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  1. And his government legalized Marijuana. Many millennials voted for him because of this? So I've been told.
  2. Jason is 40. Older and bolder too
  3. Lol ... Your certainly different Dougie93 but a good different
  4. Marcus, I have no reason to make this shit up. My entire family and my friends would back me up on this. You are fortunate then if you and your family have not come across this. I didn't always feel this way until these things happened. So it is the truth. If I have crossed paths with a woman who was pleasant and Muslim, not wearing a Hijab or Burka, then I don't know she is Muslim. And she does not know my religion either. So it is what it is. I am far from hateful. I have friends and colleagues from all different backgrounds. I have been treated unfairly and I have every right to speak my truth. I will not respond to you anymore. No reason to defend myself but I thought one more time! lol Have a great day
  5. Well said Argus. Sharia Law scares me. Sharia Law = Prisoner
  6. No bullshit Marcus. I guess if they are not wearing the Hijab, I don't know if they are Muslim or not, which is my whole point. Yay! My skin is darker then most of the Muslim women I have seen. I recognize some of the Muslim traits in men re: beards, eyes, etc. and language. Yes I have spoken with some of them. I had one about two weeks ago share that the Virgin Mary wore a Hijab .... so there you go. It's only my word but it's my truth and I really don't give a s**t what Marcus thinks lol
  7. If you have not already .... Petition to bring back Don Cherry https://www.change.org/p/sportsnet-and-the-cbc-bring-back-don-cherry
  8. Hi SkyHigh, wish I would meet a nice Muslim woman. I tell you that has not been my experience. My children were young and not once, but twice I was at a local park and Muslim women come running into the playground to separate their children from my children. It was shocking! WTF And another Muslim woman in my neighborhood, whom I treated to a special event along with her children, asked my husband how he lets me dress in a bathing suit in front of other men? And then another tried to convince my young daughter that she should be wearing a Hijab. And another said that all women should save their hair and skin for their husband because this is the proper way of behaving....blah blah blah Then sometimes when I go grocery shopping, I can't tell if they are smiling or giving me dirty looks with the Burka on. Hopefully the Muslim religion NEVER rules here in Canada! What do you say to these examples? Also I still like to go out and party in our downtown area. I do see many Muslim men rocking it in the clubs, dancing and drinking. However, I have not witnessed one Hijab yet. So there you go. Maybe it's because your Muslim friend is male?
  9. Well Don Cherry did. No double standard here? The news read that Mr. Cherry singled out Immigrants and now Miss Allen singles out white boys that play hockey. So I am confused. The entire thing is a joke. How can you allow only certain things to be okay. Who is the judge? You? I grew up around hockey. Love the sport, love the guys and gals that play it. I married a Captain Loved Don Cherry too Loved him for his knowledge of hockey. Allen's opinions do not reflect mine!
  10. Hi, I just posted a link as well and then I see yours! Yes double standards. Miss Allen was more offensive in her comments than Mr. Cherry!
  11. Hey PPC, it's bizarre and unfair that some people get fired for making blanket statements and others have zero consequences! Jessica Allen ruffled feathers Tuesday when discussing Cherry's dismissal from the "Coach's Corner" segment of "Hockey Night in Canada" on Monday after he suggested on air that immigrants don't wear poppies. Allen told viewers that she doesn't "worship at the altar of hockey" and found in her experience that those who did "all tended to be white boys who weren't, let's say, very nice." "They were not generally thoughtful, they were often bullies, their parents were able to spend $5,000 a year on minor hockey — $5,000 is a lot of money," Allen continued in Tuesday's panel discussion. https://ca.news.yahoo.com/social-cast-member-jessica-allen-184556734.html
  12. If you read the comment sections on Yahoo, Huff Post, etc. most show overwhelming support for Don Cherry and respect him. Check it out : https://ca.yahoo.com/sports/news/report-don-cherry-fired-after-coachs-corner-rant-194524744.html?bcmt=1
  13. Why would it make my head blow up? I was just stating a true fact. I have never seen the show you posted above. It's not broadcasted on the channels on my TV? Nor have I ever witnessed attending a game. Maybe it's weird but it's true.
  14. Sorry PPC ... have you at a hockey game? If your into hockey?
  15. No I have not. It's about two years that I've been to a local game and a year for a NHL game ... never seen one? Not that there would be anything wrong with that, but the tweets and people on the news against Cherry, many are in Turbans or Muslim. So I just think it's funny. How can you appreciate Don Cherry? Have you seen one? Where?
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