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  1. Hi Rue, I am not sure either. I never mentioned Muslims being banned in Canada? I was referring to immigration as a whole and increased crime. Are they related? We have many here in my town coming in from Somalia, India and the ME. When I shop at this particular Walmart, which I have been for years, there was NEVER Security at the door until this new year. And also when shopping here, I sometimes wonder what happened to the white folk? Hey, I stole as a kid. I got caught and never did it again and my parents had to pay a fine and I had to write an essay why it was wrong. I was 12 or 13. Wonder
  2. I do not think there is self check outs here. But I will check next time I'm there.
  3. This Walmart had a greeter for years. He was a man with down syndrome. Haven't seen him in a long time. This is different. This is someone with 'Security' written on the back of his coat. Seemed strange to me. I think crime is up because of immigration in this particular area.
  4. So today I went to Walmart. I have been going to this same Walmart for 20 years! In the New Year they now have security on your way out, like Costco. They check your bill and cart. This area is mostly immigrants ... just saying. Theft and crime is on the rise? Could be the 'riff-raff' already living here in my hometown LoL
  5. Because there is a difference.
  6. The Queen is a smart lady. To me this is all a set up coming to live in Canada. Big news for sure! Is it a cover up for the royal accused of ties with Epstein? Don't want any more tabloids on that subject.
  7. Thanks Rue. The big difference between you and I .... I'm a woman and your a man. Just saying.
  8. I have learned to keep my distance
  9. No other religion covers the entire body and face. #NotCanadian Why does Canada even allow this dress? It is also a security risk.
  10. Teena said: I would like to ask Rue or any true patriot how he/she would feel if their neighborhood was 35 per cent or higher Muslim? Every day when you look out your kitchen or living room window you see Hijabs or Burkas. Are all Muslims terrorists? No of course not. Dia said: Why would "any true patriot" be disturbed by seeing Canadians outside their window? Teena said: Often on the way to work in the morning I see a Muslim that lives around the corner from me, walk their child to the bus stop dressed in the photo I have attached to this post. Every time I see this I canno
  11. I would like to ask Rue or any true patriot how he/she would feel if their neighborhood was 35 per cent or higher Muslim? Every day when you look out your kitchen or living room window you see Hijabs or Burkas. Are all Muslims terrorists? No of course not. But trust me your neighborhood would change with higher numbers. I have learned to keep to myself. I avoid this religion like a plague. Why? I guess you need to experience it to know what I'm talking about.
  12. My statement is not contradictory. Sorry for the confusement. What i am saying is I'll take Trump's ban vs what we have now in Canada. Something is better then nothing. If immigration were to be cut and some of that lower number are women from Muslim countries that are educated, escaping persecution, don't want to wear a Hijab, etc .... no bitching here. #welcometoCanada
  13. No of course I do not agree with that. But I have no problem with Trump's ban. It is complicated. Canada's hope was with Max Bernier and the PPC. The party's platform on Immigration and ending multiculturalism was perfect with cutting immigration from 350,000 to btwn 100,000 and 150,000 a year. Immigration should be too economically benefit Canadians and Canada as a whole. The cultural character of our country is changing. It doesn't matter where these females you speak off are immigrating from. There are highly educated and progressive thinking women in Canada already and in many other cou
  14. Something like Trump's Muslim ban ? Executive Order 13769, titled Protecting the Nation from Foreign Terrorist Entry into the United States, politically labeled as a Muslim ban[1] by detractors or a travel ban by supporters, was an executive order by United States president Donald Trump. Except for the extent to which it was blocked by various courts, it was in effect from January 27, 2017, until March 16, 2017, when it was superseded by Executive Order 13780. Executive Order 13769 lowered the number of refugees to be admitted into the United States in 2017 to 50,000, suspended the U.S. R
  15. This is nuts! I see this and I wonder what is wrong with people? Do you see any Patriots in this video? Hell no. Take this fight back to Iran. Despise seeing this in Canada. Trudeau will bring in more now! Scary. Are these men not extremists? Give them a gun and they will shoot? Give them a knife and they will stab? How this could be supported by anyone is sad. It speaks for itself. I have never seen such idiots! Yes all their uproar and violence in the video will bring peace and solidarity for Patriots? English please! Where are the Canadian Flags? https://youtu.be/UJd4sQcvIEY
  16. God forbid Ebola ever comes to Canada. Ebola was discovered in 1976 near the Ebola River in what is now the Democratic Republic of Congo. Since then, the virus has emerged periodically from its natural reservoir (which remains unknown) and infected people in several African countries.Jun 19, 2019 It has been been declared a Public Health Emergency of International Concern on 17 July 2019. In December 2016, a study found the VSV-EBOV vaccine to be 95-100% effective against the Ebola virus, making it the first proven vaccine against the disease. In November 2019, the European Comm
  17. Dougie and any other people that have served in the Military on this forum - ArmyGuy and anyone else, I thank you for your service. Thank you for sacrificing holidays, birthdays, family time and much more to protect our rights and freedoms. I realized after reading Moonlight's post that I have never said thank you for this on this Forum. I did wear a poppy but I see now how I missed the opportunity to say more.
  18. Awesome news. Now why can't we apply this across the board?
  19. Love Ben Shapiro! Have watched many of his videos but never seen this one.
  20. Hey Dougie, I am sorry for the loss of your dad. I understand loosing interest in hockey. Back in the Yzerman days (I was a Detroit fan), the natural high of watching a game and sometimes attending was the ultimate! Now all my fav players are gone and when I was getting to know some of the new players or really like a player, he'd be gone. I got really frustrated a couple years ago and kinda lost interest. I miss Yzerman and the team spirit. #19 But he is back so who knows what the future will hold.
  21. Maybe. But if he was black and lived in Toronto right now probably not. 326 People Accused Of Gun Crimes Are Roaming Around Toronto Right Now https://www.narcity.com/amp/toronto-gun-charges-have-left-over-300-accused-offenders-out-on-bail
  22. But do they both not provide on some level protection and safety for the public? One aimed at taking more high/drunk drivers off the road and the other taking illegal guns and drugs off the street? I will abide by both. I have nothing to hide and it's for all of our protection. I prefer to feel safe. We are not going to change the quality of immigrants coming in anytime soon, so why not?
  23. Let me ask you this Moonlight ... do you consider Bill C-46 unconstitutional? https://www.vice.com/en_ca/article/vbanga/canadian-police-can-now-pull-you-over-and-breathalyze-you-without-cause
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