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  1. Yeah they do. I'm not familiar how but they do. Yes but in their system of government, that's how it works, so too bad for you and maybe them. They don't like it? They can have it changed. That's good if it is! A weaker USA is what Canadians want, isn't it? You shouldn't be telling them that, you should be keeping it a secret and just let it happen. Oh God. Here we go again. I'm a troll for saying facts!
  2. I love it but you know what I would love more? An experiment where the US isolates itself. I want to see how the world would be like. Would it be a terrifying world like what you say, or would it be a peaceful one like what these canucks and europeans say. By the way, the Canadians don't treat you like human beings, so why bother with them? "The anti-Americanism was a pain in the ass to hear. Canadians have a global reputation of being extremely tolerant and polite…except when it comes to Americans. A lot of it was just nonsensical and it’s a form of prejudice, full stop. It was annoying because I was born in the States and I hated hearing others slag on my place of birth. It’s also incredibly hypocritical to boast about tolerance (even defending intolerant acts by other, non-American cultures!) when practicing the opposite." - Lewis Jacobson https://www.quora.com/Do-you-regret-moving-to-Canada
  3. Why? The American people vote in their government remember? Their government represents what the people want! A government for the people, by the people, remember? So whatever their government does, reflects the will of the people! Then untangle yourselves. What? I wasn't talking about the American Dream, I was talking about the people over there not listening to you! Which probably makes you frustrated!
  4. Well then get to it! What are you doing CANADA!?
  5. I know, no matter how rare they are, that there are pro-US Canadians but Mr. and Ms. pro-Americano, why force your nation into something that they don't want to? Why force Canada to cozy up to them or to continue to deal with them? Don't you have Europe or the Commonwealth? Don't they share your values? Wouldn't you be happier building strong bonds with them? Canadians, stop being angry. Your frustration is blocking your logic. Dip your head in ice. Now listen, get your government to slowly and if necessary block anything that comes from the US. People, products, everything. So, Canada, once again, do your nation a favor. Free yourselves of this frustration and let them go.
  6. Canadians, you are so full of passion and desires but I've noticed when you are presented with solutions to your problems, you give out excuses: plain, empty, sometimes nonsensical excuses why you can't when clearly you can! YOU CAN! You just don't seem to want to! Whether you agree with the premise or not, majority of Canadians hate the US, hate Americans, hate this dependence on the US, they want to be free from it. It's a fact. Let's stop pretending this does not exist. Canadians would be one of the 1st to cheer when the US is in ruins and its people are broken. Now, unfortunately, many nations out there do not want to take on this task and would rather just wait it out and wish that it would fall apart on its own and that may take a very long time. Now, here is the solution: sever ties with them. Kick out every American that lives in Canada, kick out every US business that operates in Canada, DO NOT let them in under any circumstance, DO NOT let anything from the US in under any circumstance; just get them out of your lives. That is the best way to fight them. There are a lot countries out there who can help you. Most of them are in Europe and in Europe, you will find people who share your values, who share your dislike and likes. You can form new alliances and treaties with them and maybe form like a super alliance and together you can change the course of this world and lead it to a better one, one that is just, prosperous and peaceful but first you have to let them go. Now, of course they are going to fight back but your allies, your friends will help you deter whatever action they do unto you. No matter how sever the punishments may be, Canadians will endure it, they have to. Now, Canadians, don't give me the whole "we can't do that" because as I mentioned, you can! YES, there will be a lot of sacrifices but as people over at Quora have said, human beings are versatile, human beings will cope and in a matter of months or years maybe, Canada would have forgotten about the USA all together. Also Canadians, they are not listening to you. I cannot count how many times I have said that but that is the sad truth. They don't care if you are hurting. Only you are hurting. And hating in the long run, is bad for your health, physical and mental. I understand the feeling whenever nobody is listening to you but I do not force them to listen, instead I go around them and finds ways to do the things I want to do without them. That is what you should be doing! Canadians, have some dignity for God sakes. You reek of insecurity and you are just being pathetic and silly. Don't succumb to your hate and don't hate forever, use your hate as an advantage and slowly, you can turn it to love for the world.
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