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  1. So? So what are Canadians doing about it? Let me guess, nothing? Just talking about it on some dumb site where those poor people who have fled have never heard of? Canada, did you forget that you are a democracy where the will of the people is sacred? Yes! That's what I'm saying! That's the spirit right there. Canada offers more than what the US can offer and it offers it better! Jacee, you should force your. There you go Americanos, your problem has been solved! Look, ms. jacee, as I keep mentioning around here, the US isn't
  2. Sir, you do not want to have a proper conversation, what you want is to force your ways unto a group of people and if you don't get it, you get angry, just like the ones over at Quora. Sir, once again, who the Americans suck up to is none of your business. You are a Canadian. You live in Canada. Then what is Canada doing about it? What is the Commonwealth doing about it? Let me guess, nothing!? You expect the evil USA to fix the problem for you?
  3. Same here. I try to ask people like eyeball and GostHacked that if the US is so bad, why hasn't Canada severed ties with it yet and they never respond to me. They know the Canadian government would never agree to such a thing, no matter how bad the Canadian people perceive the US to be. Their only weapon is to make Americans feel bad in the hopes that they change to what the Canadian people want them to be which is hopeless and pathetic to begin with.
  4. Okay fine but I'm asking the Canadians who do dislike him. The impression I get, not only from Canadians but from every single non-American who dislikes Trump is "we are angry at the American population for not voting the other person" which should never be the case because that is not democracy and I thought Canadians were better at it. Isn't it hypocritical that the world gets angry when the US interferes with other nations but the world seems to want to interfere with the US as well?
  5. Canadians, why does Trump bother you so much? He is not leader of your country nor of the world. He is leader of just one country.
  6. Canadians, once again I ask you this question, if you have such a huge problem with the US, let it go. Find other nations and form alliances and new trade treaties with them. Find nations that share your values and I'm sure there are plenty especially over at Europe. There are 193 other nations out there. You are part of the commonwealth aren't you? Try finding finding nations there. Let them go and free yourselves of this frustration. And if your excuse is your government won't allow it: have you tried using your votes? Have you tried running for politics so that your voice can be heard and h
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