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  1. Sorry PPC ... have you at a hockey game? If your into hockey?
  2. No I have not. It's about two years that I've been to a local game and a year for a NHL game ... never seen one? Not that there would be anything wrong with that, but the tweets and people on the news against Cherry, many are in Turbans or Muslim. So I just think it's funny. How can you appreciate Don Cherry? Have you seen one? Where?
  3. Well it's the 'you people' not at fault. It's the Trudeau family we can thank for that. Our resources will be deprived in no time. Third world immigrants would not appreciate hockey or wearing a Poppy! But immigration does suck up our free health care and strain on police services, welfare and housing. 400,000 more coming in! Yippee I have been in hockey rinks since the age of 2, watching my grand father, dad, husband and daughter all play. Hockey is truly Canadian and Don Cherry is a awesome entertainer. It's a shame what's happening And the truth is, all these years in hockey rinks (ov
  4. Yes F"*k Rogers! Don speaks truth. F#$k free speech too. Posting on this site is dangerous? Welcome New World Order...it's coming Hope your right about huge backlash. It's funny because the comment sections on these news articles don't add up. There is over a 1000 comments on Yahoo, 95 per cent or more showing support for Cherry. Confusing.
  5. Do you agree or disagree with Don Cherry? https://globalnews.ca/video/6151701/you-love-our-way-of-life-don-cherry-criticized-for-comments-on-immigrants-poppies
  6. Moonlight Graham, isn't it sickening ... and White's are the racist ones?
  7. Scarborough has changed big time. Where I used to visit as a kid has totally gone down. Lots of crime.
  8. Toronto's Most Wanted. Check it out Marcus. Black on Black or Brown on Brown crime is a real issue. Disagree with that and your not living in the real world.
  9. Well said Argus! Crime and poverty increasing in Canada. The crime in Brampton, Ontario - Brampton “Browntown,” “Bramladesh”or “Singhdale” – is just like the nicknames imply: mostly brown. On our street of new semi-detached houses, I see brown and black families, mostly immigrants. https://www.theglobeandmail.com/news/toronto/brampton-a-story-of-political-importance-power-and-ethnic-enclaves/article30273820/ Here's Why Violent Crime Is On The Rise in Brampton : https://www.inbrampton.com/heres-why-violent-crime-is-on-the-rise-in-brampton
  10. I am friends with a few in Michigan and yes, many I talk too are voting Trump 2020. I don't think anyone is abandoning him. Here are some comments from supporters re: Minneapolis Rally: "We think the United States is under attack by the liberals and it’s … pushing us towards socialism." "We are so grateful for a president like him putting the American people first. Yes, he has faults, but don’t we all?” "They’ve been trying to impeach him from before he became president,” he said, "if this blows up in their face, which it will, they’ll try something else. They know they ca
  11. Well Dialamah, based on my own unpleasant experiences with Muslims and knowledge of Islam, I can't help but too feel and think the way I do. I am in no way a right-wing extremist. I love and respect many cultures. The nerve of you. You are a left-wing extremist then? There is no guidance or help out there. No leaders taking a stand and speaking to the Canadian people about this problem. It exists. No, it's just thrown in our faces and we are to shut up and not talk about our fears and concerns.
  12. Hi DogOnPorch, I have thought this. That they are one of the same. Exactly. If we visit a Muslim dominated country, we must follow Islamic Law. Is that what you are saying?
  13. Is this racist? The article has no proof. Just another whining immigrant. I have never used the "N-word". If we were to flee Canada or go visit the countries they are from, how would we be treated? You know, white folk? https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/london/london-ontario-racist-incident-workplace-mcdonalds-1.5341465
  14. Meghan Murphy Talk In Vancouver Cancelled Following Toronto Protests https://www.huffingtonpost.ca/entry/meghan-murphy-vancouver-simon-fraser-university_ca_5dbb4352e4b00d83f7252c34?utm_hp_ref=ca-homepage Free speech going out the window
  15. Islamic / Sharia Law - why would we not be worried. This is not BS. I do not worry for nothing. https://www.billionbibles.org/sharia/sharia-law.html
  16. Trump is no threat/worry to me. However, Islam is. Sharia Law is. Women's rights are.
  17. You know there is nothing wrong with being anti-Islam. Certainly know I am not the only Canadian that is. All I have to do is travel around my own community to see the changes....to see the Burka's, Hijab's, carpets in public parks with men praying, etc. It's right here. In the video there are many more (in London). So what is your point? I am paid no monies for this. Remember Dialamah, Trump was successful with a Muslim ban. Quebec is successful with Bill 21 and now a new test for immigrants. Wake up.
  18. Yes they are given special treatment. Here is some food for thought : Back 40 years ago in schools, do you remember the "hot dog lunch" forms? They would have you select how many hot dogs (or pizza) you wanted for your child, a bag of chips and a drink. For years this has not changed until Muslims arrived in Canada in larger numbers. Now we have added "Halal" to the form. All these years, all these different nationalities and people immigrating from all over. I get confused over simple things like this. And also allowing prayer time in public schools. Or the wearing of the Hijab in schoo
  19. I don't know what your talking about? The video is on YouTube and also part of Rise Canada, a group dedicated to saving Canadian Values. Has nothing to do with Russia. You and MH are paranoid.
  20. British Patriot KATIE HOPKINS assaulted and spat on by a huge Pakistani/ Muslim mob in London UK. Katie suggested that Islam is taking over Britain and that there may be different standards for Muslims than for other faiths due to radicalization. Coming soon to Canada? Thanks London for showing us our future? Things need to change regarding immigration in Canada and quickly! I think Bernier knows this? On another note, I guess many of these men don't believe in Gillette! Razors and shaving cream please!
  21. Hi WestCanMan, exactly! I have already experienced this and it was frightening. It opens the door for pervs too! How can one tell? It also raises concerns for the Niqab or Burka. Once I swear a person in a Niqab was really a man....the eyes, the hands...seemed more male to me one time. It was not in a bathroom but it was still freaky.
  22. Argus, that is an interesting article. I think of Toronto when reading this. The gang and gun violence has escalated. No bombs but is that what is coming next to Canada? From the article : It’s tough for everyone to come to terms with the new reality. Gang violence is intimately tied to the issue of immigration and failed integration, so those who highlight the problem have often been smeared as bigots. --- I think they mean you? lol And me. And Taxme. How many other places in Canada are experiencing more crime due to immigration? If only they would tell us the truth.
  23. Marcus Please do not confuse hate and dislike. You have tunnel vision as well? You know I often agree with Argus and Taxme on this forum. I am not a big fan of Muslims (with good reason). Do I hate them? No. Do I want to be like them? No. Do I agree with their rules? No. Would I like to see them return to the middle east? Yes. Can I live in the same neighborhood as them and ignore? Yes. I do that now lol Trust me they are not crazy on us Christian folk and our western ways either. What can you do?
  24. I think this one? https://globalnews.ca/news/6023150/live-canada-election-results-2019-real-time-results-in-the-federal-election/
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