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  1. I found these resources to be quite fascinating and very good for starting on different topics in history. https://www.reddit.com/r/badhistory https://www.reddit.com/r/AskHistorians/
  2. Emergency powers gives the government the power to ignore agreements and rights.
  3. You mean they don't make hypothesis and a test such as they do in the sciences so in your mind that invalidates anything the humanities have to say. Except there is no way to quantify culture in a way that is testable. Here is my citation: http://shc.stanford.edu/why-do-humanities-matter, http://shc.stanford.edu/how-humanities-research-conducted
  4. They do. Researching human experiences all over the world furthers our understanding of the societies they inhabit.
  5. It isn't universities jobs to make people job ready. That is the job for the person choosing to go to university. Also if we are going to attack humanities I'd like to point out plenty of the Sciences do not translate to a job as well.
  6. None of the evidence has been tried because he took a plea deal after being tortured and his rights violated by Canada. There was no proof offered to the court because there was never a chance to do so when he took a plea deal.
  7. That arrangement would leave the central provinces at the mercy to provinces with access to bodies of water for shipping.
  8. You are making a lot of baseless assumptions on my views and positions. Quite telling you are relying on a red herring as an argument rather than countering my points.
  9. No I didn't remove it from context you are simply cherry picking to fit your world view. I have already showed you your own sources do not agree with you. You are just arguing in bad faith.
  10. The problem is that there hasn't been any evidence that he threw the grenade. The evidence has never been tried in the court of law.
  11. He is already appealing in the US. If the widow wants to collect she will have to file in Canada and get a Canadian judge to say that judgement has to be upheld. Choices he made as a kid after being brainwashed by his family. In Canada 18 is an adult not 16 or 15 for that matter. Also there isn't any evidence he threw the grenade and the bar for charging someone for treason is extremely high and unlikely. He was a child soldier full stop. Also nobody made me their 'bitch'. I simply have a brain and I have used it. It is something I encourage you to do. Ironically soldiers are seen as protectors of our freedom but after my exchange with you it turns out it is just a lie. You don't care about the charter or rights at all.
  12. The plea is a very significant part of this argument and that he is appealing his charge at the tribunal.
  13. Khadr took a plea deal. The facts of the case were not tried in the court of law. Khadr took the plea deal so he can come back to Canada. He is still appealing the tribunal ruling. When tried in a real court instead of tribunal none of the evidence would past muster since it was not obtained legally. he was serving the sentence because he plead guilty in exchange for being sent back to Canada after a year. The facts have not been tried in the court of law.
  14. Regardless there is no evidence he threw the grenade and the testimony acquired from Khadr was obtained after being tortured. Khadr was only charged because he was pressured to take a plea deal for better treatment. While you are correct there are no laws on child soldier and I should not be worded as such but that isn’t necessary to my point to be relevant. What is relevant is that in the eyes of the UN he is a child soldier and should be treated as such. This isn’t the same as a youth being radicalized on the internet and committing violence soon after. He was taken by his family to another country at a young age and exposed to violence and extremist rhetoric. Also one of your points contradicts what you are saying. “ You removed the Paris Principles from their actual contextual and reference points which was not terrorist groups and did not quote the actual convention that would be relevant. You will also note the protocol's last sentence which clearly like any law of any nation or any principle of the UN is notrecognized and is in fact rejected by terrorist groups.” It states armed groups and armed forces which covers terrorists groups. So I did not not remove anything from their actual context and reference points.
  15. His family brought him there and he was brainwashed. Under law he is a child soldier since he was below the age of 16 when he was captured. His charges do not hold up for one there is no evidence he threw the grenade and two he was tortured and gave a statement after said torture you described. His award was based on the fact Canadian intelligence violated his rights.
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