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  1. Thanks. Yes it is crazy. Effects DNA! It makes me want to dispose of my smart phone and get a flip! If cell towers are installed on every block, how would one escape the effects?
  2. Hi Tdot, can you elaborate? Thank you
  3. Now this is the best and funniest thing I've heard in a long time lol So true!
  4. Is anyone here concerned about 5G? I recently watched a documentary about the huge terrible effects it will have on all of us. Very alarming. Who created 5G? China. China has launched its 5G national network and started commercial operation on 1 November 2019. 5G - Wikipedia Some 5G conspiracy theorists contend that the new network generates radiofrequency radiation that can damage DNA and lead to cancer; cause oxidative damage that can cause premature aging; disrupt cell metabolism; and potentially lead to other diseases through the generation of stress proteins. Mar 31, 2020 https://www.howtogeek.com/423720/how-worried-should-you-be-about-the-health-risks-of-5g/ Rollout of 5G networks is expected to begin in Canada in 2020, promising to transform modern communications and to be a political minefield for the federal government. TORONTO -- You've no doubt heard of 5G and may have only a vague sense that it will mean faster service for your cellphone.Dec 3, 2019 https://www.ctvnews.ca › sci-tech Lightning fast but a political minefield: the trouble with 5G in Canada | CTV News Link to documentary:
  5. I understood what you meant. But I wonder the same damn thing all the time. Great post.
  6. You got that right Taxme!
  7. Hi Scriblett, I read the article. Where is this happening? I agree. I don't want to hear this! It is so annoying that exceptions are always being made for this religion. I feel like it's someday going to be in my hometown....the call to prayer. What makes me think this? The men that pray on their carpets in public parks. From the article: “It’s a call to prayer for everyone,” said Abdelaziz. “This is not a Muslim thing. It’s an exemption for all religious institutions.” Okay?
  8. It is alarming. Vandalism can turn into violence. Now with this Covid-19 I don't hear much of anything else on the local news anymore so hopefully it's worked itself out as well and someone was charged!
  9. Thanks. I was curious. It's on my street too but between adults. It's not major either and has worked itself out as well. But some other areas around me it went as far as vandalizing property. That's not good
  10. Hi Spanky, I was just wondering if you could elaborate on racism on your street?
  11. Oh please don't bring covid-19 into this debate! You can't compare. The Burka is not to protect from a deadly virus!!! Unless you want to refer to men as a virus lol
  12. Hi Tdot, yes I watched the video. I never have thought this way. Honestly where I grew up, it was not a mostly 'white' neighborhood. We were just all kids, different cultures and races...I never remember thinking, I'm so happy I'm white...like the video...sorry I just don't see it that way. But thanks for sharing.
  13. Really Dia? Honestly you don't know what your talking about. You must be like a super human, Jesus like, so loving and accepting of all humanity more than me or many other Canadians. Immigration plays a huge roll in how we are divided. One example, Muslims. Yes they are assimilating perfectly into Canada. Such a pleasure speaking to just the eyes of a Muslim women. What a beautiful experience. We should all wear them? This attire should be banned in Canada! It causes problems, distance and oppression. It's really just ridiculous. Something I will never understand nor do I want to. So now these women that wear the Burka represent Canada too Woo hoo. I blame our Government for causing the problem...JT...just like WestCanMan noted in this thread.
  14. Isn't it? So divided it's crazy. Too much immigration! What else has changed?
  15. Great post WestcanMan! Canadians in general are the most accepting and friendly people around. Back when I traveled to other countries that would be one of the first things I'd here, 'oh your from Canada! We love Canadians!' Have you ever experienced this? It's always a great feeling. With people like Marocc immigrating to Canada this may all be gone someday! Just a thought.
  16. Dia, I don't believe in white privilege. I got my jobs because I worked hard and tried hard. I grew up in a mostly low income black/ white neighborhood. We all struggled. My first love was a black boy. I have not experienced anything you mention. I went all through school with black, white, Chinese ... all low income and different outcomes for all of us. Growing up two of our local 'corner stores' were owned by Chinese. Many male blacks in our community were trouble makers and making babies left and right with the white women. White priveledge did not exist for me!
  17. Thanks Tdot. I truly am not seeking more info. In my twenties I had a close lady friend that was black. We got along excellent. Lots of the same likes. Her sister was getting married and she was excited to be in the wedding party. Long story short, some of her other friends, whom were black were going to just the Church ceremony. When I wanted to go I could not believe what I was hearing. She said she did not want me to come because I would be the only white person there and her sister would not appreciate that. I was shocked. Who was racist? It hurt for sure. Can't we just all get along?
  18. Hey Argus, you are correct. There is no wife. Not sure how that all got started? There is an ex involved and I think he killed her and the new boyfriend. Thanks
  19. Well I hope that we the public get all the details. If someone knew what he was up too, then yes they are partly responsible. We never knew why the Vegas shooter did it. His girlfriend said she had no clue. No one knows?
  20. He may have have had the car hidden and no one knew. I'm thinking this is the reason. Who knows? An alert should have been sent. It would have been the responsible and right thing to do! I would feel like that husband right now and be very upset. She was also pregnant. Many would have appreciated that message! Even if it only saved one life!
  21. I do wonder about his wife. There must have been some signs. However, being interested in crime investigations, I've seen it time and time again, where a wife was totally unaware that her husband was a serial killer and at times, for years! Love is blind? Many had rented storage spaces that the spouse was unaware of. I do not understand why an alert was not sent out like amber alerts are. I have had a few that have been sent late night/early morning for kids abducted that live hours away from me! You would think this would have been done. I seen the news interview with the husband that lost his wife in this tragedy and he is asking why the alert was not sent. He said, had he known all the details earlier, his wife would be alive still! Were you aware of this?
  22. Hi Tdot, what a long post! As I am reading your comments, I kept thinking not many white folk are immigrating to China, the ME, Africa, Asia, etc..... think about what you are saying? If you want your so called white privilege taken away because you feel guilty or something, move to a non-white country or an area not too far from my home where many Muslims have immigrated too now. Canada and the US are great places to live for all people of all colors and race. I would NEVER think of immigrating to any other country yet we have millions of brown, black, yellow...etc flocking to Canada and the US. I am white, I worked real hard, I struggled....never felt like I got thru life and many of its challenges because of white privilege? Not once.
  23. Hey Argus, I agree. My daughter visited China 2 years ago for school. She was there for 28 days. She said it is so dirty there. She said you take a shower and you still feel dirty. She said she ate mostly rice because it was so dirty in many places. High pollution. Too many people? Streets are crowded. Makes you wonder about their sewage and waste systems.
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