US was too stupid to be a superpower anyway. Let others have it and hopefully they will turn the world into a better place. Yes, nothing changes and it never will. The American people and the American leadership are not listening to you. That is why Canadians and the rest of the world has to make these changes themselves! If they do, Canada does have an option not to join. Which makes me wonder why the world hasn't united against the USA! This is the point I keep making and nobody wants to listen to me! And don't give me the: "they are too powerful" speech because we all know that's a lie. Then don't give him any attention at all. After all, he is president of the USA, not of Canada or the world.
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