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  1. Because according to you Canadians, it is evil! I thought you all hated them and wanted them to die? Fudge me dead! Are any of you sure you are Canadians?
  2. One of the many excuses that anti-US people give, including in Canada, to justify why they cannot stop the evils of the US is because the world still uses the American dollar.... IF SO, why doesn't the world just stop using it then? I have also been told that certain Middle Eastern nations have tried this but their countries were reduced to chaos. America cannot conspire against each nation all at once, America cannot attack everyone all at once; they simple do not have the resources. If the world attempted this, their economy would be greatly diminished thus preventing them from declaring war
  3. 1. So two wrongs make a right? 2. Germany and Japan are some of the best countries in the world in terms of everything today and that is because they were brought back into line. I believe to make America great again, the world has got to do the same. 3. Oh boy, there are a lot, Mr. Michael. Are you sure you are Canadian? Mr. Michael, if you think I'm trolling, then do yourself a favor and don't come back not only to this thread but to my future threads as well.
  4. Then why are most Canadians angry? Also, Mr. eyeball, what hasn't Canada and Europe worked together to stage a coup in the US? And if the US is such a clown, why is Canada still trading with them? And if the US is such a clown, why is Canada still allied with them? Can you please answer me that Mr. eyeball?
  5. 1. Okay, let me rephrase "if the USA is evil, why haven't they been stopped?" 2. But it turned them into civilized nations. 3. And how is this any different from what Canadians want?
  6. Why do Canadians bother anyway? He's not your president and it's not your country.
  7. And talk as if he is the worst thing to happen to this world? What's he done? Has he murdered millions of people? Has he impoverished whole nations? The only crimes that I can think of is he has a terrible behavior and that's not even a crime. And last I checked, he has improved the lives of millions of Americans. The USA's economy is doing very well, unemployment is low, many jobs are opening up, I don't see what the problem is here.Does the world hate him because he wants Mexico to pay for the wall? The USA cannot force countries to do what they don't want to do. Does the world hate him beca
  8. I am not asking that they murder hundreds of millions, I am merely asking why they are not stopping their evils. Like what Canada did to Germany and Japan in WW2? Also, did you forget that they are a government of the people, by the people, for the people therefore what their politicians do reflects on the people?
  9. I have been asking the most important question of our time: if the USA is evil, why haven't they been destroyed? And I totally thought Canadians and Europeans would be on board with me on this but alas, the complete opposite happened: many Canadians and Europeans suggested that the USA is too powerful even with the world's powers combined. They have no choice but to let the US continue to do their evils and hope that someone would bite them in the anus later on. But how come when a rich man murders someone, they often go to jail even if they are rich? Why doesn't the same thing app
  10. According to Canadians, China is leading the world. They plan to build that great Silk Road.
  11. But I thought Canada hated the US because of what they did to Iraq? So two wrongs do make a right? But a lot of Canadians and Europeans feel the same way, are you all calling us trolls and Marxist which I don't even believe in?
  12. Germany during WW2: Invaded countries, Bombed countries, Committed genocide against the Jews, Colonized countries, Murdered millions of people And Japan pretty much did the same. America over the years: Invaded countries, Bombed countries, Committed genocide against the Natives Americans, Colonized countries, Murdered millions of people ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- But how come America is able to get away with it but Germany and Japan didn't? Is the world really that afraid? Is the
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