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  1. I disagree. We need to card and I don't care what color you are. If I got carded, I would be fine with it. I would think Police are just doing their jobs. You get carded for a reason. KILLING CARDING: The deadly toll of putting street checks on ice As police across the GTA progressively stopped doing street checks over the past five years, gun violence and murders spiked violently, statistics obtained by the Sun through the Freedom of Information Act show. Back in 2013, when the controversial practice known as carding was increasingly coming under fire over racial profiling conc
  2. I think the problem is more of the 'mindset' of what's coming into Canada. Third world. We would need to spend a lot of money to rehabilitate. We no longer seek out Europeans to move here we encourage poor, poorly educated and often violent people from Caribbean Nations, Africa, etc. to move here. They create ghettos, go on welfare, join gangs and shoot people. And now the Police can't card?
  3. Well said. Trump is doing amazing things. This is great : 'Mexican cartels subject to terrorist-level sanctions under new GOP-sponsored bill The FTO designation is an important step in a positive direction for U.S. national security. Too many Americans have died as the ruthless cartels have made billions by terrorizing communities and killing at unprecedented levels. It's clear President Trump always places the safety of Americans first,” noted Derek Maltz, a former special agent in charge of the Drug Enforcement Administration Special Operations Division in New York. “De
  4. Criminals will always have the upper hand then. They can make guns or buy them illegally. The only people they will disarm is the law abiding good citizens. I agree with Moonlight Graham....our gun problem lies with what's coming into Canada. Toronto Police statistics show a 90% increase in people wounded by gunfire and a 48% increase in shootings (135 in 2015 compared to 91 in 2014). Meanwhile, there were 114 reported incidents of shootings without injuries as of July 15, compared to just 14 in 2014. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Crime_in_Toronto 'Before the latest
  5. Oh I'm sure it will eventually. Trump's Muslim ban and now look at the Bill India just passed ... Here we go again with the Muslim Association claiming it's targeting Muslims only, just like Bill 21. https://www.news18.com/news/india/parliament-live-updates-citizenship-amendment-bill-amit-shah-muslims-cab-rajya-sabha-2419755.html
  6. No I was in shock. He was drinking, angry and yelled at me. I was too scared to move. I was young. Today I would have jumped on that a-hole! She divorced him shortly after and I still babysat for her for a couple of years.
  7. So now your agreeing? As a Muslim, you do not have 'freedom'. Canada is a free country. You can say goodbye to Islam anytime you want. You will get lots of support Bill 21 is a great start. Keep religion out of our schools and public office. Anyways I think you and I have done enough sharing of opinions. Like I said before if your happy, merveilleuse
  8. Ok. I'm confused. You really have no argument. This is about men not women. Who in the world would pluck armpit hairs? Ouch
  9. Thanks Goddess! I really enjoy typing your username I am not falling for it. I have had enough personal experiences to know. I am surrounded here in my hometown.
  10. Really Dia? How many of the 'modern Muslim' ladies where make up now? Lots! My youngest daughter tells me the younger female Muslim generation is going to change. Many of them are starting with the make up, shaving, perfect eyebrows. Hope she is correct. There is nothing wrong with dressing sexy. Depends where your going. I like being a girl and having so many options for clothing, hair, etc.
  11. Well we can agree to disagree I would never consider a bi-sexual person to be lucky. I know of enough women that were married to men for x amount of time, have children and now have switched sides. Some are worse off but I certainly don't see anyone more happy. I think it can get complicated.
  12. If young people are being taught and seeing this behaviour, of course sexual attraction is going to happen. Duh. What we see everyday influences our choices. That's why they hide cigarettes at the stores now. We don't want to influence our young that smoking is ok and good for you. But let's put females with females and males with males making out on TV .... So screwed up!
  13. I guess what I'm saying is that there will be more bi-sexual/swinging then ever before. Who needs a man anymore? Lol We'll just use you for your sperm ! I dunno.
  14. I have gay in my family. I'm fully aware of the hardships same sex can bring. Like my Aunt who was in a long same sex relationship (10 years). When her partner got artificially inseminated and had a child then left her for a man, she had no rights to that child. Don't bring sexual abuse into this conversation. Stay on topic please. Kids that are not born gay didn't experiment in my world growing up. Let's see Dia how our world changes with your thinking. There will be more females in my opinion going both ways. Of course, this will have no consequences according to you? The female body is
  15. They are normalizing same sex relationship/trans. While I have nothing against being gay I feel it should not be advertised. I think of when I was back in school. Had I seen females kissing, males arm in arm, I think as a young person I probably would have experimented? How would those experiences changed my life? My daughter has a few school friends that are bi-sexual. They go where the going is good. Dating both male and female. Personally I don't think the new sex ed is good for the young generation. But it's on our TVs and Intranet. I see so many TV series with same sex getting it on. I gu
  16. I guess time will tell. Hollywood really wants him out of office. As for the people, they had Hillary winning the first time in most polls so who knows? https://www.usatoday.com/story/entertainment/celebrities/2019/08/09/trump-hollywood-racist-very-dangerous-our-country/1967105001/ I don't think Melania wanted the job. I'm quite sure she is no dummy!
  17. I grew up this way. My parents owned a boat - cabin cruiser. We spent all summer on the water, living in our bathing suits. All I was trying to prove is your religion is restricting. I guess you like it? i could not imagine growing up and living with a head / skin covering outfit every day and maybe being a little risque sometimes and wear a top with 3/4 sleeve If your happy living that way, great! Sorry. I guess you know what you know. There were no Hijabs or Burkas in my world then. Bill 21 should be law all across Canada.
  18. I think he is more competent then what you think. He is powerful, rich, smart, making deals left and right. Amazing stamina. Has a beautiful wife with class and a tight close brilliant family. I would rather be living with him as leader then Trudope. The leader of Mexico spoke about Trump today for quite a few minutes complimenting him regarding the NAFTA announcement. He said the deal would not have been possible without Trump.
  19. Wouldn't you consider Trump Alpha. I certainly do. https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2017/sep/14/donald-trump-alpha-male-chimpanzee-behavior
  20. Yes this is definitely Me Too for hockey ... And another ... Jim Montgomery, Dallas Stars but they are not releasing all the details? https://ca.yahoo.com/sports/news/dallas-stars-dismiss-head-coach-jim-montgomery-154426044.html
  21. I haven't either! But I love this song
  22. Whoever made this video must have smoked some crack? lol
  23. I don't care about Bible quotes. I am not ruled by religion. I believe in the 10 commandments. Common sense for a good healthy life.
  24. We would not be having these discussions if Muslim women only covered up for Church and lived like your sister. I would not even consider her a Muslim by definition. Dialamah you never make any sense to me!!! Look at M's profile pic - KKK. I think I can assume that M is not doing what your sis is. How can we justify this? Muslim women have been robbed.
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