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  1. Maxime Bernier's PPC seems to speak for a lot of the population - but is that enough? Where do you stand - are you afraid of vote splitting, dislike the PPC message or are you a PPC supporter? Poll: Does Maxime Bernier's PPC stand a chance?
  2. There’s been a lot of controversy of this upcoming Fall election. If you’re in the West, you absolutely cannot believe that Trudeau has a chance of re-election. Curious to see how a poll would look without mainstream media influence. Poll: Where do you stand on this upcoming Fall election?
  3. There has been much debate on the use of Western Oil & Gas and the tanker ban in BC while Saudi oil pours into the East coast. What’s your opinion? Poll: Do you support Western oil & gas? looking forward to seeing a non-media fake poll on this.
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