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  1. I agree that having a transit system to the extent of Shanghai isn't currently realistic, but having a transit system that serves the current population and infrastructure to expand for the future is something provinces should be doing.
  2. If Alberta votes to separate, then begins negotiations between Canada, BC, Saskatchewan and all of the First Nations in Alberta. Landlocked First Nations will most certainly argue to expand their land to connect it to other FN groups and inter provincial borders.
  3. Where are you getting that from my post? Judges don't make laws they strike down laws when it violates the constitution.
  4. I would say politicians removing rights is far more serious than a Judge striking down a law for being unconstitutional.
  5. Still have the First Nations groups in Alberta who will more than likely want to remain with Canada.
  6. I realize that, I did not say it as a serious thing.
  7. Of course, I was only saying so in reference if the government ignored the rules.
  8. That isn't what causes majority of our emissions. The oil and gas sector and transportation contributes the most. Vast majority live in and around the cities. People most certainly have access to other alternative heating sources and transportation sources.
  9. https://www.canada.ca/en/environment-climate-change/services/environmental-indicators/greenhouse-gas-emissions.html
  10. Also Encana was shifting to the US during Harper’s time as PM so it is strange to blame JT.
  11. Per capita we produce quite a bit of emissions.
  12. Quebec is abusing their own citizens by using the notwithstanding clause to prevent those following their faith from holding government and public positions. Women choosing to follow their faith as they please are not participating in their own oppression. And women are beaten and killed for many reasons it isn’t specific to one faith or culture. I do not have to convince you but I will point out the flaws in your argument.
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