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  1. His environmental plans won’t work because they aren’t severe enough but he actually has a plan which came from experts. The pipeline Trudeau bought for Alberta so yea he listened to the experts. With the exception of SNC Lavalin. The military issue isn’t because lack of listening to experts but from the red tape and slowness of procurement. With respect to refugees the “experts” are the conservative party and PPC.
  2. Rather a leader who listens to experts than a leader who ignores them and crafts policies contrary to their suggestions.
  3. Conservative party would be more appealing if they got rid of the social conservative aspect and the anti-intellectualism and anti-science stances that it brings. With Peter Mackay I don’t see that happening.
  4. It is discrimination, but it isn’t illegal discrimination.
  5. Having a possibility of movement of millions of people from the coast, disruption in farming and food production. I would say that those would be emergencies.
  6. I support moving away from Oil and Gas and towards clean energy.
  7. Andrew Shceer vows to make the senate more partisan by ending Trudeau's senate reforms. https://election.ctvnews.ca/scheer-would-end-trudeau-s-experiment-with-less-partisan-senate-1.4615630

    1. scribblet


      Trudeau's appointments are still partisan and vote as a block for Liberals.  Scheer wants an elected Senate.

    2. Abies


      An elected senate isn't possible without serious changes to our constitution. and Trudeau's Senate made 33 amendments to bills compared to Harper's senate making 1 amendment.

  8. What evidence do you have that there is no problem?
  9. So where is their study showing otherwise? 500 scientists should know how to back up their claims.
  10. Assimilating into American culture or western culture will not make the middle east's problems go away. And the many are not responsible for the few's actions. Holding every Muslim accountable for another's bad act isn't rational nor reasonable.
  11. Very very disappointing.His statements today were stupid.
  12. Except as you have just shown there is plenty of things a Canadian can do to offset their carbon foot print. Not much the average Chinese citizen can do except push for cleaner energy from their government. Hence why per capita is useful because it shows what each individual contributes. 100 dollars a ton is the mark to push people to change their behavior. 20 dollars is a start but it should be higher.
  13. Muslims are not poor because they are Muslim and you contradicted that by pointing out they tend to have poor language skills as refugees and likely not economically well off or skilled.
  14. I already covered the other parties. The money returned is more than what you paid and people living in areas where car usage is definitely a need is taken into account. https://www.theglobeandmail.com/canada/article-canadas-carbon-tax-a-guide/
  15. Per capita we emit a lot. So there is a lot we can do as we can choose to not consume massive amounts of junk and produce bunch of waste. China emits a lot but their government has already committed to a cap and trade system and invested in green energy and the same is happening with India.
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