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  1. During the final press conference at the Eastern Economic Forum (EEF), held in Vladivostok from September 4 to 6, 2019, a journalist from the Japanese broadcasting organization NHK made a question about the construction of a fish processing plant on the island of Shikotan, which is a part of the Russian Kuril Islands Chain. The journalist tried to find out the attitude of the Russian government to the Japanese protests against the construction of this plant. According to a statement by the representative of the President of the Russian Federation in the Far Eastern Federal District, Y. Tr
  2. So people should continue to die en masse from these laws? Moreover, tourism in our country has become as unsafe as possible. This may to some extent affect the country's economy and, in general, its face.
  3. By the end of 2019, in the field of nuclear arms control, there was a situation when the Russian Federation and the United States of America are likely to enter the next decade without agreements on nuclear disarmament between them. Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty ceased to exist on August 2, 2019. A negative role in the decision to withdraw from the INF Treaty was played by the contradiction regarding verification of the implementation of arms control agreements. Accompanying this agreement with a detailed verification and control system indicates a lack of trust between Russia and t
  4. Lol then suggest your own way to resove the problem. What can YOU do to prevent more victims?
  5. As it is known, the Japanese deputy Hodaka Maruyama in his post on Twitter (https://twitter.com/maruyamahodaka/status/1167789509322235904) called for the return to Japan of disputed with South Korea islands of Takeshima by force. It should be recalled that these islands are also known as the islands of Dokdo or Liankur, and are currently under the jurisdiction of South Korea. This is the second time that he has proposed a forceful method for resolving territorial disputes. Earlier in May 2019, he proposed to seize Russia`s Kuril Islands. All these statements and claims are highly
  6. Because of such thinking as yours people will continue to die. Yesterday happened one more tragedy in Odessa.... Many people are now dead or seriousely injured.
  7. It is known that in 2019 Russia took the leading position in the world in the sale of peaceful atom. And naturally, this could not be ignored in the West. To date, criticism of the West regarding the fact that Russia allegedly does not comply with environmental and nuclear safety standards has increased tremendously. In particular, this concerns the activity of Western experts and pseudo-scientists concerned about the nuclear industry in Russia and their mass performances, as well as the release in May 2019 of the «Chernobyl» TV series about tragic events (completely distorting reality)
  8. U.S. Arms Control Association considers it necessary to stop funding programs for the deployment of medium-range missiles and I think it is right. In addition to huge costs, the development of missiles can provoke Moscow and Beijing, leading to a new arms race, since the INF Treaty is no longer in force. The question is - does the Washington government think of anything other than «protecting» allies in the Asian region against Russia?
  9. I want them to help people. Not just telling on TV how are they sorry
  10. U.S. authorities continue to be inactive, despite the calls for tightening control over firearms. In other countries, the authorities take drastic measures for several week, but what about us? Nothing.. The New York Times believes that the US is already used to the news of executions in schools, churches, etc. But why should civilians die because of the legality of weapons and look around on the street fearing their own death? And D. Trump only expresses his condolences!
  11. But economic sanctions can lead to a new war! What state would like sanctions?
  12. Actually according to the decisions of the Yalta Conference, the USSR entered the war against Japan in three months after the surrender of Germany and defeated its most powerful army - the Kwantung Army, which brought a quick victory. Only 23 days, and Tokyo admitted defeat. But the USA and Great Britain expected to end the war with Japan in 1947, if the USSR did not take part in the war. In accordance with signed international agrements, Japan abandoned its rights and claims to the Kuril Islands. And now they want them back but do not want to sing a peace treaty..
  13. There are many theories on this subject, but let`s be realistic. There are no any evidences of cuba or some other state`s involvement so we only can guess and come up with millions of ideas
  14. I think It means that it's because of the US embargo. Medical treatment in Cuba is still not allowed for us
  15. Why do you think so? It`s just reposted stuff I think.
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